Thousands Are Viewing Julian's Videos

Thousands Are Viewing Julian's Videos

Eight days ago, Julian posted 3 videos on our web site.

This one was posted on Terry Opines site and has had 2,300 views in 6 days:

Terry Opines  is a fantastic video journalist. I would urge you to subscribe to Terry’s channel.

The same video has been up on our own channel for 10 days and has received 2,900 views. You can view the results here:

So with this one video we have had 5200 views in 10 days.

Think about this.

This is equivalent to holding 52 tour events with 100 people in each event.

Or 26 events with 200 people in each event.

Or 13 events with 400 people in each event.

You get the picture.

Video is massive for getting the message out.

What’s more, we know that when a video is watched, there is likely more than one person watching.

So this number could well be double what the Youtube video stats are showing.

It’s impressive.

The great thing about video is that it can be shared / disseminated quickly and easily with the click of a mouse.

Julian has two other videos which are also up.

There are not view so much because they are longer. They contain more detail.

Part one has had 328 views:

Part two has had 163 views:

So roughly 500 views.

So in total, 5700 views in 10 days and climbing.

This is like holding a seminar everyday for 10 days in a row with 570 people attending every seminar.

Think about that.

Terry Opines Makes Brilliant Video About Michael Laws And Julian Batchelor Interiew. This Is A Must Watch. Be Sure To Read The Comments