As a result of being part of the Whangarei event, the first on our tour, I have had texts and messages from Maori at ground level calling me a racist, accusing me of causing racial division and disharmony, of hate speech, and so on. 

I expect all this.  This is a war, and in wars shots are fired.  In a war, no one can afford to be a sissy. Sissies don’t win wars. The brave and courageous do.  So I am having to harden up.  I am also having to understand the nature of this battle.

One thing I admire about Maori radicals and the tribal leaders is that they are brave and courageous and determined.  This is why they have made such gains, no doubt about it.

We might be right in calling for democracy, one law for all, one person one vote, and all votes being of equal value, etc, and we might know that our cause is just, and right, and the best coarse for all Kiwis, but we will still lose this battle if we do not become as brave, and courageous, and determined as the Maori radicals.

What’s most interesting to me is that various Maori have been writing to me to show me the sources of their information, as if to say “Here, look, this is the truth!” That is to say, they have been proudly showing me the articles / stories they have been reading. 

Sadly, tragically, the newspaper articles they are reading are full of lies, propaganda, and historical inaccuracies.

These are articles / opinions are written by Maori for Maori.  And most tragic of all, the Maori on the street, the innocent, the pawns in this conflict, think that if something is written by another Maori, it must be true. 

We have a clear case here of the blind leading the blind.  Maori radicals / writers are screwing over the Maori on the street, messing with their minds, leading them horribly astray.  Maori on the street are being horribly used and abused,   But they don’t know it.

 The truth is, these Maori writers, these radicals, are the ones CAUSING division, hate, separatism, and apartheid.  

HERE is one such article.

Just read it carefully and slowly, and look what the writer is doing.  

We on the other hand, in reality, we are fighting to preserve unity, harmony, democracy, and a future for our children and grandchildren.  

We are fighting FOR Maori.  

For if tribal rule sets in in New Zealand, the entire country, all 160 cultures who live here, including the vast majority of Maori, are going to be far far worse off that we are now.  This is the truth of the matter.  The only people to prosper from all this are the tribal leaders of the dominant tribe. 

Really, this is a tragedy beyond words as I for one have a heart for Maori on the street. And I know you do too. 

A BIG shout out! to Jill and her team in Kerikeri for securing their date and venue

Bumpers stickers, caps, label buttons are all in process.  We’ll keep you posted. Thank you to all those who wrote in with their opinions and views.

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WHANGAREI FLYER DROPPERS WANTED! Geoff in Whangarei is co-ordinating the flyer drops in Whangarei this week.  He needs some helpers. If you can drop flyers in a few streets for us, please contact Geoff on 021 14 287 50 or email


Please send  THIS flyer to everyone on your address book for the Whangarei Event which is Sunday 12 February, 3pm, Sport Northland, Kensington, Whangarei.   

Do the same with THIS FLYER for the Mangakaramea event which is on the 20th February, Mangakaramea hall, 7pm.

Please tell people the Mangakaramea event is MONDAY not FRIDAY !

It does not matter if you live a long way from Whangarei.  You might have people you know in Northland.  Please invite them.