Waipu Even Last Night A Huge Success!

Waipu Even Last Night A Huge Success!

Last night’s meeting was a huge success.

Protestors did not get in. The police were great. Following police advice, we are making all our events ‘private’ functions, filtering people at the door. This new strategy worked like a dream.

This was a small country hall, our first event in a ‘rural’ setting. We loved it!

The meeting flowed. One protestor slipped through and got in but he was ejected without issue. In the Q and A time, one or two in the crowd were in favour of co-governance ‘I don’t agree with anything you said tonight’ but they can’t say exactly what they disagree with. Funny that.

The Q and A time was fascinating and revealing.

Many people are completely ignorant about the Treaty and all the issues we raise in these public talks, Maori particularly so.

We had several Maori in last nights meeting. It’s obvious they have been brainwashed and are simply parroting what they have heard in the media or from Maori activist Journalists.

Others in the room were very savvy, knowing a lot about the Treaty. The more they know the better. This is Julian’s message. Study, research, find the truth.

The government approved narrative is the exact opposite – keep co-governance vague. Muddy the waters. Cloudy is good. A public ignorant about the realities of co-governance is what they want.

I feel we are making HUGE gains. The content of my talks is constantly being shaped and tweaked. I am getting sharper and better with each meeting. More accurate.

The media are chasing.

Last night we received order for 100’s of books, perhaps over 1000. We have not counted up the exact number yet. 20,000 of Julian’s books arrive on Monday. Many have pre-sold.

We have a distribution centre in Hamilton which has just been set up.

Attendees at the meeting were on fire when they left.

Our team did an incredible job. Truly, they were amazing. They performed with military precision yet fully friendly and relational. So proud of you all!

“Clearly the mainstream media are trying to portray Stop Co-Governance as a fringe, extremist group with little support. However, I believe the great majority of New Zealanders do not want Maori given control of the country, which is what Co-Governance is trying to achieve. The protesters at the meetings are showing the rest of the country what Co-Governance looks like, and it not attractive.”

Chris, from Wellington

Media Desperate To Portray Stop Cogovernance Organisation As Fringe Movement - The Opposite Is True!

We Were Proud Of The Police At The Waipu Event

We Were Proud Of The Police At The Waipu Event

The police was fantastic at our Waipu event. They responded quickly, acted professionally. 

We felt safe, and we were safe. Well done NZ Police. particularly senior Sargeant Kiley.   There is no better cop in NZ than this guy.


Maori Party Hits The Panic Button "Get out and protest!"

Maori Party Hits The Panic Button "Get out and protest!"

You can read their Facebook page HERE

My question is “Why are they so worried?”  You know the answer. 

We are standing for the preservation of democracy and equality, against apartheid, separatism, and racism.  We are standing for one person, one vote, and all votes must be of equal value. 

The media know all this.  The Maori Party knows all this. 

So why all the fuss?  Answer? Julian is preaching the truth, and the truth threatens to expose fraud and corruption, to drain the swamp, and to dismantle the gravy train.  What other conclusion is there? 

Historian Bruce Moon Viciously Attacked!

Historian Bruce Moon Viciously Attacked!

Activists are now targeting historian and prolific author Bruce Moon.  Bruce answers them with brilliance and skill.  You can read what the critics are saying and Bruce’s answers HERE

New Zealand Herald Continues To Misreport, This Time About Our Tauranga Event

New Zealand Herald Continues To Misreport, This Time About Our Tauranga Event

You can read this morning’s Herald article HERE

How is what Julian saying ‘offensive’?  He is promoting democracy, and equality, and is fighting against apartheid, racism, and separatism.  He stands for one person, one vote, and all votes being of equal value. 

How is the council going to monitor ‘deviation’ from free speech? What on earth does that mean?

How is the tour inciting rational disharmony? The truth of the matter is the co-governance has already caused massive racial disharmony, but not a word about this in the media.

Notice how the council has ‘signed up’ and promotes ‘partnership with Iwi’? What about working equally with all people groups who live in the Tauranga area? 

To do so is called equality.  Why are Iwi singled out with special favour over all the other 160 cultures who live in the Tauranga region?   To single out Iwi is blatant apartheid.  Why does the Herald not report this? Answer? They are not allowed to. 

They can only report the government approved narrative.

Mr McNeil says the beliefs expressed by Julian on the road show “do not align with the community outcomes we are seeking to achieve” etc.  Oh really?

So what exactly is it about democracy, and equality, and Julian’s fight against apartheid, racism, and separatism that don’t align?  

Julian stands for one person, one vote, and all votes being of equal value.  What, exactly, is offensive about this?   What values, exactly, do align? We are keen to know – Is it tribal rule? Maori dictatorship? Submission to Iwi? Or what?

The Tauranga council, it is reported, have received 5 emails ‘raising concerns’.  What about reporting the emails from what is now 10’s of thousands of supporters?  Where are the quotes from supporters of the tour? 

Supporters, email alastair.mcneil@tauranga.govt.nz to express your support.

Copy in these people please: 






Julian has never described Maori culture as ‘archaic’.   It has a very dark history, but he has never described it has archaic.  However, if the word archaic means old, then Maori culture is archaic.

 Summary? This is a very unbalanced article.  But what more can we expect from the Herald, which is marinating in the $55 Public Interest Journalism Fund?  


Activists Appeal To Attorney General And Meng Foon

Activists Appeal To Attorney General And Meng Foon

Read the story HERE

Take a look at this protestor hypocrite..young Maori 'leader' Mikaela Matenga In Action

Last weekend TV3 ran a news item on the 6pm news covering our Orewa Event. They interviewed a young Maori lady who cited how terrible the behaviour of the protesters was.  

First, watch the TV story HERE.

Now watch the behaviour of the exact same Maori woman Mikaela Matenga ripping up our books while the police look on, unconcerned.

Click HERE to view Mikaela ripping up books

The books were our property.



Hypocritical . 

A thief.

Where were the good Maori stopping her?  

Notice too the media corruption. TV3 wanted ‘an angle’ on the news item.  They wanted to show how Julian was sanctioning the bad behaviour of one or two supporters in the crowd.  They didn’t show the context of this bad behaviour.  They didn’t show what incited the supporters to behave the way they did. What was that behaviour? It was Mikaela ripping up books. They didn’t tell the truth. Snap. We have caught the TV  out because we video everything. 


Welcome to co-governance.

South Island Bee Keepers Screwed Over By Co-Governance

South Island Bee Keepers Screwed Over By Co-Governance

“Hi Julian, I have encountered and issue with my business that I believe is related to co-governance and wanted to see if you were aware of it.

I am a beekeeper and had traditionally used Department of Conservation concessions to place my hives on public land.

It seems Ngai Tahu have done a private deal with DOC and now have exclusive rights to public land for beekeeping in the south island.

As such my concessions can not be renewed and Ngai Tahu will take my bee sites for their own use.

These are sites we have established and been operating on for over 20 years.”

Pensioner Screwed Over Buy Co-Governance

Pensioner Screwed Over Buy Co-Governance

“Hi Julian, am against co-governance. I am a pensioner who owns a thermal pool- not used but still paying and now have 2 apply to iwi 4 consent. I have not proceeded. Don’t agree with ‘3 Waters’ where 2 now? Andrea.” (the photo is not Andrea. It’s a stock photo)

Do you have more Examples Of Co-Governance In Action? - Of Apartheid, Separatism, Undemocratic Actions And Bad Behaviour? i.e. being bullied and Intimidated?

We want to hear your story.  Email Julian : Julian@stopcogov.kiwi

“I was at the Orewa meeting last Saturday and did go to support your essential cause.

I do understand all the information and I feel you presented it really well considering the constant interruption from the disgusting ignorant lot

I am 73,a 4th Generation born New Zealander and retired living on the coast and my first 38 years of life were spent in Rotorua so most of my friends were Maori and in those days the word rascist did not exist.

I got to know quite a few of my mates families and especially the older Maori were the most wonderful kind caring people.

My father Bill Watt was the well known and respected Surgeon and Medical Superintendent of Rotorua hospital from 1946 to 1982 and he was revered by the Rotorua Arawa people for his service to them and all others and he was awarded a QSM-Queens Service Medal-for this.

Well how things have changed !

I now feel as if I am living in a strange country and not a very nice one at that.

I sincerely hope that you and other organizations can galvanize enough New Zealanders to make the political parties take notice of what is required.
I am a National party supporter and if we ever needed a change of Government , then it is now.

I listen to Shaun Plunkett and CPR Muriel Newman and Hobsons Choice and perhaps you could look at co-operating with them to present a bigger stronger front to the idiots running our country.

Julian I admire what you are doing as it is essential somebody has the balls to get up and say Enough ! !

All the best and I look forward to receiving your communications.

After Orewa, I am now well and truly your supporter.”

Leith Watt (the photo is not Leith. It's a stock photo)

Sign Our Petition To Keep Free Speech Going

You can view it HERE

Please sign it and pass it on.

Watch The Orewa Event In Full!

You can view it HERE

Please take particular notice of the behaviour of the protestors, ripping up books etc.  This is a graphic display of co-governance in action.

Second, notice the content of Julian’s message. It’s just factual, simple, and all research based. All quotes are properly academically referenced.  

Notice Julian is going to bat for all New Zealanders, including all Maori. Yes, including elite Maori. Why is he including them? 

Because if co-governance is left to mature and grow and be fully implemented, it will end in tears for all New Zealanders. 

With tribal rule, there are no winners, only losers. 

Christchurch Businessman Buys 2000 Copies Of Julian's Book

Yesterday a Christchurch businessman phoned to order 2000 copies of Julian’s book.  He said  “I want to save help save our democracy.  People don’t want a long book to read, and most don’t have time. This book is just the right length, it’s easy to read, flows well, and it says what needs to be said.  Please send me 2000 copies.”  Wow! That’s taking action.  That’s not playing around.  

That’s someone committed to saving democracy in New Zealand!

To order your books, simply email Tim at teacher.tim@icloud.com and provide him with your name, physical address and phone number and Tim will take it from there.  

The books are $1 each plus postage. 

Please deposit the funds for the books into this account:


Tim will advise you later how much the postage was and he will ask you to deposit this amount as well, after you have received your books.  Go for it! 

Day Left Before the October 14 Election