Just think this through.  There are certain essentials that every New Zealander must have.  

Food is one. Electricity is another. Water is another. Then fuel, including petrol and diesel. 

There will be other ‘essentials’ but let’s start with these.

If you were the leader of a coup, for that is what ‘co-goverance’ really is, you’d want to get full control of these as fast as possible, wouldn’t you? 


Because if you can control any one of these, then you can control New Zealand.  And if can can control New Zealand, then you can control the money.  

Co-governance has always has been, and always will be, about the money. 

Maori have started with trying to get complete control of water.  

What’s more, they don’t just want 50/50.  They want the lot. 

When one analyses the way Mahuta and co have structured 3 Waters, and who will make final decisions,  it’s obvious that the final goal for Maori is complete control of water.

And once water is under their full control, the next step will be electricity, or perhaps food, or fuel, or electricity. 

Here is a great piece by freelance journalist Graham Adams where he addresses Mahuta’s plans for our water.