Yesterday, August 5, was an interesting day. 

Remember how I said I was turned down by 4 web developers when I asked them for help? All because they loved the Ardern and the Maorification of New Zealand? 

They are young people who are the products of an intense 6 year media driven brain washing campaign

Well, thanks to Don, one of the subscribers to this site, the problem of getting help with my web site has been solved. 

Thanks so much Don. 

But this is not what made me spill my cup of coffee.

Another subscriber called Chris from Wellington offered his services as an editor / proof reader for the text on this site. He sent me a hilarious video of a person called John Ansell giving a presentation to a select committee. 

On the select committee were MPs Coffee and Waititi.  

When I heard John’s presentation, I literally spilt my coffee (no pun intended) laughing. 

It’s now on our web site. You can view the video HERE

Scroll to the very bottom of our web site and you’ll see it. 

Get a coffee, but place the cup firmly on your desk and hold onto it while you watch! 

A massive thanks to all of you who have donated financially. Keep it coming please. I need it! 

The other thing I did yesterday, after a request from a supporter, was to write up a comparison of the original Te Tiriti version of the Treaty, which is what we all ought to be working from, and the fraudulent Hugh Kawharu version which opened the gate for this tragic co-governance situation we find ourselves in.  

It’s crucial to know these differences, because it’s these differences which are the foundation of the entire co-governance problem. 

You can see what I wrote here. 

Once again, thank you for all your support and encouragement. 

We are making huge gains in the short time we have been up and running, mainly thanks to you. 

Julian Batchelor M.ED (Hons) B.Th, Dip T’ching.

P.S I just got notice on that someone thought I was a scammer. Could you please comment on that comment and put it to bed? Thanks. This is the last thing we need.