Yesterday at the Northland Field Day I had the most revealing conversation.  I mean seriously revealing.  I was talking to a couple in their sixties.  They were white European.  They had a freehold dairy farm. They were both physically healthy.

The conversion went like this.  The context? I was talking to people on the road outside our stand at the Field Day in Dargaville just yesterday.  I had an umbrella in my hand to shelter us from the sun! It was so hot.

Me: (smiling and waking towards them) Hi, how are you?

Couple: (smiling) Hi, we are fine thanks

Me: (showing them a stop cogovernance card) Can I ask you a good question. What do you know about co-governance?

Couple: We know a lot about it. It’s disgusting.  We have to stop it.

Me: Great, we are on the same page.

Couple: We can’t believe it’s happening.

Me: How do you think we can stop it?

Couple: I have no idea. I wish there was a way.  It seems like it’s out of control and we are losing our country.

Me: Ok, we have a plan. Can I tell you what it is?

Couple: Yes, please do. Fire away.

Me: We are trying to get 100,000 to a peaceful protest in the Auckland domain just before the election.  We want to put pressure on all the political parties. The message will be clear to all of them “If you don’t stop co-governance completely, you are not getting our vote.”

Couple: Sounds great. 

Me: Now the only way to get 100,000 to a protest like that is to activate them.  By this I mean that they must be given a reason to protest. They must want to protest. They must become so concerned about stop co-governance that they are willing to travel to Auckland to protest.

Couple: We agree

Me: So here is the plan. I have just written a book on co-governance.  Here it is (showing them the cover of the book).  It’s called “Co-Governance. What it is, why it’s wrong, and Why it must be stopped”.  I want to get a copy of this book into the hands of every Kiwi in New Zealand.  I believe strongly that the words in this book have the power to activate people.

Couple: Great. I like what I am hearing.

Me: OK, this is what I want you to do.  I want you to buy a copy of this book for $2.  I want you to read it. If you like it, and you think it’s well written, and it impacts you, and motivates you to want to stop cogovernance, I want you to contact me.  I want you to buy more copies to distribute them to the houses in your street – or in your case your rural road. I want you to keep a supply in your car as well, to distribute to people you meet as you go about your day, like shopping in the supermarket when you go to town.  If we are to beat co-governance, absolutely everyone must become active to stop it. 

Couple: Oh that’s not really us.

Me: (totally shocked and surprised) What do you mean?

Couple: We are what you call fence sitters.   We don’t get involved in political things.

Me: But you told me how terrible co-governance was and how you wanted the country to be rid of it.

Couple: Yes. But we are fence sitters. We don’t want to get directly in involved in stopping it.

Me: You want others to do it for you?

Couple: (looking a little embarrassed) yes.

Me: OK, let me explain something. The reason Maori activists have got so far along the road with co-governance is because fence sitters have helped them.  These activists have relied on fence sitters.  They have applauded fence sitters. The love fence sitters.  They adore them.  Why? Because fence sitters have allowed activists to go about their business without opposition.  In other words, fence sitters have actually helped the implementation of co-governance into New Zealand.  They have helped with the Maorification of New Zealand.  You have actually helped create this situation.  Do you realise this?


Silence.  I am absolutely still.  They are absolutely still. I am looking into their eyes, and they are looking into mine.  We have a surreal moment. This lasted 10 seconds or more.


Couple: We have to go now.

Me: Here (handing a book to them) have this for free. (they took it).  Read it and contact me when you have read it and thought about what I have said.  (Gently) I urge you to get off the fence.

They shuffled off and melted into the crowd.

Conclusion?  These fence sitters  know deep down they should be activating to save their country for their children and grandchildren, but they don’t.  To do this would be to love their neighbour as themselves.

Yet, they don’t want to love their neighbour.  Too much trouble.  Too much effort needed.  Too much sacrifice needed.  Too much love needed. Selfishness.

There is no other way of putting it.  They and others like them are the reason New Zealand is in the state it’s in now.  If all the fence sitters had got off their fence in the 70s and 80’s New Zealand would now be heaven on earth, the most racially united, democratic and prosperous country in the world. 

But it’s now none of these things.  The very opposite in fact.  And it’s all because of fence sitters.  And soon we will be the Zimbabwe of the South Pacific. And all because of fence sitters. 

You know, I have to say, I admire and applaud the Maori activists. They are not fence sitters.  We must learn from them.  It’s the only thing I admire about them, but it is something.



 We are currently communicating with a generous couple who are looking at helping us pay someone to manage and grow our R.I.D initiative.  They are willing to pay the right person up to $500 a week depending on the hours they put in per week.  You can work from home.

You can read more HERE


A Strategy For Reaching The Whole Of New Zealand With The Truth About Co-Governance.  It’s called R.I.D 

Click HERE  to read it 

We need someone who is good with Microsoft excel to run this initiative, someone with good admin skills.  It’s only for six months.  We can pay you. You’d work from home.


Northland Field Days, Dargaville, March 2-3-4!

A big thank you for all those who came to help. Wow! You are amazing.


Why Our Web Site Was Shut Down For Twenty Days 

Oh my Goodness!! We are finally back on line.  Let me tell you what happened!

Our web site was developed by someone in Kerikeri but her service was shocking.  We’d need things done on the site and she would go away for days and be out of communication.  Our site being what it is needs 24/7 monitoring.  So we decided to transfer the site to Go Daddy in America, which is perhaps the biggest web site hosting service in the world.  We thought we’d be safe with them.  We also signed up to the services of a new web developer whose name is Scott.

So we started the process of migrating the site to Go Daddy.  At some point in that process our site was hacked.

So malware and viruses had to be removed before the migration could be completed.  One of the guys working at Godaddy ‘anti hacking team’ said “I have worked here for 6 years and have never seen so many viruses and so much malware on one site before!”

Getting rid of all the malware and viruses seemed to take forever. Then the migration process continued. At the end of this process, when it was supposedly completed, we found that the migration was done very badly, with chunks of our web site missing! OMG!

We’ve been going back and forward phoning / emailing Go Daddy, the original web site developer in Kerikeri, Scott the new web developer, and me, trying to resolve all these issues.

Conclusion? As of today, we pulled everything off Go Daddy and went back to the original hosting service which was Crazy Domains in Australia.  I just looked – we’ve been out of action for 20 days!

So the site is now back up and running again.  However, the last 3 weeks of  blogs and info on the site will be missing, so Scott will rebuild this for us in the next day or soIt’s been expensive too – Go Daddy charged us over $NZ700 to remove all the malware and viruses, and to migrate the site. So we are going through the process of getting refunds on all this.

The stress has been enormous, as we are at a critical stage in our tour.

Thankfully, faithful people (that’s you!) have been beavering away all over the country and more and more events have been popping up!  Other events are in the process with people searching for hall / venues and getting organised.

Many of you have written to me asking about why they have not been receiving communication / blogs / updates from me, and this is the reason why! 


I Was On Sean Plunket’s Show last Monday. 

You can hear it HERE


New Staff!

Meet Vicki from Mangawhi!

Vicki is our amazing event co-ordinator. She is an ex legal secretary so perfect for a high stress high intensity job.



If you can help in any of these areas, even for a few hours, please call me 0274764430


Getting your event up and running in you area

If there is nothing booked in your town or suburb, then please, take action, and make it happen!  The procedure for making this happen is not hard, and many with no experience whatsoever have done it.  This next election is the most important in NZ’s history, so we only have one chance to stop co-governance.  So please! Take action. Step up. Step out, and make it happen in your area

This is the procedure.  It’s not hard.


Please sign these two petitions and email them both for other to sign.  Just click on the titles below to open the petition and read about it. Thanks.


2. Only New Zealands official flag to Fly on Public Buildings and Structures


The campaign we are running, these meetings all over the country, are about raising public awareness. The public just don’t know the truth and realities of co-governance, and this is the way the government and tribal leaders want it.

To counter this we all have to participate, and be active all the time. How?

  1. Giving out our  business cards regularly.  View them HERE.  If you want some delivered for you for free, call Geoff on 021 1428750
  2. Inviting people to events
  3. Helping set up events.  If you want to know who to call in your area, email me and I will put you in touch with people.
  4. Financing the tour.  Please don’t stop giving.  We need finance to pay the bills and open up new places for me to speak. Plus I have my own living expenses to take care of.

 If all of us could do all four, we are going to make a massive impact, and in doing so will stop co-governance.  

Our biggest challenge is that we only have a limited amount of time to do this.  We have a small window between now and the next election. It’s now or never.


My book has been printed! 

Thanks to generous donors, my book was printed last week!

You can read it  HERE

The strategy is to print five thousand.  Then ask supporters to buy copies at $2 each which will provide funds for a  reprint.  The supporters can then deliver the books to people in their neighbourhood.

The goal is to go around the main stream media, bypass them, and get to the people directly.

It’s a great plan.  It will work. We just need all the people who hate co-governance to rise up and become active.

I am asking each of the people who are getting to this blog to make the time and financial sacrifice to make this happen.

Nothing happens without sacrifice.

We have to be more determined to stop co-governance than the tribal representative are to keep it going.

Only one side can win here.


To get more Stop Co-governance news, click HERE


Events Coming Up Soon!

A big shout out to the teams around the country who are up and running.  They have hired a hall and set their date and their flyers are underway.

Never forget, members of the public who receive a flyer in their letter box are shown how they can learn the truth about co-governance and why it’s so wrong.  Through QR codes they can  1. Watch the video of me speaking in Warkworth 2. Read my on-line book on Co-Governance. Why it’s wrong and why it must be stopped 3. Learn about our web site and thus sign up to my blog.

This is huge! Why? We are bring public awareness.

Dargaville 9th of March,

Kerikeri 12th of March,

Kaiwaka  15th March,

Orewa 18th March,

Waipu 24th March,

Mt Eden, 28th March,

Freemans Bay Auckland, 30th March,

Cambridge Town Hall, 16th April, 3pm

Mt Maunganui Tauranga, 23 April

Rotorua, 30 April

Taupo, May 14

Cromwell, June 27

We need volunteers to wander through the crowd giving out flyers at the Northland Field day in Dargaville. If you can help, call me 0274764430.  Thousands will be there.  It’s the perfect lead up to the Dargaville evening coming up on the 9th.

Email THIS FLYER to anyone you know in Northland so that they can attend our Dargaville event which is on the 9th of March  7pm.   Hot on the heels of this event is Kerikeri, Kaiwaka, Orewa, Waipu and the other events listed above.

Scott our web developer will post flyers for all these events on our web site as soon as he can.

If you live a long way away from any of these events, you can still invite people who you know in Northland to come to one of these events.

It does not matter if you live a long way from them.  You might have people you know who live near where an event is happening.  Please invite them.