Have a read of THIS

The “commentators” are fake. 

What I want you to notice is the  media outlet who wrote the story. You guessed it – NZ On Air, a government funded propaganda machine.   

They shut down the wrong web site.

Contrary to what the article says, we are actually the ones fighting for equal rights for all New Zealanders, including the non-elite Maori of New Zealand..  The Maori elite want apartheid, separatism, and dictatorship.  And they are using the average Maori on the street as pawns in their push for total control of the country. 

A BIG shout out! to Jill and her team in Kerikeri for securing their date and venue

Bumpers stickers, caps, label buttons are all in process.  We’ll keep you posted. Thank you to all those who wrote in with their opinions and views.

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Please send  THIS flyer to everyone on your address book for the Whangarei Event which is Sunday 12 February, 3pm, Sport Northland, Kensington, Whangarei.   

Do the same with THIS FLYER for the Mangakaramea event which is on the 20th February, Mangakaramea hall, 7pm.

Please tell people the Mangakaramea event is MONDAY not FRIDAY !

It does not matter if you live a long way from Whangarei.  You might have people you know in Northland.  Please invite them.