What most Kiwis don’t realise is that there is a coup underway in New Zealand.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Maori elite are trying to take the country over.

European lawyers, spin doctors, and consultants are heavily involved in this.  Shame on them.

And who is funding it?

All Kiwis who are not part of the Maori elite are funding it.

Yes, 99.9% of Kiwis, those who don’t approve of the coup, including many Maori, are funding the takeover of their country.

And who is approving of all the government funding to do it?  Who, ultimately, is writing the cheques for the lawyers, the spin doctors, the consultants, and an army of civil servants?


Jacinda Ardern.

In today’s blog there is a flow diagram showing how the coup works.  Print it out and pin it on your wall.

I have used 3 Waters as an example.

The same process applies to the elite Maori “acquisition” of forests, fisheries, DOC land…everything. They want the lot.

In the flow diagram, the light blue boxes are hyperlinks, so just click on the box and it will open.

Check it out here