Orewa Maori Want Co-Governance Meeting On Their Marae. I Say "No!" Not Unless...

Orewa Maori Want Co-Governance Meeting On Their Marae. I Say "No!" Not Unless...

Press Release for Hibiscus Matters @ 9/4/23

Full Apology & Compensation Required to Demonstrate Sincerity and Change of Heart

“New Zealanders shouldn’t let themselves be manipulated by the very people who totally disrespected them and their rights to free speech”.

So says Julian Batchelor to residents and ratepayers about the protestors who disrupted a public Stop Co-Governance meeting at the Orewa Community Centre on 18th March. 

“Many of the same protestors who rudely prevented Hibiscus Coast residents from hearing concerns about co-governance are now inviting people to the Silverdale marae where they can apparently ‘learn about, ask about and discuss how co-governance will look at a national and local scale’. 

“Whether they and their unnamed panelists would know enough about this constitutional issue is one thing, but their hypocrisy is staggering,” claims Mr Batchelor. 

“They’re demanding respectful behaviour on the marae, whereas they aggressively trampled on our rights to free speech and the freedom to impart and received information, while filming and intimidating those who came to hear what I had to say in a community venue.

They showed the public no respect at all, ensuring the time and money invested in that meeting was totally wasted. 

“The protestors could have protested outside the Orewa Community Centre, but should have behaved respectfully, appallingly,  inside the actual hall. 

Clearly, their noisy, bullying behaviour infringed the public’s rights.

“Before locals can have confidence in a mature and sensible discussion and debate about this vitally important constitutional issue, the protest organisers from the Silverdale Marae and other local tribal groups must publicly apologise for their appalling behaviour and compensate the Stop Co-governance organisation for the cost of putting on that event. 

“Without such an apology and compensation, how can anyone believe that they are sincere?

That the protestors have genuinely changed and will now suddenly allow a free and open discussion? 

Or is this Marae offer simply grandstanding, manipulation, control, and virture signalling?

Let’s wait and see. The jury is out.” 

For further information, please contact: 

Mr Julian Batchelor

Stop Co-Governance


Tel: 0274764430