Keeping The Main Thing The Main Thing

I try and go to the gym each day to stay balanced and fit and strong for the task ahead.

This morning I got talking to a European mother in her 30’s.

The conversation went like this

Me: Hi, how are you? 🙂 

Her: I am good thanks, how are you? 
Me: Great. What are you training for?
Me: Just for life and living.
Her:Me too.
Me: What do you do for a job?
Her I am a mum with 3 kids and I am doing a psychology degree from home. And you?
Me: I am doing a tour of New Zealand trying to stop co-governance.
Her. I saw your car in the car park. What don’t you like about co-governance?
Me: It’s illegal. It’s based on a wrong interpretation of the Treaty.
Her: So you don’t like power sharing?
Me: Not if the basis of it is illegal, no.
Her: I think you are talking to the wrong person. I have done a lot of study on the Treaty. I am sort of an expert, I guess.
Me: So you’ll agree that Maori ceded sovereignty? It’s in the Preamble, Article 1 and 2.  And Lord Normanby made it clear to Hobson in his 4200 word brief that this is what he was coming to New Zealand to get. 
Her: I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on that one. I have to go now. Thanks for the chat. I gotta go.

She walked off.


Why did she walk off?

Either she didn’t know about the Treaty and didn’t want to be questioned any further, realising she was out of her depth. 

Or she disagreed with me that Maori had ceded sovereignty and didn’t really have a comeback on that one.

The point is this.  

The main purport, the main thing, the central point, of the Treaty, is that Maori ceded sovereignty, completely and forever.

Hang on to this, It’s irrefutable.   

 As a result of ceding sovereignty, everything else falls into place. For example: 

The British established democracy.  One government, not two. 

The only government mandated in the Treaty is the duly elected one.  No one is ‘appointed’ to positions of power.  The Treaty mandates for one law for all, one person, one vote, and all votes of equal value.

There is absolutely no room in a democracy for separatism, apartheid, and racism.

In a functioning healthy democracy, no group gets special favours and handouts.  

When this happens, that’s racism. It’s apartheid. 

Whenever democracy is breached, racism, apartheid, and separatism enter like a flood. 

We see this everywhere today.  Just look at the latest budget.  $825m for Maori initiatives.  That’s nearly a billion dollars.  What about helping all the other 159 cultures who live in New Zealand?  Where is the help for them.? The people who need hip and knee replacements? 

We now live in an apartheid country.

Racism is everywhere.  

Maori MP’s and  woke European MP’s inside the Labour Party, like Robertson and Hipkins, and Michael Wood, are the biggest racists on the planet.

They are the kings of apartheid, the greatest proponents of it.  

If you want to locate the epicentre of racism and apartheid in New Zealand, just go to the Beehive.  

So, we say it again, when you talk to people about the Treaty, go straight to the bull’s eye – Maori ceded sovereignty completely and forever.  Stay on this aspect. Don’t budge off it. 

I have memorised the Treaty.  It doesn’t take long to learn. 

Now, when I have to, I can simply speak out the Treaty.  It’s powerful.  

Keep the discussion firmly on Maori ceding sovereignty and you’ll win every time. 

Don’t back down.  You won’t need to.  It’s the truth

The woke, the PC, and the activists will want to get you off this aspect, onto other things like power sharing, inequality, Maori having all their land stolen, poor Maori outcomes, and on and on it goes. 

Don’t allow them.