Those of you who follow this blog closely will see that regular contributors are ONENZ and their followers.

 While on the one hand I want to pursue truth, on the other I don’t want to be distracted by going off topic.

I certainly don’t want to be hijacked.

 Our single goal is to stop co-governance. Period. 

 However, I want to publish something ONENZ sent me and open a discussion.

 My big question is this – why haven’t any reputable historians in New Zealand picked up on the claims made by ONENZ?  

And pursued them? 

Kiwis are usually very good at sniffing out corruption. So why has this not come to light? Why has it not become a headline front page media issue? 

 I know historian Claudia Orange and others like her are political puppets, and they and their works cannot be trusted to convey truth.  So we can discount her and others like her.

 However, not all historians are like her.

 I don’t intend to dwell on this topic for more than this one blog, as anyone who is interested in more information can contact the organisation directly.

 HERE is the piece I would like you to read and comment on please.