It’s official – if you vote for National, you will be voting for a continuation of Labour and Co-Governance.

This is an absolute disaster. 

You can watch the video here of Erica Stanford, Senior National Party MP, Spokesperson for National on Immigration, articulating National’s stance on this issue.   They key part of the video is about 7 minutes in.  

Stanford’s understanding of the Treaty is shameful and inexcusable. 

For a long time, voters have been left wondering what the National Party stance would be on co-governance, on continuing the Maorification of New Zealand. 

 Luxon has seemed to want to play his cards close to this chest not revealing whether he was for or against co-governance.  

This ‘sit on the fence’ position was obviously motivated by the view that he didn’t want to lose pro-cogovernance voters or anti co-governance voters.  As such, he reasoned, both groups would then vote for National hoping they would get their wish. 

Well, that strategy has come to an abrupt end!  

It’s a win for Act and NZ First, but a huge gigantic loss for New Zealand.

National’s stance is a political disaster, no less. You can read more (thanks to Muriel Newman) about it here

 Email Standford making your view clear: