Hi everyone,

We need to now get the word out about this web site. 

The voters, the public, have to be informed about co-governance and how devastating it is for our country. At the moment, the vast majority just don’t know.

How can we get the word out?  Here is one idea.

I have just had 1000 business cards printed. 

They are black and white, simple, cheap, and to the point. 

As you can see there is a QR code on the card which most people know will give them instant access to the web site.

I take a few with me when I am out and about. Here are some ideas.

  • Put them on people’s drivers doors in car parks so that when they go to open their door,  they see it.
  • Give them out as you go shopping. Just say “This might interest you” and hand a card over and keep walking.
  • Give them to people on the street. Just say “This might interest you” and hand a card over.
  • Put around in public libraries
  • Put them in your mail if you are posting something.
  • Put them in letter boxes of the people in your street / town / neighbourhood.

The thing is, Maori have been fighting for years. In the 1960’s, they moved from complaining to actively fighting. 

Europeans, generally speaking, want to avoid conflict. 

We like peaceful lives. We are laid back. We’d rather just complain to each other from the comfort of our homes, sitting in front of our computers.

But this has to change. Maori have got so far because they are fighters and they are desperate to get what they want: cash, assets, and control.  They will stop at nothing!

We must do the same if we are going to stop co-governance. 

We must go on the offensive.

So please, get some business cards printed and join the fight. Go on the offensive.

Here is a link to the cards.  I have made it easy for you to email them to your local copy centre.  If you ask them, they will courier them to your home and you can pay for them on line. i.e. it’s quick and easy to organise and you won’t have to drive anywhere.

Go for it! 


Julian Batchelor M.Ed (Hons), B.Th, Dip T’ching.