If you want to hear what 'woke' sounds like, listen to this!

If you want to hear what 'woke' sounds like, listen to this!

I don’t usually read or listen to what ‘the other side’ say about me or us, but I was driving so had time.

OMG! This radio interview is a deep and revealing delve into the world of woke.

Take a listen HERE.


Below is a recent Tweet from Maori Party MP Rawiri Waititi. 

There is a saying ‘out of the mouth, the heart speaks’. 

This tweet tells you what is REALLY in the heart of radical Maori and their attitude towards non-Maori. 

What’s interesting is that research shows that the only way any native people group have ever progressed and succeeded  in the modern world is to assimilate.  

In other words, Westernise and modernise. Join in. 

Radical Maori, like Waititi, are calling for the opposite. They want all Maori to separate.

No where in the world has this worked. 

So what’s the view of hard research? 

Native cultures like Maori need to do what every other culture in New Zealand has to do. 

What’s that? 

They grow their culture in their homes in their special places like their church or (in the case of Maori) their Marae.  In these places they can keep their language and culture alive, causing it to thrive.

The rest of the time they are modernising and joining in with the rest of the modern world.  In other words, assimilating. 

If Maori don’t westernise and modernise, including making English their primary language, and take responsibility for growing their language and culture, like all other cultural in NZ are doing, and doing successfully, they are doomed to failure.  



Subject: Re: Hipkins is was seeking advice on whether a formal or constitutional role for Kīngi Tuheitia could be accommodated

“I am totally appalled at this ridiculous unwarranted and unjustified suggestion .

The Maori Chiefs surrendered sovereignty to Queen Victoria FOREVER under the Treaty of Waitangi . King Charles 2 is our King .

There is no Maori King .

He is a FAKE and is not even accepted by Maoridom, other than ( possibly) by his faithful co-conspirators in Ngaruawahia .

There was no Maori King pre the ToW and there isn’t and CAN’T BE NOW. This is in total contradiction of the ToW and is NOT ON .

Don’t these people and our political leaders have any sense of honour .

This is a ‘self-appointment’ and a FRAUD . King of what and who ? C’mon . He lives in Ngaruawahia . His ‘kingdom’ ends at his letterbox .

Is this a primary school play or something . I was astonished that our two senior political leaders participated in this fraudulent ‘coronation’ at all —- appalled!

And sat there ( supposedly representing us) while an arrogant loud mouthed oaf, who clearly favoured himself as an orator , bullied, abused and harangued them about how we non-Maori are racist.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black .

We ALL know it is exactly the other way about and that it is ARDENTLY promoted and supported by our ultra treacherous Maori-centric Labour-Maori-Government .

I am ashamed that our two senior leaders sat there , supposedly representing us , meekly and weakly taking this irrational bullying outburst . They should have stood up and walked out .

They should not have been there at all .

What appalling judgement.

And I recall how we were embarrassed by the ‘ so called ‘ Maori King’s’ presence at King Charles 2’s coronation , where he , QUITE RIGHTLY, was not acknowledged.

We MUST NOT acknowledge this FRAUD. FULL STOP. He does not even enjoy support within Maoridom , outside of his immediate locale .

Shame on messrs Hipkins and Luxon for attending at all in the first place , to ‘honour’ a FAKE . A massive error of judgment.”

Hugh Perrett
Auckland 1050

Hugh Perrett

Confirmation the Treaty of Waitangi could govern the country's lawyers

Confirmation the Treaty of Waitangi could govern the country's lawyers

Please watch THIS first.

New Zealand is out of control.  The Treaty is being used and abused to allow more and more corruption. 

Now lawyers are being targeted. 

Not just this, what you hear in the video above, but Maori myths and legends are being drafted into law.

You can read about this HERE.


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