In The End, Truth Always Wins

In The End, Truth Always Wins

In the end, truth always wins.  

We know, deep down, at the deepest level, that what we are doing on our tour is telling the truth. 

The best historians in our country affirm the truth we tell. Everything in Julian’s book and seminar is academically referenced.

His books and seminars are endorsed by these academics and historians.

What’s really interesting is that Julian’s book has been out for 8 weeks now, and not one person has criticised it, or try to pull it apart.

This is incredible, given that the media has gone to great lengths, even contacting Julian’s brother in England, to try and get dirt on him.

The Herald has made an application through the Official Information Office to get all correspondence between Julian and Mayors around the country to see if they can get dirt on him.

The media generally have been vicious trying to pin something, anything, on Julian.

Nothing. Why? Because the truth just stands like a great rock, immovable.

Other other the elite Maori, the activists, the government are peddling lies, deceit, and falsehoods. This is why they will never succeed.

Recently Tucker Carlson, America’s most well known and publicised media presenter resigned (or was sacked).

He did a small video about how truth always wins.

You can watch it HERE