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Tane Tipuna Public Apology

Tane Tipuna Public Apology

You’ll remember a few days ago we ran a story about a Maori called Tane whose wife was cancelled out of an art gallery?

Well, Tane wrote to me yesterday asking me to post an apology.

He got some of the facts wrong.

Below is his apology

“I got the story wrong.

It was only “Kumeu Arts” that returned her work after Local Iwi had questioned the use of Maori icons, and subsequently “Art Kaipara” expressed the same concern.

The Estuary in Orewa has behaved properly and has never mentioned this concern.

The Estuary Art Centre is very supportive of cultural use, celebrating all cultures in art work.

My sincere apology to the Estuary Arts Centre and all concerned.”

Lively Meeting in Richmond Nelson Last Night!

Lively Meeting in Richmond Nelson Last Night!

We had a lively meeting in Richmond, Nelson, last night!

Once again, a great crowd turned out and they enjoyed every minute.

In the last hour, you could have heard a pin drop.

The organisers did an absolutely fabulous job (as usual).

They provided goodies for the crowd at half time and the whole event felt (and was) highly organised.

Well done you guys!

A big shout out “Thanks!” to all those who organised the event and for those who came.