Brilliant Analysis Of Our Kerikeri Event Plus Exposure Of Blatant Media Dishonesty

Someone who was at our Kerikeri event wrote a response to what the media said about the event and challenged them on virtually every point made.

You can read the media report and the analysis HERE 

Three Things..

Just to let you know, my day each day starts at 3 am. I go to the gym each day for an hour. The hour includes travel and shower, so the gym session is short and sharp. 

I eat good meals, but they are often on the run.  I have to keep my mind and body and emotions strong. 

I go to bed no earlier than 9pm. 

I have run out of time today to write a full blog, because my blog has to go out at 10am each day. 

Here are the three things I want you to know.


The media is much more corrupt than I thought. Much worse.  They are working for Maori activists. Once, I sensed this, now I know it. Now I have first hand proof and experience.


Kiwis, at last, are waking up.  This tour has sparked something and an awakening has started.  All the corruption and fraud is coming to light, and it’s much worse than we all think.  Hipkins and Luxon wanted Kiwis to have a conversation about co-governance and it’s now happening.  The truth about co-governance must be exposed for all Kiwis to see.  Then they can make up their own minds.


We are booming.

Despite all the negative press, and being inundated with abusive mail and texts,  I am flooded with invites, book orders, invitations to come to speak at new venues.

This is an awakening.

 This is not spin I am writing here, talking it up. 

Our growing team of committed helpers / volunteers, who are privy to the inner workings of our organisation, see these blogs, and read them carefully,  

If anything I wrote was not absolutely true, they would pull me up. 

The truth is that New Zealand is in deep deep trouble and most Kiwis don’t know it.

The greatest things you could do right now is order books and get them out and attend our meetings.  

I grew up in New Zealand ????????,  we all got along. Came back from aussie in 94, after 10 years away, and couldn’t believe the attitude change. This has worsened since then. It was obvious something was going on. Julian Batchelor has put all the ducks in a row,  don’t fear this, listen, learn and adapt.


How Activists Are Being Fooled

It has become apparent to me that the activists who are attending our meetings don’t know what racism is. They think that anyone who criticises Maori, in any way, is a racist.

This does not define a racist.

For example, if I say “51% of the prison population in New Zealand are Maori, yet Maori are only 14% of the population” does this make me a racist? No it does not.  It’s simply communication of a fact. 

So what is a racist?

Miriam Webster defines it like this “having, reflecting, or fostering the belief that race is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.” 

You might say, “The dictionary defines a racist as someone who thinks / believes that their race is superior to all others”. Hitler was a good example of a racist. 

So how does one know, truly, if someone is a racist or not? Ask them. Find out what they believe.

Racism exists and is perpetuated when any group in society is given special privilege or status, which all other groups in that same society are not given. This is apartheid. So who is doing this in New Zealand? Who is perpetuating this message?

The biggest and loudest racists in New Zealand are elite Maori, Corporate Maori, tribal representatives who are giving Maori special status and privilege.  It’s obvious that they think Maori are a superior race of people.  Many Maori on the street have swallowed this and now seriously think ‘we are a superior race of people’.

That is to say, elite Maori, Corporate Maori, tribal representatives are CREATING racists.

They are turning Maori into the biggest bunch of racists this country has ever known.

I am urging New Zealand to fight against this.


I am, in fact, not the racist.

On the contrary, I am the one fighting against racism.

I believe all people are born equal, and are equally valuable.

No race is superior to any other.

This is called equality.

Now listen to THIS.

It’s Meng Foon.

He is the king of racists in New Zealand.


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