Maori Activist Propaganda Videos Paid For By The Tax Payer

Maori Activist Propaganda Videos Paid For By The Tax Payer

Maori Activist propaganda videos, funded by the tax payer,  are floodding the internet.

Yep, you are paying for activists to take over the country.

You can watch one of their propaganda vidoes  HERE.

The reason this is happening?

They realise that a referdum on the Treaty may well eventuate.

In which case the public will decide the referendum outcome.

So…they have upped their anti.

Hence, the Stop Cogovernance Treaty Truth Tour in 2024. We must push back big time.

HERE is a list of the proposed locations where Julian will be speaking.

These will all be private meetings, not advertised publicly.

We will have a coach, Nikki, who will show you step by step how to do it.

Nikki is an incredible coach and she is experienced, so knows what she is doing.

If you live in one of these locations, and have questions, please can Julian 0274764430

If there was ever a time to step up, now is the time! Do it. Step out and step up.

Make 2024 your best year ever!  Help save your country!


Terry Opines Produces Another Great Video About The Dishonesty Of Maori Activists

Terry Opines Produces Another Great Video About The Dishonesty Of Maori Activists

Well known political commentator Terry Opines is going to cover our Treaty Truth Tour in 2024.

This is wonderful news.  ‘The Psychology of Takeover’ booklet that Terry refers to is HERE.

This tour is crucial the get the public ready for voting either on a Treaty referendum or a Treaty Bill.

Either way, public opinion will be vital.  Public opinion will decide outcomes.

It’s vital that we give David Seymour our full support and that we do the groundwork to ensure his success.

You can watch Terry’s video HERE.


How Activists Work The System To Get What They Want

How Activists Work The System To Get What They Want

The Waitangi Tribunal and how it operates is a Mt Everest size racket.

Proof that the Tribunal is corrupt? Click HERE.

How do the members become part of this Tribunal?

Below is a quote from the government website.

“Waitangi Tribunal members come from all walks of life and are appointed for their expertise in the matters that are likely to come before them. They are appointed by the Governor-General on the recommendation of the Minister for Māori Development.”

There you have it.  “…on the recommendation of the Minister for Māori Development.”

It’s a Tribunal appointed by Maori, run by Maori,  for Maori. 

It raises a big red flag doesn’t it.

Thankfully, the Tribunal can’t make final decisions, only recommendations. 

The government makes final decisions.  But if you have a government in place like the last one, then ‘recommendations’ become ‘final decisions’ without a second thought. 

Activists run to the Tribunal often to make claims.

And who pays all the legal bills for them to make those claims? 

We do. The taxpayer. 

Who pays the salaries of the Tribunal members?

We do. The taxpayer. 

Who pays the salary of  the Minister of Maori development? 

We do. The taxpayer. 

If the minister is an activist, then, you guessed it, the Tribunal will become an activist strong hold. 

Who is the new Minister of Maori development? Tama Potaka.

He has a long history of being an activist.  If you want proof read THIS.

The fact that Luxon knew all this and appointed him is terribly worrying.

It’s looking very likely that we have a closet activist PM.  

My new book talks about Luxon and this possibility.  You can read a draft of it HERE

Now read THIS.  

It’s about a new book just about to be published on the Treaty of Waitangi by a Maori lawyer who is singing the praises of the Tribunal.

Why would she do that?  She doesn’t want historians outside the Tribunal saying what the Treaty means and says. 

Why not? 

The truth might come out. 

Then what? 

The gravy train would end its journey.  

This is what David Seymour’s referendum is going to do. 

We must support him. 

The Treaty and what it means and says must be opened to full public debate, not restricted to the ‘sacred priests’ inside the Tribunal, which is what the activists want.  

It’s what they are gunning for. 

They want to be able to say, “What Seymour says the Treaty says is not what it says” and so they can undermine the referendum. 

But that’s not all.  

Over the next three years, via the MSM,  they will be launching a massive propaganda campaign, relentlessly, to win over the public to gang up on Seymour.  

And what will be the focus on their campaign? 

Saying that only ‘Maori experts’ can say what the Treaty really means, and no one else is qualified.

And where do these experts, these sacred priests reside? 

You guessed it – inside the Waitangi Tribunal, members of which were recommended by Potaka, who was appointed by Luxon. 

Cunning eh. 

Wanganui Mayor And Councillors Email Addresses

Mayor, Councilors’, and Council’s contact emails:

Hi/Hello/Kia ora,
I am emailing because I …(insert comments).. with the removal of the Weeping Woman war memorial from Moutoa Gardens.
I think the removal of this memorial is …(insert comments)… Because …(insert comments)…
This is New Zealand’s oldest war memorial, and it should remain in place and be maintained by the Council.
We need to remember our history because …(insert comments)…
Do not remove this crucial part of Whanganui’s history.

Exemplar 1:
I am writing to express my disdain for the Mayor and Council’s broader comments surrounding the removal of the Weeping Woman from Moutoa Gardens.
Removing a war memorial that commemorates the death of people who died for Whanganui is disgraceful.
Attempting to rewrite New Zealand’s history is shameful. Rather than removing it, why doesn’t the Council, or the established bureaucratic Board that is now dealing with the Reserve, place additional information on a sign or placard next to the memorial?
Don’t pretend our history didn’t happen – honour it.

Exemplar 2:
I want to write in support of keeping the Weeping Woman war memorial in Moutoa Gardens.
As it is New Zealand’s oldest war memorial, it is a crucial part of our country’s history. Regardless of the changes in Whanganui’s, and indeed New Zealand’s, social climate, we should always remember our history. In fact, we should honour our history, and the people that died for us, to commemorate the past. After all, is that not the point of memorials?
Removing this war memorial would be shameful act. It would disrespect Maori and European alike, and this is not acceptable.
Keep the Weeping Woman in its historic site.
Yours sincerely,

Exemplar 3:
Greetings all,
I am getting in contact to tell you how I, and many other Whanganui locals, feels about your part in the decision to remove the Weeping Woman from Moutoa Gardens. Frankly, it’s disgusting behaviour from the Council.
This is New Zealand’s oldest war memorial and you are supporting the removal of it because of the changing socio-cultural environment. Is this not a myopic point of view? Your naïve presentism shamefully disrespects those people that died on Moutoa Island and the history of this country.
If anything, you could establish an additional information board in Moutoa Gardens to contextualise the monuments and memorials there. Instead, you opt to support the removal of them, and our history along with it.
This rewriting of history is extremely disrespectful and shortsighted.
I think the Weeping Woman should remain in place.

Exemplar 4:
Kia ora koutou,
Your comments and support surrounding the removal of the Weeping Woman war memorial are completely unreasonable and devoid of honesty and maturity in the face of New Zealand’s history.
The removal of Aotearoa New Zealand’s oldest war memorial will disrespect the Māori and European people who fought for Whanganui – and who, in reality, are deserving of our respect; they gave their lives, after all.
What is the purpose of a war memorial if not to commemorate those people and events of the past? Changing attitudes and beliefs should not dictate our learning of New Zealand’s history.
Keep the memorial in place – remember what was given and what was lost, and learn from it.
Nga mihi nui,

A Graphic Example Of How The Main Stream Media Does Not Understand The Treaty

A Graphic Example Of How The Main Stream Media Does Not Understand The Treaty

Recently, I watched a video of David Seymour being interviewed.

Watch it HERE.

The interviewer does not know the Treaty.  It’s obvious.

In the picture below is the Preamble of The Treaty.  Please read it carefully two or three times. 

Here are the facts you need to know.

First, on February 6th 1840 Britain acknowledged that New Zealand was a sovereign nation.

This meant that Maori owned all the land.

However, Article 2 of the Treaty stated that the Crown would buy land from Maori.

This they did. In fact, Maori, of their own free will, sold 92% of their land to the British.

HERE is the proof.

So where is the interviewer showing her Treaty ignorance?

Part of the Preamble says “…..and her desire to preserve them their land….”  meaning land owned by Maori and British settlers who have already purchased land from Maori between 1800 and 1840. 

Yes, it’s true, the Queen did, as at February 6th 1840, as I said, acknowledge that Maori owned all the land of New Zealand, except that which had been sold to settlers in the period 1800 – 1840. 

No problem so far. 

But the interviewer thinks that the British promised to preserve Maori their land FOREVER! 

Right there is the fatal mistake.

The British did not promise this. 

Maori were given the right to sell their land, which they went on and did sell. 

No ‘rights’ were ever taken from Maori.  This is just spin.  It’s lies.

The opposite is true. 

The British preserved the rights of Maori to retain or sell their land. 

Effectively, they said to Maori, “The land is yours. It’s your right to do what you like with it.”

This Maori did, of their own free will. They sold it.  It was not stolen or lost, as is the activists’ narrative. 

Even most confiscations were entirely justified, according to Sir Apirana Ngata.  You can read what he said in the picture below.  Confiscations that were not justified were compensated for in the Justice Sim Royal Commission 1920s to 1950s.  End of story. 

What Maori are suffering from today is nothing more than SELLER’S REMORSE. 

This, in a nutshell, is the guts of the Treaty of Waitangi.

You’ll not find a shorter explanation of the Treaty of Waitangi anywhere else.


If you remember just this blog, you’ll have a great handle on the Treaty.

More On The Removal Of New Zealand's Oldest Memorial, Wanganui

More On The Removal Of New Zealand's Oldest Memorial, Wanganui

Josh Chandulal-Mackay, Pākaitore Historic Reserve Board.

Dear Sir,

I am disappointed to see the  Pākaitore Historic Reserve Board has made the decision to relocate the Weeping Woman Monument to a more suitable, “obscure” location – presumably, out of the public’s view!

It seems the Board has overlooked the fact, this battle was fought to protect the majority of the Maori people of Wanganui from the rebel tribes who were travelling the country, slaughtering thousands of unarmed (muskets) tribes for the fun of it and the feasts that followed.

All this evidence is fully recorded in the New Zealand, Australian and American Archives, as well as the British Parliamentary Papers, although much of it being removed from the New Zealand Archives.    

It also seems the Board has overlooks the fact,  many Wanganui Maori are now descendants of the people who saved their ancestors.

In fact, if it had not been for these brave soldiers, many Wanganui Maori would not be here today.

To remove this monument only satisfies a few part-Maori who believes Colonization destroyed the Maori race, when in fact, it save a race of people of the verge of extinction by their own hand when New Zealand true history is known.

Sir, why satisfy a few part-Maori,  when you are doing a great disservice to the silent majority.

This monument is a monument that should be honoured by all, not destroyed by a few

Back in 1995, this monument was again targeted, but luckily the majority ruled and it was spared.

Hopefully, it will be spared again for future generation to know their ancestors, both Maori and Pakeha saved the Wanganui Maori from total extinction.


Your sincerely,

Ross Baker,

Researcher, One New Zealand Foundation Inc.  Est: 1988.


 You can sign the petition to stop the memorial being removed by  clicking   HERE

 This petition and protest in Wanganui is being led by Benn, one of our team

Video Master Terry Opines Shows How Maori Are Creating Racial Division

Video Master Terry Opines Shows How Maori Are Creating Racial Division

You can watch Terry’s brilliant video by clicking   HERE