Try Our New Treaty Of Waitangi Quiz!

Try Our New Treaty Of Waitangi Quiz!

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What’s the point? Radical Maori have gotten away with fraud and corruption all because Kiwis don’t know the Treaty.

That is to say, they were not able to say ‘No!’ to many of the interpretations and ideas dished out in front of them  because they did not know truth of the matter.

Now, at last, you can know the truth and push back.

Do the test over and over until you become an expert – someone who can argue and debate the issue intelligently from a place of facts and truth.

Remember, in the end, truth always wins, but you need to know the truth to be in the right position to win.

Maori Threaten Violence If Treat Of Waitangi Is Touched!

Maori Threaten Violence If Treat Of Waitangi Is Touched!

First, read THIS

John Tamihere and James Shaw are threatening violence if anyone touches the Treaty.

This is the Maori way. Might is right. This is tribal rule in action.

In other words, “If you don’t agree with us, we get violent!”

Is this the way you want New Zealand to be ruled?

From 1975 when the Treaty of Waitangi Act was passed until now, this is how activists have got their way.

Threats and intimidation.  Politicians have caved into them.

Luxon looks set to do this. Cave in.

Are we going to let this continue to happen? No way!

We need to get to the bottom of all the Treaty fraud and corruption over the past 45 years and put an end to it.

What Tamihere and Shaw want is for the population of New Zealand to turn a blind eye so that Maori can march on unopposed to 2040.  

Why 2040.  This is the date set down in the He Puapua report that Maori will have complete control of New Zealand.


Mr Luxon:- Re your comment on a referendum on the am show this morning!!!

Firstly I make it quite clear that I am not racist. I believe that all NZERS should have the same opportunities, rights, and ability to have a good life with equality for all no matter what race, colour, creed, culture or beliefs so long as they abiide by the laws of the country and respect each other.

What is devisive and racist is not letting the majority have a say, not letting them know the facts and letting the minority take all under co-governance. Being blackmailed by the few reverting to violence (as per James shaw and John tamahere via Ryan Bridges) and holding the country to ransom by these means is not democracy. Not to have a a referendum under this type of threat is overtly one sided, offensive, devisive and undemocratic. You might think it easier and common sense not to hold a referendum. The problem with common sense is that it is not that common, and the problem with easy is that the easy way out is avoidance and a cop out. WHAT ARE YOU SO AFRAID OF. DO YOU THINK that not allowing a referendum is fair to all NZers!!!. WHY are we not allowed a choice. I was an avid supporter of National. However this is the reason WHY I VOTED ACT AND NOT NATIONAL BECAUSE I HAD ALREADY WORKED OUT YOUR AVOIDANCE OF THE ISSUE. I HOPE THAT ANOTHER ROUND OF JACINDERISM (a game of hide and seek disinformation, no information) UNDER NATIONAL RE CO-GOVERNANCE WILL NOT PURSUE. Mr Peters appears to have a better handle on the fundamental devisive values of co-governance, and the historical fact that Maori came from Hawaiki so therefore are not indigenous, therefore no more entitled than any other NZER, specifically so because they ceeded to British law and we were all given equal rights under British law and the treaty. Regardless of your political differences I do hope that you do consider his knowledge and opinion on the subject of co-governance and for that matter the interpretation of the treaty and the myths.

NZers were under informed about co-governance and the consequences and outcomes of co-governance and refusing to give the countrys peoples the information in full and the opportunity to have their say is no better than socialistic communism. In short political sculdugery. It is not racist it is how a TRUELY fair process of democracy works and the end result has been decided fairly. I believe in freedom of speech and democracy and will be willing to accept the outcome of a referendum. Australia has just persued this process why can’t we.

Luxon, Be Strong! Don't Give In To Tamihere's Threats