The Debate: Julian Vs The Activists, Sean Plunket Moderates

The Debate: Julian Vs The Activists, Sean Plunket Moderates

You can hear the debate  HERE

The guts of the argument is that the Aotearoa Liberation League is a group which suppresses free speech. They are quite happy to deny other people free speech.  

As for the Kaumātua mentioned. He was not a Kaumātua at all.  He was a known trouble maker in the Waipu area, according to locals. 

Even if he was a Kaumātua, so what?   If someone breaks the rules of our meeting, which are clear, they are out. not matter who they are.  

All people in our meetings are treated equally, no matter what race or status.  We have one law for all.  This is how it is in a democracy. 

The activists, clearly, think differently. 

By inference, they suggest that because he is a Kaumātua he should have been treated differently.  This thinking is how co0-governance works.  Maori will be viewed as a superior race of people, above all of us.

This betrays the predominant attitude of elite Maori.  

That is, “If you are Maori, you are treated differently to everyone else.  The rules that other people have to abide by don’t apply to Maori.”  

What do we call this attitude? That’s easy. 

It’s racism. It’s apartheid. It’s separatism. And it’s wrong.

By the way, it was also easy to see what Pere was doing when he pulled out the Kaumātua card.  He was race baiting, trying to get other Maori on board i.e. “How dare you offend a Kaumātua!”

My question is this.  If so called Kaumātua are so wonderful, how come not one Kaumātua in the whole country has come forward to pull into line the Maori protestors whose behaviour in our meetings has been disgraceful.  They have been an absolute blight on good Maori.

Why are they quiet? Because if they say anything they will be bullied and harassed by other Maori.  

Such is the hypocrisy and double standards of Maoridom. They will smash up their own if they step out of line. 

Welcome to Tikanga and co-governance.


If You Want A Good Laugh, Watch This

If You Want A Good Laugh, Watch This

This is a video of activist Samah speaking to a crowd of 40 people last Tuesday night, the night our event in Auckland was cancelled.  The location of her speaking was a grass area outside the Mt Eden War Memorial Hall. They were giving out vegan Pizas. Watch…  HERE

Sean Plunket Nails It...Again!

Sean Plunket Nails It...Again!

Non-woke and honest broadcaster.

Sean interviewed Julian on Monday morning.  It was another great interview. 

You can listen to it HERE