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Be Sure To Join Our New Telegram Group!

Be Sure To Join Our New Telegram Group!

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Next Event? Palmerston North, 7 pm, Saturday 22 July.

Next Event? Palmerston North, 7 pm, Saturday 22 July.

Call Julian for details 0274764430
Massive Event In Picton!

Massive Event In Picton!

The Picton event yesterday was massive!

The hero was a guy called Linc who travelled a long way to get to Picton.

When we were cancelled out of our last two venues in the town, due to activists’ threats against the owners of venues, Linc kicked in.

He had a marquee which he brought all the way from his home and erected it on a spare piece of land.

The land belonged to Yvonne and Leighth who were themselves heroes for opening up their property to us.

Special credit must also go to Margaret who looked after Julian, putting him up in her most beautiful home.

It was Margaret who organised Yvonne and Leighth!

And Margaret was organised by Jo, our Picton co-ordinator who was herself a hero!

If it was not for her and her great team, nothing would have happened in Picton.

As always, it’s about one person being really committed (in Picton it was Jo), and from there miracles happen!

Ok, back to Linc.

He erected his marquee on Yvonne and Leighth’s lawn which worked perfectly!

Margaret made scones with fresh cream and homemade jam.

Others brought other delicacies and before you knew it, we had a party happening!

At the appointed time, the marquee filled to over flowing with people and we were able to have a massive meeting!

They were a great crowd, fully with Julian and fully supportive.

It was one of the few meetings on tour where there was not one Maori in the crowd.

They loved all the food and drink at half time!

Julian surveyed the people at the start, asking why people had come to the meeting, and most had come as a result of having a booklet with an invite placed in their letterbox.

What’s the great lesson we learned from Picton?

When people are committed, and work together, miracles happen.

It’s turning a lemon of a situation into lemonade!

This is what happened in Picton.

Below are some pictures, taken by Jo. Enjoy!

Feedback From The Kapiti Meeting!

Feedback From The Kapiti Meeting!

“Hi Julian,
It was great to attend the Stop Co-Governance meeting at Lindale, Kapiti, last night.

We had also attended the earlier meeting at Lindale.

We were glad we did, because we picked up additional bits of information from the presentation last night.

The antics of the protesters were the same as before – basically just trying to disrupt the event in various noisy ways, but also with the same inability to even shout something intelligent or relevant in their heckling.

They could only mouth the labels and slogans they have been taught – hurling insults about the audience being racists, fascists, liars and so on and keeping on yelling ‘Maori never ceded sovereignty’.

When we were driving up the road to the venue, the protesters were all lined up along the road as before.

But this time, in addition to holding up signs, they were shouting abuse at the people driving towards the venue.

I wound down my window in order to hear what one woman (not a Maori) was shouting at me as we went past – she came stepping out towards the car, and called me a ‘racist’, a ‘fascist’ and ‘a disgusting person’!!

She doesn’t know me at all, and yet she felt entitled to call me those names.

I really felt for you, Julian, having to face this kind of attitude every day from these people.

It must be awful having to deal with this kind of negativity every day.

Thank you for your courage in keeping on with your tour!!!”


Julian’s comment on this

“At its heart, wokeness is divisive, exclusionary, and hateful. It basically gives mean people a shield to be mean and cruel, armored in false virtue.”
Elon Musk


“There will always be someone whose identity is wrapped up in being offended. They’re constantly searching for it. These people are the woke mob devotees. Let them be. It’s all perfect. Just don’t let their tears stop the important discussions from happening. 

Good people don’t go out of their way to cause suffering, but they also don’t avoid upsetting people at all costs. They speak their truth unapologetically.

Discussing topics that might get you cancelled is incredibly important.

Let them be offended.
Do not let them silence you through fear of the repercussions.”
Benjamin Brown


Electoral Reform Just More Racist Nonsense!

Electoral Reform Just More Racist Nonsense!

You can read the report HERE.

It’s just another example of apartheid and racism being peddled by Maori MPs and white woke politicians.

Brilliant Meetings In Kapiti and Wellington!

Brilliant Meetings In Kapiti and Wellington!

Both meetings in Kapiti and Wellington were brilliant!

Once again, leaders and intelligent people turned up.

Last night, in the Kapiti meeting, we had several Maori in the great crowd.

At the end, two young Maori men in their 20’s came to the front expressing their appreciation, even asking Julian to autograph his booklet, which he did.

They wanted photos with Julian.

They said “We didn’t know anything about the Treaty.

Now we really know the truth about it, and we can see you are the one honouring Te Tiriti.

So thank you.

We’ve had our eyes opened to the truth.”

Activists were there too, but they were of little consequence.

As we have said before, the activists fuel the fires of Julian’s supporters. How so?

The supporters get to see first hand what co-governance is all about.

What’s it about? Fascism, cancelling free speech, mob rule, dishonesty, violence, deceit and trickery.

Really, it’s about a mob of people who are misinformed, brainwashed, and lost.

One, we found out, had come all the way from Brisbane to be part of the protest group.

Our security team, who were doing security the last time we had the event at Kapiti, said it was the same ‘rent a mob’ who were at the previous event.  

They recognised them.   The same activists who came to the Wellington event also came to the Kapiti event. 

Conclusion? The activists are a small group who follow Julian around.

The police were there too, with their riot squad, complete with shields and batons. 

There were six police cars too.  


Watch This Video About What Those Who Are In Favour Of Co-Governance Think

Watch This Video About What Those Who Are In Favour Of Co-Governance Think

You can watch the video HERE

Please send your responses / comments / reactions to this video  to

Thanks a million

HERE is a response sent in by one of our supporters. 

HERE  is another.


Help Us Get Our Bookings At Remuera Reinstated

Help Us Get Our Bookings At Remuera Reinstated

We were booked into the Remuera Club in Auckland for two meetings. You can see the invite HERE.

Under massive pressure from activists, the management of the Club caved in to these activists.

So, please can you go onto the Remuera Club FB page which is HERE, and message them.

Or just send them an email directly:

Suggested posts could be:

1. We are extremely disappointed to hear that you have caved to the minority and cancelled the Stop Co Governance meetings in August.

These are important events for people to hear and to discuss the issues around co governance, Please stand up for free speech and reinstate the bookings.

2. I cannot believe you are stifling free speech and stopping the planned co governance meetings in August.  Where is our right to hear what this is about?

3. I wanted to learn and understand what co governance is all about and you have cancelled the August meetings. Sadly this is typical of the cancel culture run by a mafia minority in this country

4. Please reinstate the bookings for Stop Co Governance, we all have the right to hear all view points about this important issue.

Mayors Are Defecting In Light Of Iwi 2040 Takeover Date

Mayors Are Defecting In Light Of Iwi 2040 Takeover Date

You can read the excellent article HERE

How Elite Maori Got Control Of Our Health System

How Elite Maori Got Control Of Our Health System

The below article has been written by Dr Muriel Newman, Director of the New Zealand Centre for Political Research

The Labour Government has betrayed the trust of New Zealanders by changing key constitutional conventions without any mandate from voters.

When Labour took Office in 2017, equality of citizenship and the Rule of Law were constitutional cornerstones of New Zealand democracy.

Now, five and a half years later, New Zealand is no longer a society of equals.

Labour has elevated the leaders of multi-million-dollar iwi business corporations into a privileged ruling class. On the basis of race, they have been given the power to influence Government decision-making. As a result, a Maori world view is now being imposed onto the country.

The effects are everywhere. Maori has replaced English in the name of our country, government departments, streets, and towns, and now even road signs. Throughout the workforce, public servants are being forced to swear allegiance to the Treaty of Waitangi, undertake cultural competency training, learn te reo, and even stay overnight on marae.

Similar requirements are also being imposed on the private sector in companies that rely on government registration or funding. A Labour Party Private Member’s Bill, the Companies (Directors Duties) Amendment Bill, has even proposed that private companies should honour the Treaty.

Nowhere can the takeover be seen more clearly than in health, where an Equity Adjustor Score has now been introduced to prioritise Maori patients over others in greater clinical need.

As the Herald reports: “Some surgeons said the new scoring tool was medically indefensible. They said patients should be prioritised on how sick they were, how urgently they needed treatment, and how long they had been waiting for it – not on their ethnicity.”

Surgeons were said to be “disgusted” by the new ranking system: “It’s ethically challenging to treat anyone based on race, it’s their medical condition that must establish the urgency of the treatment.”

The public outcry following the revelation that an Apartheid health system has been imposed onto our country, sent Labour’s PR machine into overdrive as they flailed around to release a flood of reports and announcements – some before they were even ready – to distract the media and the public away from their blatantly racist health policy.

To achieve Maori control of the health system, the District Health Boards had to be abolished and replaced with a centralised system jointly controlled by a Maori Health Authority. The Pae Ora legislation not only prioritises “improving the health sector for Maori”, but it also ensures Maori control the Health Minister. To accomplish this, a permanent ‘Maori Advisory Committee’ of eight members has been established with such authority, that any advice given to the Minister that is not accepted, must be publicly notified.

In addition, the Minister must not only “have regard to advice of the Maori Health Authority when determining a health strategy”, but “iwi-Maori partnership boards” have also been established around the country to influence health delivery.

The legislation requires both Health New Zealand and the Maori Health Authority to have expertise in the Treaty, tikanga, and matauranga Maori – and by requiring both bodies to “jointly develop and implement a New Zealand Health Plan”, Maori have been given the power of veto.

And just to be sure, the Government Policy Statement on health prioritises Maori: “The new system design must place Te Tiriti o Waitangi at its heart. It will strengthen Maori leadership and… improve the responsiveness of general health services for Maori…”

Under Labour’s race-based health system New Zealanders are no longer equal.

100 Protesters At Takaka, Golden Bay 14 July

100 Protesters At Takaka, Golden Bay 14 July


100 Protesters turned out to greet Julian and his team at Takaka Golden Bay yesterday.

They were mostly white and woke.

Their slogans / signs / shout outs / banners including the usual:
Call yourself a Christian?!
You’re bringing division!
Thanks for dividing our community!
Honour the Treaty!
Shame on you!
Love not hate!
And so on.

The meeting started at 2pm.

When he arrived, the protesters were already there in numbers.

They were loudly singing songs in Maori.

Not sure of the point of this, but this is what they were doing.  

Perhaps they were thinking that singing songs would stop all the corruption and fraud surrounding co-governance.

Ill-informed and ignorant of the facts of our history, particularly the Treaty, I am certain these are people with no identity who are looking for a cause, a purpose in life.

Sheep without a shepherd. They ranged in age from little children up to the elderly.

Really, they were a sad lot.

Be that as it was, Julian and his team set up, the venue was filled, and the meeting got underway.

We gave the police a 10/10 rating yesterday.

This was completely different from our meeting in Richmond (Nelson) where the police were a 1/10, a dismal failure.

What did the police do that was so great yesterday? Which was so different from all other venues?

They started by giving the protesters a lecture on how to behave (as a parent would with little children, for clearly they do not know how to behave).

The key, and rightly, was to explain to them that they were not allowed on the property, which included the car park.

Essentially, this meant they could not come near the building. That is to say, they had restricted access.

This limited their movement to the grass area and footpath outside the property.

Legally, this was entirely correct.

Julian and his team had hired the entire venue for a private meeting, and ‘the venue’, in legal terms, included the car park, the driveway into the property, and of course the hall itself.

In other words, everything within the legal boundaries.

The police in Golden Bay and Motueka understood this, and they got it right. In Richmond (Nelson) the police were ignorant of these facts, which was shameful.

In Richmond, the protesters were able to roam free, thugs and vagabonds on the loose, smashing windows, and banging on the outside of the building while the meeting was in progress.

The police in Richmond (Nelson) failed abysmally to stop them.

They failed to realise that the protesters were, by being on the property, trespassing.

They failed to realise, that by letting the protesters onto the property, those inside the building were having their right to hear Julian speak infringed.

They were also infringing Julian’s right to speak.  In total, 3 infringements, 3 police failures.

Sure, the protesters have a right to protest, but not at the expense of cancelling the right of others to free speech. 

This is the balance.

The police in Golden Bay understood this balance perfectly, and they must be congratulated for this.

We must also congratulate Warwick and Debbie, Dot and Nicola, and their team for organizing this event so well.

They did an incredible job.

We actually met in a church, which was so unusual, as most churches are marinating in woke and political correctness, proudly so, and they won’t host us.

In contrast, the police in Richmond must be condemned for being so ignorant of the law and so poorly informed.

I would encourage everyone to write to the police minister to complain about the police in Richmond (12 July) and to congratulate the police in Motueka (July 13) and Golden Bay (July 14).

Ok, back to the meeting itself.

Soon after we started, a guy in his fifties rose to his feet, part Maori (like 100% of all Maori in NZ), loudly singing “Jesus loves you this I know, for the Bible tells me so.”

I guess he was trying to show that it was possible to be a Christian, and a protester, and history ignorant, all at the same time.

He was also shouting out “Julian has only come to get your money!”

With that, a very humorous thing happened.

Another man in the audience shouted back “Well, he can have mine!”

He rose to his feet, beaming from ear to ear, pulled out his wallet from his top pocket, walked to the front, and plonked a few bank notes on the table at the front.

What a quick-thinking legend of a man!

The crowd looking on laughed and clapped.

The whole scene was comical.

The organisers told me afterwards that the man who caused this, the man who was singing, the disrupter,  had told them at the door that he was genuinely interested in hearing Julian speak, assuring them that he would be respectful all the way through.  That he was not a protester.

So by firing up and protesting, by doing what he did, he lied.

What a great Christian. What a hypocrite. Such a lost soul.

The meeting progressed.

30 minutes or so later, a rather large Maori man in his forties broke through security and entered the building.

Once inside, he announced boldy and threateningly, “I want to know who is in this meeting!” He glared at the crowd, casting his eyes over them. Intimidation.

Tikanga in action.

He demonstrated the very opposite of the protester signs outside “Love, not hate!”

Really, it’s laughable.

The police arrived and he was removed by them.

Another young lady, white and woke, had sneaked in the back door, as a rat would sneak into a house, and promptly sat in the row near the front.

She too fired up while the Maori man was making his threats, so she too was ejected by the police.

The meeting progressed.

After the half time coffee break, and well into the second half of Julian’s presentation, a scuffle broke out at the door.

Several protestors broke the police line on the street and rushed the door.

One of our team was assaulted and knocked to the ground.

The police came running and arrested one of the protesters and they were taken away.

One of our team had a flour bomb thrown at them, in the face, and needed treatment.  So right there, was more humour – the black and white minstrels show just started.  

Seriously, if you want a fun night out, come to one of these meetings.

Several of the protesters held up signs saying boldy “Love, not hate”.

Ironically, Julian and his team are the ones who are loving.

The protesters are the group filled with hate and animosity. Funny that.

Of course, they don’t see this, which is the mark of a true hypocrite.

A true hypocrite is so deep into their hypocrisy and ignorance, that they fail to see the true state of their condition.

To boot, these protesters are blindingly ignorant with respect to the Treaty, of what Julian is truly fighting for (democracy, unity, the Treaty, one law for all, one person one vote etc), and fighting against (racism, apartheid, separatism, and government corruption).

 The protesters have not woken up to the fact that their protests are serving to fuel this tour.  How so?  

First the people who come to our meetings get to see first hand how cancelling free speech, bullying and intimidation are now normal, and co-governance is the ideology driving these things. 

Second, being intimidated and bullied bonds Julian’s supporters together.  It does not break them.  We have seen this everywhere.  

Third,  the people coming to our meetings, Julians supporters, know first hand, after interviewing protesters, that they are ignorant about the Treaty, about our history, and blind to our political situation.  

This fuels the desire of Julian’s supporters to help the protesters out their rut.  

These protesters are the NZ equivalent of BLM.  Julian’s supporters are genuinely caring loving people.

The good news is that the meeting finished well.

The crowd who had come to hear him left wiser, better, more informed about the Treaty, our history, about co-governance, and media corruption, the extent of the fraud in government, particularly the Waitangi Tribunal.

The protestors, all 100 of them, lined the street to farewell Julian when he left.  He was so appreciative.

Really, the whole scene, start to finish, was like a movie.

Essentially, it was huge fun, so dramatic, and so interesting.

Julian always says that fighting for our country and helping people understand the Treaty and our history is magically fulfilling and satisfying. Likewise, fighting corruption has its own rewards.

These are the elements that drive him, giving him energy and zeal.

He has always said, too, that truth is supernaturally powerful.

When a man or woman speaks the truth, lives the truth, and expounds the truth, serving others, determined and resolute, undeterred by opposition, great forces flow into that man or woman, and through them, giving all who join in life and life abundantly.

Truth, combined with bravery, is unstoppable.

This is what drove our soldiers in World War 1 and 2 to success.

This is what our ANZAC parades and memorials are all about.

This is, without a doubt, too, is what this stop co-governance tour is all about, and it’s absolutely thrilling to be part of it.

Amazing Night In Motueka! (July 13)

Amazing Night In Motueka! (July 13)

50 protesters turned up but the police kept them in line, detailing to them their boundaries and limits.

Really, the police in this town did a sterling job compared to the Hope / Nelson event, where we were let down badly.

They were pathetic.

In Hope (Nelson) there were 30 or so protesters. Why did the police let us down?

They turned up occasionally, then drove away, leaving the protesters free to do whatever they liked, which they did.

Motueka was different. The police gave the protesters clear boundaries. This was the key.

Really, protesters should not be allowed to come onto the property, since all of it, including the car park, is private property.

Motueka police saw it that way too, and free speech was allowed to rule and reign.

Inside, we had a full house.

The highlight for me was a dear man in his eighties coming up to Julian thanking him for doing the tour.

The man was in tears.

Such is the level of concern. His father and grandfather fought in the great wars to save New Zealand.

Now, years later, 2023, it’s on the verge of being ruined.

Were all the efforts of our soldiers in vain? Many are still lying on the battle fields, having died in combat to save democracy and secure our freedom.

The hall was full last night, as you can see from the picture below.

The photo below is taken from half way up the hall. There were as many people (not shown) behind the photographer.

The atmosphere in the hall was incredible.

We had people of all different nationalities there last night, including Maori, Samoan, Irish and a whole lot more.

It was a truly ‘Kiwi’ night with lots of laughter and joking around, interspersed with the serious, of course.

Linc, our sound man, and Lee our photographer did an amazing job too.

We have a great team here.

Full credit to Ken and his team, and Jenny (of course), for doing such an incredible job. Their level of commitment is just stunning.

Essentially, the night was such a success because of them and their months of hard work leading up to the event.

To all of you, a sincere thanks from the stop co-governance team!

Please Fill Out The Act Party Survey and tick "Co-Governance!"

Please Fill Out The Act Party Survey and tick "Co-Governance!"

Act has just put out a survey.

Please ‘tick’ co-governance as the main issue.

You can view the survey HERE

Lively Meeting in Richmond Nelson Last Night! (July 12)

Lively Meeting in Richmond Nelson Last Night! (July 12)

We had a lively meeting in Richmond, Nelson, last night!

Protesters were there, in numbers, but our security was up to it. 

One window was smashed in the hall.

The protestors went around the outside of the hall banging on the walls as Julian was speaking. 

Inside, the crowd just smiled and we all carried on.  

Once again, a great crowd turned out and they enjoyed every minute. 

In the last hour, you could have heard a pin drop.

The organisers did an absolutely fabulous job (as usual).

They provided goodies for the crowd at half time and the whole event felt (and was) highly organised.

Well done you guys!

A big shout out “Thanks!” to all those who organised the event and for those who came.

Packed Meeting In Westport Last Night!

Packed Meeting In Westport Last Night!

Last night we met in an amazing private location in Westport. Wow! 

A great crowd turned up and there were cars all over the paddock in this rural location. 

The hosts did an incredible job of organising everything with their security, their food, their love for everyone. 

Truly, it was a memorable night. 

The tenacity and determination of the Westport locals to come and hear the truth was outstanding.

Tonight we move on to Nelson. 


Packed Meeting In Tauranga Last Night!

Packed Meeting In Tauranga Last Night!

Last night’s meeting in Tauranga was fabulous!

It was packed!

Today Julian is flying back to Christchurch where he meets with local organisers.

Then on Tuesday he travels to Westport, Nelson, Blenheim, Picton.

Wow! What a tour this has been.

Momentum is building fast!


Former Waitangi Tribunal Chairman Buddy Mikaere's Live Debate With Julian Batchelor


You can hear the debate HERE 

You can read THE CENTRIST commentary HERE 

There is no doubt Buddy is a racist.

He implies that he can’t wait for the white over 50’s to die off because they are the only people opposing the elite Maori agenda to take over New Zealand.

He implies that the younger generation have been deliberately  targeted, groomed and brainwashed, to go with the elite Maori agenda. 

He implies that Julian Batchelor represents the KKK of New Zealand.

He claims to have never heard of the He Pua Pua report, the most significant document ever to have come out of Maoridom, via the government. 

There is a lot of ‘meat’ in this interview.


Listen to it carefully, and make up your own mind. 

A photo of Buddy Mikaere is below. 

Hundreds Pack Out The Christchurch Event, 6 July

Hundreds Pack Out The Christchurch Event, 6 July

You can watch some footage HERE

Tross Publishing Subject To Vicious Attack

Tross Publishing Subject To Vicious Attack

Tross Publishing is the most trustworthy publishing company in New Zealand.

They publish history books and other books.

The authors are not paid to write from a certain angle.

This sets them apart from all other publishers.

The authors of Tross’s books are first class, often having doctoral degrees.

You can read how the media did a hit job on this company to try and dissuade people from buying their books.

Such is the corruption in our MSM.

Thankfully Bruce Moon, historian and author, has come to their defence.

He has written a brilliant response to the corrupt and inaccurate media reports / stories on Tross.

You can read Bruce Moon’s response HERE

The Truth About "Maori Being Strapped For Speaking Te Reo"

The Truth About "Maori Being Strapped For Speaking Te Reo"

Last night in our meeting in Tauranga, someone raised the issue of Maori being strapped for speaking Te Reo.

Journalist Graham answers this question.

He counters the relentless propaganda about “Pakeha crushing Maori language.”

You can read what he wrote HERE

A Tauranga resident said the following, which is brilliant.

“I am 78 years old, born in Greerton, Tauranga, 1944.

At no time in my life did I see physical punishment of my fellow students for speaking their own tongue.

The population of Bay of Plenty was probably more maori than pakeha, we were all brothers.

There was no difference in how we saw each other.

I never saw anyone caned for being who they were.

I got caned many times at Tauranga Boys College for trivial things.

For example, a science teacher who was late to our class.
His name was Mr Bush.

We were waiting in the corridor.

When he arrived he said “Why don’t you act like civil beings?”

I said ” We are human beings”

I received 4 strokes of the cane for standing up.

It did me no harm.

So I say to Maori “Get a life. Get over your stupid “I need sympathy” bullshit.

Every one needs a shake up sometime, especially when we are wrong, regardless of age or race.

It is time for all NZ’ers to join hands, because there are now more other Indians, Chinese, Asians, and Moslems in NZ than Europeans by far !!!

If maori want to be constructive please let them be thankful Europeans brought the wheel, stock of all varieties, and pigs for hangi’s, horses to stop walking, etc

We the Europeans are still getting the CANE!

Who is paying for all this shit?

For the Maorification of New Zealand?

For the Maori takeover of our country?” 

“I’m all for Te reo being taught in secondary schools for all those that wish to learn it.
If those numbers are not large enough to warrant a classroom and a teacher then so be it.
There is no reason for the language to die if Maori want it to survive.
They should do what other nationalities do to keep their native languages alive, teach it in the home from the moment your baby looks at you.
I have friends whose 3 year old speaks fluent Spanish as well as English.
My neighbours young children all speak fluent Tongan but when addressing me they all speak fluent English.
The Mums and Dads, the Grannies and Poppas of these children have taught them their native languages so WHY is it always the case that Maori stamp their feet and hold their breath until everybody else does the job for them ?
If Te reo dies, Maori need look no further than the mirror to see who they should hold accountable.”
It's Up To Maori To Preserve Te Reo, Not Up To Everyone Else

Next Events? Tauranga.  Sunday July 9

Next Events? Tauranga. Sunday July 9

Click HERE for more details

July 5 -  Great Crowd Turns Out In Oamaru!

July 5 - Great Crowd Turns Out In Oamaru!

At least 150 plus people (it’s hard to say as the organisers told me people just kept coming in) attended the Oamaru meeting last night.

A few white woke protesters gathered outside but the police were on hand and there were no issues.

As for the night itself, it was stellar. One of the best on tour.

Marty and his team (pictured below) saw the rewards for all their hard labour.

Truly, they had done a magnificent job buying the booklets to distribute, attaching invites to them, and getting them out!

And boom!

What happened! The crowd came. Some were even standing at the back.

But this was entirely predictable. What do I mean?

Well, we did a survey, as we usually do, of all the people who came.

Julian asked, right at the start, “Who came here because of a book placed in their letter box with an invite stapled to it?”

80% of the room put their hand up.

10% came as a result of listening to Sean Plunket’s Platform Radio show adverts.

The rest came through Julian’s RCR radio interview, a few through the Iceberg flyer, and some through word of mouth.

It was an incredible night.

Such a wonderful result for Marty and his amazing team.

Marty And His Team Of Book Deliverers, Oamaru!

The hard work of Marty and his team absolutely paid off.

They all chipped in to pay for the 4000 or so books which went out. 

The lesson we learned from Oamaru?

The more books with an invite attached to them a team of a people in a city or town get out to the population, the bigger the crowd will be who turn out to the meeting.

This now just a proven fact.

Marty is second from the right. 

My faithful friend Fred (himself a Maori, third from the left), who is from Dunedin, came all the way down from Dunedin to help last night. 

Thanks Fred!

From left to right: Dave. Lee, Fred, Mike, Marty, Julian 

There were several other women and men who were part of Marty’s team who are not in the photo.

I am so sorry you missed the photo shoot!

As an organisation, we’d love to know your names and formally acknowledge you too!

Thank you!


Marty Testifies About What Happened As People Left The Meeting


Below Is A Clip Of Some Of The Questions And Answers Given By Activists At Ashburton

Really, you have to make up your own mind.
These are the people who want to run the country.
July 3 - Wonderful Waimate!

July 3 - Wonderful Waimate!

Another wonderful meeting last night in Waimate.

The day started with formally meeting the mayor who was woke.

He doesn’t realise it but he is well and truly entrenched with Iwi in co-governance arrangements.

He spoke about his deep and enjoyable involvement with Iwi, but no talk of consulting with any other cultural group.

Why only Iwi?

But what about the Philippino community? What about the Indians? About the Dutch? About the Croatian community?

And all the other 160 cultures now thriving in New Zealand?

Why isn’t the mayor in close communication with them as well.

That aside, the meeting in Waimate last night was fabulous.

There was a big team of volunteers on hand last night.

Led by John, Murray and Phil, the team down here were incredible.

Chris handled security as well as anyone on the entire tour.  As I said, he had command of a big team of helpers.

His wife Elizabeth handled the kitchen with all kinds of goodies being handed out. She and her team were amazing. The vibe in the room was fabulous.

Some protesters turned up, four of them. We allowed them in. They were white and woke and only stayed a little while.

Tonight we are meeting in a Church to discuss and plan for ‘what’s next for Waimate’ so I am excited about that.

There is nothing quite as powerful and energising as meeting of a group of intelligent, savvy people who are all on the same page!

Really, it’s thrilling.

A farmer has offered to fund the cost of the books for stage two at Waimate, so it looks like we are financially sorted down here.

July 2 - Breakthrough in Ashburton!

July 2 - Breakthrough in Ashburton!

Last night there was standing room only, with people sitting on tables. Others were standing.

The public are obviously seeing through the fake media reports that Julian is a racist and spreading poison.

The meeting progressed as usual.

10 or so Maori activists were inside, promising to obey ‘the rules’. What rules?

Not to interrupt Julian while he was speaking i.e. be respectful.

If people wanted to ask questions, they were to wait until the Q and A session at the end i.e. be patient and self controlled.

To their credit they did this, perfectly. They were, generally speaking, respectful.

Now this is where it gets interesting.

Among them, and sitting behind them, was what I would call ‘a senior / elder’ Maori woman.

She had a carved walking stick. She may have been a Kuia, as Maori call such people.

Before the meeting, I was told, she told the younger Maori to listen carefully, and to behave.

It was her presence, I am sure, which kept the young activists in line.

The meeting progressed in the usual way.

At the end, and as you’d expect, the young activists, one in particularly, was eager to ask questions, which she did.

Many people walked out as soon as she fired up, and the crowd thinned quickly.

She challenged the crowd not to listen to Julian, and not to believe in what he was saying.

She went on to say “I disagree with everything Julian said tonight”

To which Julian asked “Well, Ok. But give me an example of just one thing you disagree with”

Her answer “I didn’t like the way you said you liked Thai food and you were glad the Thai people were part of New Zealand Culture”

This came out of one part of the seminar where Julian said he was batting for all the 160 cultures living in New Zealand.

When Julian asked the Maori activist why Julian’s “like of Thai food and Thai people” was wrong / offensive, she could not say.

It just was.

What followed was a lot of to and frow between the crowd and this particular activist.

More people started to leave, or had already left. They sensed the meeting was about to degenerate into mindless debate.

The activist claimed that Europeans brought all the diseases to New Zealand, like the flu.

The implication was that before the arrival of Europeans, Maori were fit and healthy.

Never mind that life expectancy for Maori in 1840 was between 25 and 30.  Today it’s between 70 and 80.


She also said what Julian taught about the Treaty was wrong, and that the crowd should investigate the Treaty for themselves and not take Julian’s word for it.

The activist asked Julian “What are you afraid of if Maori get control of the country?”

His reply “Fear is not the issue. The issue has to do with legality. There is no mandate for co-governance or partnership in the Treaty. In fact the opposite. The Treaty clearly teaches that Maori ceded sovereignty in the Treaty, putting themselves under the crown, now the democratically elected government. Any talk of Maori governing the country without being elected by all the people to do so is treason. In short, and as such, it’s illegal and it must be stopped.”

And so it went on. The room was now only a third full.

Then the highlight came.

A Maori woman at the back, the senior Maori woman I mentioned, spoke up.

She spoke with authority. She said “A lot of the stuff you said tonight was true. It is true. We as Maori….we’ve got to accept it. We are one!”

She sounded and looked presidential. 

With that the remaining crowd clapped furiously.

It was a magical moment.

Then the Maori woman simply walked out.

The crowd dispersed.

Julian and his team began to pack down.

Some of the young activists came to talk to him. They were genuinely interested, now, in learning.

It was a magic moment.

To say it was a turning point on the tour maybe be premature.

But it was the first time a senior Maori woman had risen to her feet at the end of a meeting to fully and forcefully support Julian and his message.

Let’s believe together that the tide is starting to turn.

July 1 Full House In Ashburton!

July 1 Full House In Ashburton!

Last night we had a great meeting in Ashburton!

We never know how many people will come so when they started to pour in I was so thrilled for the small team in Ashburton who had done all the hard yards to get the people there.

Truly, the team in Ashburton have been amazing.

So, thank you to all the Ashburton people who came out on a cold night, and thank you especially to the team who got their rewards for their hard work and dedication.

Watch Invercargill Mayor Nobby Clark And Julian Batchelor Live Stream Recording!

On Saturday 24th June, Invercargill Mayor and Julian Batchelor met at the Ascot Racecourse In Invercargill to Discuss Co-Governance, what it’s like being a Mayor under the thumb of Iwi, and much more.

Nobby was brilliant.

You can watch the whole night HERE

How Maori 'Entitlement Attitude' Is Harming Their Race

How Maori 'Entitlement Attitude' Is Harming Their Race

There are many Maori who are diligent, hardworking, respectful, and honourable.
They work hard and they love their families.
But there is a section of Maoridom who have a strong ‘entitlement’ attitude.

Sections of other cultures are the same.It’s my view that those who carry this attitude are damaging themselves hugely.
How so?

First, read THIS

Then read THIS

Next Meeting? Today, Sunday, 3pm, Hotel Ashburton!

Next Meeting? Today, Sunday, 3pm, Hotel Ashburton!

Click HERE to see full details of where and when!

See you there!

Lindsay Watson, the Book Delivery Leader In Ashburton

Below is a photo of Lindsay Watson, who led a team of people into a great victory last night.

The security team, local farmers, deserve a big shout out last night.

They worked all evening with protesters so that those inside could hear Julian, uninterrupted.

Really, they are heroes too. Big time!

Always, always, always, when great gains are made there is always a good leader leading, and there are always loyal and faithful people in support.

We saw this in Ashburton. Wow!

"I Am Leaving The Labour Party Because Of The Maorification Of New Zealand"

"I Am Leaving The Labour Party Because Of The Maorification Of New Zealand"

An excellent article has just been written by a previously staunch long time supporter of the Labour Party.

He is leaving the Party.

The main reason?

Because of the Maorification of New Zealand and the implications, chief of which is the destruction of democracy.

You can read the piece HERE

Dr John Robinson Reports On The Separate Maori Government

Dr John Robinson Reports On The Separate Maori Government

You can read his excellent piece HERE

The Intelligent And The Savvy Turn Out In Cromwell!

The Intelligent And The Savvy Turn Out In Cromwell!

Last night we had a great meeting in Cromwell. The organisers did a super job. The venue was perfect.
A few protesters turned up as well but they were polite and respectful and thus no problem.
Media were there too so let’s see what spin they put on the event!
It’s always up there with Goldie Locks And The Three Little Bears.
Today I meet with some of the group to plan what is next for Cromwell.
Next event? Wanaka, 29 June, 7pm
The Police Just Can't Know

The Police Just Can't Know

Yesterday, an article appeared in the Herald, with a sensational headline about guns and civil war.

You can read the article HERE

In this article, the police spokesperson said “There is absolutely nothing to substantiate the claims made at the meeting in relation to New Zealanders arming themselves,” she said.

How would she know? Think about this. If they were tapping my phone, they would hear the calls. 

I know they are not tapping my phone, and I know I am getting calls. 

So why would the police be trying hard to play down the reality of people buying guns in preparation for a possible civil war?

The truth of the matter is – and this is what they ought to be paying attention to – is that if free speech is not vigorously protected in New Zealand, and preserved, tensions will continue to rise and the matter of people arming themselves for possible civil war is not only real and actual, but it will escalate.

Free speech is at the heart of the issue.

When people are denied the right to debate issues, to discuss matters of interest freely, in public, without interruption, then bad things begin to happen.

A healthy democracy depends on freedom of speech.

The police are partly to blame for people going out and arming themselves. How so?

They are, with rare exceptions, soft on protestors.

We have had some of our meetings shut down because of protestors.  

We have had our right to free speech cancelled. No one is arrested. No one charged.  No one taken away in a police wagon.  No police seen dispersing the protesters telling them to go home. 

What should the police be doing? How should they respond?

They ought to arrest and impound protestors, charge them, and fine them. They are disturbing the peace and shutting down free speech.

This would send a clear message to protesters that they have a right to protest, but not at the expense of stopping someone speaking freely, and not at the expense of stopping from hearing those who have come to hear the speakers.

For this the protesters have absolutely no right. None at all.

But the police do not do this i.e. what I have described.

Sometimes they actually encourage the protesters.

The media are also to blame for escalating tensions in New Zealand and the proliferation of talk about guns and people arming themselves.

How so?

They don’t defend Julian’s right to free speech. In fact, they whip up public hate and distaste for Julian, always portraying him as a villain who must at all costs be shut down. In other words, they fuel those who are intent on shutting down free speech.

As such, they are disgracefully irresponsible.


People in New Zealand are going to continue to arm themselves, as long as the police and the media fuel the fires.

Second Meeting In Invercargill With Nobby Clark

Second Meeting In Invercargill With Nobby Clark

Last night we had another fantastic meeting in Invercargill with Mayor Nobby Clark coming for a second night.

As usual, his input was gold.

He has unique insights as a Mayor about co-governance, and he is not shy about saying how bad it is.

Last night for example, he talked about correspondence coming from Wellington so full of Maori language that he could not read it.

He talked about how government had given his council “a gift” of $5m which he wanted to use for the local Museum. But in the fine print it was made clear that he had to consult with Iwi about how to spend it.

And on and on his first hand accounts of his experiences went.

He finished with the big one – where councils are going to be directly controlled by Central Government, more particularly by the Waitangi Tribunal.

Hard to believe this is true. It is true. And it’s frightening.

Tonight Julian is speaking in a private meeting with influential farmers.

To attend this meeting call Christina ‭021 262 6175‬

In the two pictures below are our support crew who were HUGE! THANK YOU! 


Packed House In Invercargill. Mayor Nobby Clark A Big Hit!

Packed House In Invercargill. Mayor Nobby Clark A Big Hit!

Last night in Invercargill was huge.

Mayor Nobby Clark and his partner Karen were guests.

The whole evening was live streamed.  

In spite of competing with the rugby final, over 200 people tuned in and listened to the live stream.

This was a first for us as a movement to do this. 

Nobby opened the evening talking about the wrongs of 3 Waters, Maori representation on his council and how undemocratic it was, how 4% of the population can get 50% of the vote and so on.

It was vintage Nobby.

If only all Mayors had Nobby’s guts to speak out and tell the truth.  Most don’t. They are woke, like the Mayor of Balclutha.

At the end Nobby Clark’s partner Karan rose to her feet, microphone in hand, and chastised a lady in her 20’s who had said:

“How many of you in the audience have been to university?”

She even asked for a show of hands. Hard to believe this happened, but it did.

The young white woke University student was implying that those who attended the meeting in Invercargill were thick, naive, and uneducated.

In other words, only the ignorant and uneducated come to Julian’s meetings.

The implication is also that only those who have been to university can truly understand the Treaty. 

Unbelievably patronising.

The irony is, in fact, that the opposite would be true.

Those who go to University in New Zealand today are groomed and brainwashed for Maori takeover.  

They are marinating in Treaty mis-information.  Deliberately so.

Our Universities have become centres of Maori indoctrination, and it’s impossible to pass through them without being tainted.

To pass many courses, students have to undergo compulsory Maori studies.

Some even require that students must exit University being able to speak Te Reo.

I am so glad I was there last night to hear for myself this question from a fresh faced woke female uni student.

You can read more about the collapse of our universities and how they have become centres of Maori Indoctrination HERE

Dr John Robinson On Why The Health System Is Not Racist

Dr John Robinson On Why The Health System Is Not Racist

You can read his article HERE

Great Meeting In Gore!

Great Meeting In Gore!

The crowd were responsive, intelligent, and savvy. Mostly farmers.

There were no protesters. The building was heated, clean, and warm. Perfect.

Julian was able to field questions as the meeting progressed.

There was a liberty and freedom in the air, and much laughter and banter, as well (as you’d expect) seriousness.

In terms of the ‘vibe’ in the room, it was one of the best meeting yet.

Well done Gore people! You are champions!

Below is a testimony of someone who attended one of our meetings in the Deep South
Just a note to say thankyou for your excellent presentation last night.

Julian did a great job in teaching all the souls who attended, there should have been lots more people, it was sad really.
As a past Technical Institute Tutor both in NZ and overseas for thirty years, I say you Julian did a great job on giving your knowledge on the subject matter Co-Governance and “The Treaty of Waitangi”.
I traveled the 60kms from Tahakopa Valley and we have a great wee hall called “Our Hut” were I run Heritage Films and I also run 9/11 presentations – Climate Change – GcMAF Cancer treatment which just makes things interesting for those who attend, “Our Hut” would have been great for you but just too far from towns, but just maybe one day. it could happen.

The Snarling Woke Balclutha Mayor!

The Snarling Woke Balclutha Mayor!

We want you to sign THIS petition.

It’s a petition demanding that the mayor of Balclutha apologise to Julian Batchelor. 

Why? What happened in Balclutha? 

On Wednesday 21st June at 11am Mayor Cadogan (left)  entered the Heart and Soul Café in Balclutha where Julian Batchelor, in town for the Stop Co Governance Tour, was having a quiet coffee with some local supporters.

While the Mayor stood at the counter Julian approached the mayor introduce himself and open up a conversation.

Julian is friendly, open and inclusive.

This mayor is not.

The Mayor turned, swiped Julian’s hand away and snarled “get out of town, you are not welcome here!” 

Such charming behaviour.

The cafe owner, who witnessed the whole affair, was shocked. 

This appalling display by the elected leader of the Balclutha District Council must not go unaddressed and we are calling for Mayor Cadogan to issue a public apology for his poor behaviour and cancellation of free speech.

It was this Mayor’s council who cancelled Julian’s tour venue in Balclutha.

The citizens and ratepayers of Balclutha need to know the level of censorship Mayor Cadogan would impose on their district and we urge you to stand up, sign this petition and call him out.

Balclutha you deserve better!

By the way, we had another great meeting in Balclutha last night. Such fabulous people came, and the team in this lovely town grew significantly.  

They are unstoppable.

Co Governance affects us all and if you want to know why it must be stopped, watch Julian’s presentation HERE

First Balclutha Meeting A Great Success!

First Balclutha Meeting A Great Success!

Last night we held a great meeting in a secret location in Balclutha!
Seriously, we had to find a building where everyone could meet in secret.
Thankfully our networks are great but we doubtless lost some who simply did not know where the meeting was being held.
We are so sorry if you are one of those people!
It’s hard to believe this is New Zealand. It feels more like Zimbabwe all the time.
The people who came were attentive and receptive.
There were Maori in the crowd.
They (and others) asked good questions and they were respectful and polite throughout.
There were no protesters anywhere.
Today we are meeting in a cafe to plan how we can get one of Julian’s booklets into every home in Balclutha and the surrounding rural areas.
These are hugely exciting days and we step up the pace to stop co-governance, teach truth about the Treaty, and reset the hard drive in our country.
Thank you all those who are out there delivering books and donating.
You are all amazing!
Let's get behind The Kensington Hotel in Dunedin!

Let's get behind The Kensington Hotel in Dunedin!

Last Sunday night, the Kensington Hotel stepped up to the plate and helped us.

They provided a venue for us!

Wow! They were amazing.

So what can we do to help them?

It’s easy.

Just jump onto Google, as per the screen shot in the photo, and post a review for them on Google Reviews.

We need to push back against the activists, and show our support for businesses which support us.

So let’s just do it!

New Zealand, Now The New South Africa

New Zealand, Now The New South Africa

Who would have predicted it?

In the 1970’s and 80’s New Zealand was the country who was fighting apartheid.

In fact, we were leading the world in the fight.

We even cancelled Springbok tours because of it.

That’s a big thing to do in a rugby crazy nation like New Zealand, but that just shows how determined Kiwis were to stop racism and apartheid.

Now, right under our noses, apartheid is back.

And it’s not happening in South Africa. No no. New Zealand is now the country promoting apartheid.

We are now the biggest international proponents of this great evil.

We are leading the world in spreading and implementing apartheid.

Hard to believe, but it’s true.  And why is there not a national uprising? The media has been paid to minimise the flow of information.  

I am utterly amazed that the Herald published the article. 

Believe, this is only the tip of the iceberg of apartheid in New Zealand.   

The bulk is being hidden. 

Just read what came out yesterday in the Herald. You can read the story HERE

Victory In Dunedin!

Victory In Dunedin!

We experienced a great victory in Dunedin last night.

I mean, a really great victory!

We hired an upstairs conference room at the Kensington Hotel which was perfect.

The room was packed!

Being upstairs, we were a long way from all the rabble congregating at the door of the hotel.

The Kensington Hotel staff were incredible.

Please support this hotel by going and having meals and drinks there.

They have been hammered on-line by protesters making up fake negative Google reviews.

This just shows the dark hearts and minds of the protesters and how their moral compass is spinning.

They condemn themselves with their behaviour.

They turned up on mass with their usual loud hailers, people dressed in monkey suits, and limp placards.

Some even climbed onto the roof of the hotel to try to get in.

Interestingly, rats demonstrate the same behaviour when trying to enter domestic homes.

Such a sad lot, really.

We had six of our team helping the two Kensington Hotel security staff.

So eight security people in total.

Upstairs, where the conference was being held, we had perfect conditions – no interruptions, warm open fires, a beautiful character room with amazing seating.

It was such a treat.

One had to listen hard to even hear the protesters. They were irrelevant. Just how it should be.

The ‘vibe’ in the room was just so lovely – people all hungry to listen and learn, lots of humour, good questions, and we were able to get food and drinks on tap from the hotel.

Truly, it was the perfect venue. After the half time break in the seminar, people returned with drinks, hot chips, and all kinds of other food. Wow!

There was a HUGE sense of team in the room – people were dead keen and motivated to now get one of Julian’s books to everyone in Dunedin and the surrounding rural areas.

This team in Dunedin are just incredible.

So hospitable, so eager to help, so willing to muck in, no matter what the cost. So loving and caring.

They have saving the country in their cross hairs.

They are battlers with huge hearts.

I have to say, Geoff the Bee Man (that’s what he likes to be called), the man who organized everything in the bottom of the South Island for us, has done a sterling job.

A group of men came with Geoff and they are going to go to Balclutha, the next event, to support Julian

Julian will spend today meeting with the Dunedin leadership team to plan the way forwards.

Next event? Balclutha Tuesday night. That’s the 20th of June, 7pm

Thank you too, for all those around the country, in multiple centers now, who are staying steady and are out there delivering books.

Street Marches are not far away now. Watch this space.

Maori Lady Endorses Julian and Stop Co-Governance Meetings

The Maori lady below, Veronica, came to last night’s meeting in Dunedin.

She was respectful and polite all through the meeting, so we respected her.

This is how it works.

If you show respect, you receive respect. 

We don’t compromise on this.

 She was allowed to stay.   As she says in her video below, she was so glad she did stay.

We videoed her comments at the end of the night. Take a look..

A Great Start In Dunedin!

A Great Start In Dunedin!

 .Yesterday afternoon at 4pm (the official start time), we had an almost capacity Scout hall in Dunedin.

The crowd was there.

The vibe was there.

People had gathered to hear.

The stage was set.

We all thought we were in for a great time.

It looked like the right to free speech would, rightly, reign supreme.

We were doing what our Prime Minister Hipkins and the leader of the opposition Mr Luxon had both exhorted us to do. Which was?

Discuss / debate co-governance.

Around 3:55pm, protesters, about 30 in number, started to gather at the meeting entrance with loud hailers.

When the door was closed, they became a very minor distraction.

One or two protesters had got inside, and were soon ejected when they fired up, after the meeting had started.

As I said, free speech, it seemed, would rule and reign. And rightly so. The right to free speech is the cornerstone of democracy. When free speech is cancelled, the seeds of dictatorship and authoritarian rule are sown.

LISTEN to what famous British comedian Rowan Atkinson has to say about this.

With Julian about 20 minutes into his presentation, the local Scout Association representative burst into the hall announcing in a loud voice that the meeting was over.

It was a dramatic way to end the meeting.

His reason?

“What was happening was a bad look for the Scout’s Association in New Zealand”.

The police then lost control. Protesters started to enter the room, one dressed in a monkey suit.

The crowd inside, who had come to hear what Julian had to say, were angry.

Very angry.

Their right to hear Julian was cancelled.

Many had travelled distances to come and hear Julian.

Without doubt, many had never experienced anything like what they experienced last night.

Which was?

First, the crowd witnessed first-hand the cowardice of the Scout’s Association.

Rather than being strong and resolute, living up to their motto, making a stand for free speech, democracy, racial unity, equality, and the rule of law, against separatism, apartheid, and racism, they caved in.

This is the official Scout motto

“The Scout Motto is: BE PREPARED which means you are always in a state of readiness in mind and body to do your DUTY. Be Prepared in Mind by having disciplined yourself to be obedient to every order, and also by having thought out beforehand any accident or situation that might occur, so that you know the right thing to do at the right moment, and are willing to do it. Be Prepared in Body by making yourself strong and active and able to do the right thing at the right moment, and do it. “To do the right thing at the right moment”

The leaders of the Scouts did the opposite.  

They did the wrong thing when they were called to do right. 

What about the police?

Before the meeting began, they insisted that anyone could enter the building.

In this respect, they got it quite wrong.

Our meeting was private, with a sign outside clearly announcing this.

As such, by law, we had the right to refuse anyone entry.

So by forcing us to allow anyone to enter, the police failed.

What the Sergeant did was akin to allowing anyone to enter a private wedding reception and then forcibly removing unwanted people after the entry.

What a farce that would be.  But this is what happened last night.

They set the night up for failure.

The Sergeant in charge didn’t know the law.

He advised that “If a protester fires up inside, you tell them they are trespassing”.

Then, he said, “after the notice of trespass is issued verbally by the hirer of the hall, we have the power / authority to remove them.”

This they did.

But it was all so unnecessary. How so?

Protesters ought never have been allowed to enter in the first place. This was a private meeting.

Furthermore, when a protester was removed, it broke the flow of the meeting – an unnecessary intrusion upon the rights of those inside to hear Julian.

Also upon Julian’s right to speak.

A breach of their rights to listen, uninterrupted. This all happened because the Sergeant didn’t know the law.

Police failure aside, the night was a huge success. How so?

Those who came witnessed first hand the sick state of our country.

Free speech is no more.

Thugs and protesters are freely able to cancel a public meeting.

The police don’t know the law, and thus seem incompetent to uphold it. This alone is a certain marker of a deteriorating society.

Anarchy has become more important than democracy.

Cancel culture more important than the right to speak freely.

Public debate on crucially important issues is now not allowed.

The rule of a minority (the protesters) can overrule the rights of the majority (the crowd who had come to listen).

There is nothing, nothing, as powerful as something experienced firsthand, of being somewhere, and seeing it with one’s own eyes.

All this and more, the crowd experienced, firsthand last night.

Their memories of that night will deeply impact them. Those memories will be indelible.

What they experienced, the sounds of the sirens, the megaphones, those sights, the police all at sea, the protestors, what they witnessed with their own eyes – what will be the effect?

Many told us afterwards,

“It has given us  a greater resolve to rise up and fight harder to save our country.  We would not have believed them if someone had told us.  But tonight we have seen it with our own eyes!”

In other words, the lost and deluded protestors, the cowardly response of the Scout’s Association, the police incompetence, all fueled a great fire already burning in the hearts of those who came to hear Julian, those already fighting for our country.

In combination, these things have had a profound effect on those who came to listen, much more profound that hearing what Julian had to say.

In this respect, the night was a huge success.

What should have the evening been like?

The police ought to have helped / backed / enforced Julian and his team to filter people at the door, only letting in those who were invited. It was a private meeting.

The protestors ought to have been only allowed to gather on the footpath outside the Scout hall. Instead, they came onto the property, gathering at the entrance to the hall.

They ought never have been allowed to step onto the property. In this respect, they were trespassing, but the police allowed it.

The Scout Association ought to have lived up to their motto, but they didn’t. Shame on them.

This was a terrible failure at a senior leadership level, and such a poor example of leadership, on display for all the little Scouts under them to see.

The people inside, who had come to hear Julian, ought to have had their right to hear him vigorously protected.

The very opposite happened.

Welcome to the new New Zealand, the country shaping up nicely to becoming the Zimbabwe of the South Pacific.Today,

Sunday, we are meeting again.


After a $4 million, 3 year review of our constitution, in 2011, New Zealanders overwhelmingly opposed a Treaty based constitution.

Twelve years later the Government is now calling for one to be written. What about what the majority said 10 years ago?

The New Zealand public is being betrayed when the entire apparatus of Government (who is being driven by the strong Maori caucus within Labour, the Maori tribal elite, and the Maori Party and most of the mainstream media) who are currently enlisted in the cause of creating and maintaining public acceptance of co-governance, – as per the He Puapua and Matike Mai papers,

Shamefully, not only are most in the media sector, no longer providing balance in their reporting, (they have been hamstrung due to the $105 million dollars gift they received from the Govt), but increasingly they are vilifying those who stand up as a voice of opposition to what is happening.

Furthermore, the Crown entity, The NZ Human Rights Commission, has now come out and stated, that it is proud to publish a report in which they make the preposterous claim, “that the elimination of racism will not occur without promoting race-based constitutional change and co-governance with Māori”.

This statement supports the proponents of the Matike Mai and He Puapua reports, who are campaigning to embed separate race-based systems at all levels of government in New Zealand – whereby Maori will govern themselves and the Crown govern the rest of us.

Whose taxes will pay Maori to govern themselves?

We are saddened to say that to vote Labour this year, you will be giving a vote to the strong Maori caucus within Labour and the Maori Party, and allowing them to continue introducing racist, separatist, co-governance policies, to the detriment of the people of NZ.

We must salvage & protect our democracy; It is time to stand up & fight for
Ø one law for all,
Ø one vote per person and
Ø only people elected by the people are to be in governance.

v Can National do it alone? No, they cannot!!!!! They will need help.
v So, who do you think is best to help them to save & protect our democracy?
Kind Regards,
Haimona & Alfred Johns
Lambton Quay
Equality for All NZers

Say No!

Another Great Night In Timaru!

Another Great Night In Timaru!

We received this email from someone intelligent, stable, well read, and mature who was in the meeting in Timaru.

This is what he said:
My wife and I attended. An hour’s drive each way to get there and home again. The session was three hours long. A big day for a couple of old buggers!! Had to have a nana nap this afternoon.
It was a brilliant session. Excellent. The treaty session was fantastic. Very well put together, very simple, very logical, rational. How anyone, particularly intelligent people, can twist the treaty into a partnership god knows.
There were 4 or 5 Māori people there, I’m thinking elderly. They didnt cope with the session and walked out when co-governance was explained, well before the treaty session. I thought they cut very sad figures as they shuffled out. Their brain washing was contradicted. I thought they oozed loneliness, low self image. I felt very sorry for them. They just didnt cope with what was going on. However, they were brave coming into the hall.
Those people are caught right in the middle. They are being lied to by Iwi, just as we are being lied to by the government over the treaty but their loyalties have to be with Iwi. Very sad.
However, Julian is outstanding in communicating the stop co governance message. He is unemotional. Measured, accurate, truthful. I recommend you go and hear him, hear the message.
This has to be the biggest issue facing our country. I fear that National in particular are going to keep their powder dry for as long as they can and not be dragged into in. Pity really. Its about us, not about them.
Julian is organising a day of demonstration across the whole of the coiuntry in the weekend prio to the election to put this issue in front of the electorate. You should commit to being part of those marches no matter where you live in NZ.
If labour wins and co governance goes ahead, our nation is doomed, totally f’d. If ur not a no-dna-feel-like Māori person, you will over night become a non person. The TV1 effect will be full frontal wherever you go in society 24/7 for the rest of ur life. Your children’s and your grandchildren’s futures will be total crap.
Vote this evil government out. And congratulations Julian on your leadership.

In contrast THIS is what STUFF reported.

Notice there is nothing specific, no examples given by the so called Treaty expert Tom O’Connor.

He simply says Julian is ‘ill-informed’ and what he says is ‘laughable’.

If Tom O’Connor and the Stuff reporter don’t / can’t give specific examples, then what does that tell us?

Furthermore, this is a glaring example of unbalanced reporting. That is to say, there are no comments from those who were at the meeting who were supportive.  

Stuff is well know for shoddy reporting.

Stuff is also one of the biggest recipients of money from the $55m Public Interest Journalism Fund. Say no more.

I encourage you, especially if you were at the Timaru meetings, to write to the Timaru Herald, letters to the editor, and refute O’Conner. 

P.S Historian Bruce Moon attended Julian’s meeting at Okaramio at the top of the South Island and he gave Julian a big tick for historical accuracy and for accurate interpretation of facts. 


More Chairs Needed In Timaru!

More Chairs Needed In Timaru!

Last night we had to bring more chairs into the room to cater for all the people who came to the Timaru meeting.

People were sitting around the edges of the room.

The atmosphere was fantastic!

There was a lot of humour and fun, as well as all the serious stuff.

One participant wrote to me at 12:30 am (a few hours after the meeting had finished with the following
Good evening, Julian.

We really enjoyed tonight’s meeting. Lots of good information, and presented with wit and aplomb into the bargain.

I found the meaning of the word ‘rangatiratanga’ very interesting. It occurred to me that the Treaty’ authors, on behalf of Queen Victoria, very cleverly inserted the Gospel into that document.


We are meeting tonight again in the same building, same time. See you then!

Amazing Ashburton!

Amazing Ashburton!

Last night we had an amazing meeting in Ashburton.

David and Lindsay, our ‘on the ground men’ did such a fabulous job.

Once again, we surveyed all the people who came to last nights meeting to find out what got them to the meeting

  • i.e. radio advertising?
  • Newspaper advertising?
  • A flyer?
  • A business card?
  • Word of mouth?
  • Or a book in their letterbox with an invitation to the Ashburton meeting stapled on the front cover.

The vast majority came because someone had put a booklet into their letterbox with an invitation to the Ashburton meeting on the front of the booklet.

This great strategy, we have proven, works. It’s just so effective.

At the end of the meeting, upward of 20 people volunteered to deliver Julian’s books into rural and urban mid-Canterbury, inviting people to the next meeting in Ashburton.

Mid Canterbury is a huge area to cover but the team here in Ashburton, led by David and Lindsay, are resolutely committed.

The energy in the room at end end was huge.

People ‘got it’ with respect to stopping co-governance.

They left understanding the Treaty, which was so crucial.

If we can get people good with the Treaty, we can stop co-governance.

So Julian leaves Ashburton this morning headed for Dunedin for two nights of meetings in a row in that city.

If know people in Dunedin, and you don’t live in Dunedin, please phone / text / email them and encourage them to attend.

Saturday 17th July, 4pm 199 Hillside Rd, Dunedin

Sunday 18th July, 6pm, 199 Hillside Road, Dunedin.

Government Plans To Clamp Down On Stop Co-Governance Movement

Government Plans To Clamp Down On Stop Co-Governance Movement

This is like playing chess, isn’t it.

It’s free speech verses the government. It’s free speech versus elite Iwi.

It democracy versus co-governance. It’s equality versus apartheid. It’s unity versus separatism.

Our move, their move. The chess board is New Zealand.

Every move we make, they counter move. When Julian started the stop co-governance movement, the chess game began.

His first move was setting up his web site.

His second move was writing his booklet “Go-Governance. What It Is, Why It’s Wrong, And Why It Must Be Stopped.”

So far 350,000 of these booklets have been printed and another 100,000 are about to be ordered. Teams of people all over the country are out distributing.

That’s 450,000 booklets. There are 1.8m households in New Zealand. So we are exactly 25% of the way to getting a booklet into every household.

Our next move will be street marches.

Then suddenly, elite Iwi, via the government, make a move.

This is a big one – they are moving to shut down free speech, especially anyone attacking co-governance.

Especially anyone attacking the governments fraudulent interpretation of the Treaty.

Especially anyone objecting to the Maori takeover of New Zealand.

Julian Batchelor is bringing awareness of these issues right into the middle of the public arena.

The government’s next move?

Shut down Julian Batchelor.

Dr Muriel Newman has just written an excellent piece about this. Below is an exact from what she wrote.
The Department of Internal Affairs is establishing what they call “A government regulator” It will have the power to control what can and cannot be discussed.

A hint of where this could lead can be seen in the new social media code of practice developed by Netsafe last year: “The Code has been developed… in consultation with Maori advisors… The intention and development of the Code is encapsulated by four key Maori principles of mahi tahi (solidarity), kauhanganuitanga (balance), mana tangata (humanity) and mana (respect), which are critical and necessary to realising the purpose and aspirations of the Code…”

Since Maori will be in a position to significantly influence Labour’s new media regulator, it doesn’t take much imagination to conclude that commentary regarded as critical of their agenda – such as challenging their Treaty ‘partnership’ myth, co-governance and He Puapua – will be considered ‘unsafe’ and ‘harmful’ hate speech and targeted for heavy regulation.

The dominance of a Maori influence in all regulations and legislation now produced by the Labour Government can be traced back to the powerful Office for Maori Crown Relations, that was established in 2018 in collaboration with Iwi Leaders.

The Herald’s senior political journalist Audrey Young provided an insight into this powerful organisation last year, pointing out that the Minister had instructed it to operate “under the radar”. As a result, most people are unaware of its existence, in spite of the profound influence it is having – as the vehicle Labour’s Maori caucus is using to embed co-governance throughout the State sector.

Through a framework that not only forces public service chief executives to establish cultural competency targets for all staff, the Office also imposes a Maori veto over all Government policy: “In 2019 the Cabinet Office issued a new circular for all ministers and chief executives to apply whenever new policy is being developed, to ensure it is compliant with the Treaty.”

Their remit has now been expanded to cover any organisation connected to the government in any way. As a result, Treaty and cultural competency requirements are appearing throughout the private sector as well as the public sector, as New Zealand is being transformed into an Apartheid nation where a Maori world view dominates.


What does all this mean?

It means Iwi, Maori, via the government, will be able to fine people up to $200,000 if they say anything which is deemed by the regulator to be ‘culturally unsafe’.

What does ‘culturally unsafe’ mean?

It means anyone or any organisation which promotes ‘culturally unsafe ideas’.

These unsafe ideas include:

The idea that Maori ceded sovereignty in the Treaty. This is an unsafe idea to the Maori elite.

That Maori gave the British the right to rule over Maori. This is an unsafe idea to the Maori elite.

That the elite Maori takeover of our country is treasonous. This an unsafe idea to the Maori elite. 

The idea that in the Treaty only one form of government is allowable, and that is the democratically elected government. This is an unsafe idea to the Maori elite.

The idea that the Treaty teaches that all people are to be treated equally. This is an unsafe idea to the Maori elite.

The idea that in the Treaty there was never to be racial division. This is an unsafe idea to the Maori elite.

The idea that no cultural group is to receive any favours or privileges over any other group. This is an unsafe idea to the Maori elite.

The idea that Maori language is not to be elevated in status over any other language, and that people must be free to choose which language they want to use. This is an unsafe idea to the Maori elite.

The idea that English, being the prized language of global affairs, must remain the primary language of communication in our country. This is an unsafe idea to the Maori elite.

In other words, for the Maori elite, everything the stop co-governance movement is promoting and communicating to the public of New Zealand is unsafe.

Julian Batchelor will be the first to be shut down.  

He will be top of their hit list, for sure.

Conclusion? Maori are about to be able, through law, to tell Kiwis what they can and can’t think and say about Maori and our history.

This is another big move on the chess board.

What would constitute a checkmate win for the Maori elite?

Checkmate for them would be the day when they have completely taken over the country, and where they have complete control of every aspect of life.

It would be the day when tribal rule, tribal dictatorship is fully installed.

How can we counter?

How can we checkmate the Maori elite?

Through massive and unprecedented public push back.

By this I mean a million or more people marching on the streets saying ‘No!’

I mean putting MASSIVE pressure on MPs, all political parties, to completely reset the hard drive, and completely expunge co-governance.

No party, at present, is anywhere near this point. Yet.

There is no leader in New Zealand to do this. Yet.  

But just watch what is about to happen.

Where are we up to in this game of chess?

We know what the government is up to. But what about us?

We are just starting our campaign to raise public awareness that this game of chess is actually going on, that it’s real, and that if it’s not stopped, New Zealand is going to become the Zimbabwe of the South Pacific.

We must do five things quickly.
1. Increase the pace of delivery of Julian’s books into letter boxes.
2. Increase the funding to print books.
3. Increase the number of people delivering.
4. Increase public debate.

5. Duplicate Julian.

You can read Dr Newman’s piece HERE.

Rowan Atkinson On The Absolute Necessity Of Guarding The Right To Free Speech

Rowan Atkinson On The Absolute Necessity Of Guarding The Right To Free Speech

On our stop co-governance tour, our right to free speech is being attacked at every point.
The police, with one or two exceptions, like our event in Kapiti, are being slow to enforce this right.
In fact, in many instances, they appear to be siding with those to oppose the right to free speech.

You can watch and hear what Rowan has to say HERE

Boom Times In Blenheim!

Boom Times In Blenheim!

Last night we packed out the meeting in Blenheim.

Standing room only.

Seriously, we ran out of chairs and people were standing around the edge of the room. It was a really big crowd.

Really, it was so exciting to see all the hard work the Blenheim team had done, and them getting this result.

They had been out all week delivering Julian’s booklets with invites attached to them into local letterboxes.

They have worked  like crazy.

They all worked SO hard!

They had put in a mammoth effort. All credit to them.

We did a survey at the beginning of the meeting asking why people came.

90% said they came because they received a booklet in their mail box with an invite stapled to it.

So we have found what works and we must keep to it.

It’s bullet proof marketing.

At the end, a large group of people, 20 or more, eagerly volunteered to help with book delivery for the next meeting in Blenheim.

So the Blenheim team got a huge boost of fresh boots on the ground. 

This town is on fire, thanks to the excellent leadership and drive of Peter and June and their team.

Wanted! Someone (a couple) to House Sit Julian's Home While He Is Away

Wanted! Someone (a couple) to House Sit Julian's Home While He Is Away

You can view more of the property at
Call Julian if you want to discuss 0274764430
Picture Perfect Picton.  Wow! What A Great Time!

Picture Perfect Picton. Wow! What A Great Time!

Our Picton event last night was a great success.
The great crowd were with Julian every step of the way, with some even coming up to hug him at the end.
The level of concern among Kiwis about New Zealand and co-governance is rising fast.
The Picton Yacht Club Hotel was such a great venue, being pretty much right on the water.
The 3pm start time was so great. Not a cloud in the sky and no wind. Perfect.
At the end, pretty much the entire crowd filled out forms to volunteer to hand out Julian’s booklets to urban and rural letter boxes around Picton, ready for the next meeting there on the 19th July.
Our locals on the ground there, Jo and Robyn, did a fabulous job. Thank you!
Go Picton!
Keep Up To Date With The Latest Co-Governance Issues!

Keep Up To Date With The Latest Co-Governance Issues!

Every month an Organisation called Democracy Action publishes a brilliant newsletter.

They cover the latest news and views on co-governance.

I strongly recommend you sign up to their web site.

You can read the latest issue HERE

Second Nelson Meeting Full

Second Nelson Meeting Full

We had another great night in Nelson last night.
Full house again.
The security team were magnificent.
We tried some new things too. We placed an urn of hot water plus tea and coffee, biscuits at the entrance to the meeting.
Before people entered they grabbed a tea or coffee and biscuit, and stood around chatting. Same thing at half time.
Building relationships and friendships is huge. Networking.
We need to do this in all our meeting now.
Another great thing was most people filled out forms to say they wanted to be part of the team delivering books in and around the Nelson region.
So really, the Nelson team, already up and running under Jeff Jordan’s excellent leadership, got a massive boost.
At the end of the meeting one dear lady offered to enter all the data on the forms onto an excel spreadsheet.
This will enable us to work with the data, invite people to a meeting, and get cracking in this beautiful area of the country.
The goal is simple -raise awareness of the wrongness / illegality of co-governance by getting one of Julian’s booklets into every letter box in the region, both urban and rural. So simple.
All we need is the people to do the delivering.
First Nelson Meeting A Huge Success!

First Nelson Meeting A Huge Success!

Last night in Nelson was epic.

Unfortunately people had to be turned away as there was not enough room on the building.

The crowd was fantastic.

Julian was able to present with his usual skill and passion, and the crowd were hugely appreciative.

One person commented.

“That was the best explanation of the Treaty I have ever heard!

Thank you so much for what you are doing!”

Another said

“You have given us hope!”

Tonight, Julian is doing it again at the The Barn at the Honest Lawyer, Nelson. 7pm.

See you then.

But be sure to be early because if you are late, you probably won’t get a seat.

Hamilton City Councillor Admits To Cancelling Horsham Downs Event In Hamilton

Hamilton City Councillor Admits To Cancelling Horsham Downs Event In Hamilton

It was obvious, wasn’t it.

Our event in Horsham Downs in Hamilton was cancelled not for Health and Safety reasons.

It was cancelled for political reasons.

What this means is that all the correspondence from the council to Julian was lies and deceit.

It was one lie after the other.

They always maintained that they cancelled us for ‘health and safety’ reasons, all of them made up.

You can read what the Hamilton Councillor said on Facebook HERE

This is what the Maori councillor actually said
“14th May: Co-Governance disruption. Irrespective of the view people may have about co-governance, the continued rhetoric by Julian Batchelor has some significant inaccurate information and is misleading. I took part in disrupting this event which was to be held in Horsham downs which forced a move to another location in town where myself and others attended”

Wairau Golf Club Event A Great Success!

Wairau Golf Club Event A Great Success!

Last night we had a wonderful time at the Wairau Valley Golf Club, deep in the outback of Blenheim, miles from anywhere!
The crowd was small, made up of quality local farmer types. Salt of the earth people.
The small number meant people could ask questions all through out the evening.
Julian loved it! And so did those who came.
It was like an intimate fireside talk. Julian presented all his slides. The venue was beautiful.
Special thanks to Steve and his team for organising this.
Nanaia Mahuta Receives Julian's Booklet!

Nanaia Mahuta Receives Julian's Booklet!

You can watch the video of Nanaia making comment about Julian’s booklet HERE

What she says is pure spin. The current Labour government and its MPs are masters at lying, deceit, and spin.

She says the booklet is propaganda, but gives no examples.  This is typical,   

 Activists say things like “Julian is a racist” but give no examples of how this is so.  When asked to provide examples, they reply with silence.

Activists say things like “Julian is creating division” but give no examples. 

The booklet is just facts, nothing more, nothing less. 

My gut feeling after watching this video is that Mahuta and all Labour MPs will have been drilled as to what to say by PR companies.  That is to say, how to spin an impression.

They want to come across as the nice, happy, family orientated people, who will make life better for all Kiwis.

If Maori are so amazing, so qualified to lead, how come they top the stats in all the negative social indictors? e.g. crime, cruelty to animals, prison numbers, domestic violence, child abuse, social welfare dependency, school truancy,  and so on.

Also, she fails to mention that none of anything her and her fellow MP’s are doing is democratic, and absolutely none of it has a mandate in the Treaty.

Quite simply, what they are doing, and plan to continue doing, is treasonous. 

Be sure to read the comments.

I wonder who the ‘old lady’ was who gave Mahuta a booklet?

 Whoever it was is a hero. 


Here’s What Happens When The Left Divides A Country By Race

Here’s What Happens When The Left Divides A Country By Race

New Zealand Author Amy Brooke has just written an excellent piece on how the left has wrecked New Zealand.

It’s a powerful and honest piece of writing. You can read it HERE

Busy Week Ahead For Julian In And Around Blenheim

Busy Week Ahead For Julian In And Around Blenheim

The people in Blenheim are amazing.

The local pick up point and book delivery leaders (BDLs) June and Peter (that’s them in the photo) are doing a great job.

Since Julian’s first meeting in Blenheim last week, June and Peter’s home has become a hive of activity!

People are coming and going all day, frantically helping to staple stickers on books to invite them to various meetings coming up this week.

Other have been out delivering.

Over 2000 books have been delivered in the past 2 days and more are going out today.

The response to Julian’s first meeting was so positive, some of those who attended went straight out from the meeting to arrange other meetings.

We now have meetings as follows

Thursday Nelson.  8th June, 7pm. The Barn @ “The Honest Lawyer” 1 Point Road, Monaco, Nelson
Saturday  10th June 3pm Picton Yacht Club Hotel 25 Waikawa Road Picton
Sunday  11th June, Senior Citizens Hall 166 High Street, Blenheim 3pm

What can you do to help?

Even if you live a long way away from these locations (e.g. in the North Island) but you know people in the areas where the meetings are being held, please phone / text / email them to encourage them to attend.


Paul Brennan Interview With Julian Attracts A Lot Of Attention.

Paul Brennan Interview With Julian Attracts A Lot Of Attention.

This was a very powerful interview.

It’s been listened to by a lot of people.

You can listen to it HERE

New Apparel.

Eleanor Goodall, our Waikato co-ordinator has done a brilliant job sourcing and designing some great apparel.

The sleeveless puffer jackets are only $35, the caps $25 and the shopping bags $10.

Send you orders directly to Eleanor 021 101 0150 or

This is a great way of getting the word out.

Thank you Eleanor!

We've Printed 350,000 Of Julian's Booklets In 12 weeks

We've Printed 350,000 Of Julian's Booklets In 12 weeks

This is a telling statistic.
It tell us clearly about the level of concern in New Zealand about co-governance and the Elite Maori takeover of our country.
People don’t want it, and rightly so.
This coup, this takeover, is like a pre 1840 tribal raid.
It’s treasonous, illegal, and it must be stopped.
As of today, we have 441 people who have purchased books.
They are ‘out there’ giving them out.
Many many more are distributing these books in cities, suburbs and towns all over the country.
Our network is now huge.
But we need more people to help with delivery .
If you can help, please text or phone Julian 0274764430. Or email him on
Once we raise awareness, we can start street marches to say ‘No!’ to co-governance.
We have to put pressure on all political parties to expunge co-governance from all legislation. Period.
Blenheim Event A Great Success! And The Emergence Of A Hero!

Blenheim Event A Great Success! And The Emergence Of A Hero!

Wow! The South Island leg of the tour got off to a great start last night.

Julian presented with passion and accuracy and the great crowd were really receptive.

23 people signed up to form the team who will together get Julian’s booklet to the entire Marlborough area.

When Julian  asked the crowd near the end “Is this all clear?” one man shouted out “Crystal clear!”

June and Peter the local organisation were amazing. So dedicated and so great to work with.

The real hero of the night was Greg. Let me explain what happened.

As you well know, our strategy is to staple a notice on the cover of Julian’s book BEFORE they are delivered, alerting people to the dates and location and times of upcoming meetings.

Julian has another meeting in Blenheim on the 11th of June and at Okaramio Hall, 5 June, 7pm

When he arrived in Blenheim, he was told that there were only a handful of books left.

OMG! We had no books for delivery. No books on which to staple notices for these next two meetings.

Enter Greg and his friend Robyn. June, the local organiser had put out a “Help!” notice to her social media VFF contacts.

Robyn responded, and got hold of Greg.

Greg is in his 70’s.

Greg offered to drive all the way from Blenheim to Christchurch and back, on the same day, to go and pick up a few thousand books for us.

It’s four hours one way.

Hard to believe, but true. This kind of commitment and dedication is just so amazing!

If we had 1000 Greg’s we could change the nation overnight!

At last night’s meeting we honoured him, and rightly so. He got us out of a bad situation.

The lesson? When people work together, powerful things happen.

June had to put out a call for help to all the people on her social media network.

Robyn picked it up and ran with it. She didn’t have to, but she did. She went to work. She got hold of Greg.

The rest is history.

That’s the power of people working together for the common good.

As I said, as a result of last night’s brilliant meeting in Blenheim, a team has formed.

This team will be the team who works to fulfil our goals for Marlborough.

Which are?

To get on of Julian’s booklets to:

  1. All houses in the urban areas i.e. cities and small towns
  2. All houses in the rural areas.

Stop co-governance will pay people who do rural deliver 50 cents a km to help them with petrol expenses.

Reports Flood In  About Our Kapiti Event

Reports Flood In About Our Kapiti Event

You can read the report and all the comments HERE

Road Sign Name Changes Into Maori Language Just Another Piece In The Coup Jigsaw

Road Sign Name Changes Into Maori Language Just Another Piece In The Coup Jigsaw

It’s obvious, isn’t it.

The recent move to change road signs into Maori language is just another piece in the jigsaw of the coup.

We have seen how New Zealand became Aotearoa-New Zealand, a double banger name.

There was no referendum on this, no asking the people if they wanted this change.

It was just forced ‘like it or lump it’ style politics.

“You are having this whether you like it or not”

This is how it is with a coup. 

This is how it is as we transition from democracy to tribal rule.

Dictators don’t ask for the opinions of the people.  

The dictator alone decides what is going to happen or not happen.

Just like I said two years ago, the name ‘New Zealand’ would gradually be phased out, and Aotearoa alone would. over time, become the new name of our country. 

What is going on here? Answer?

It’s all part of the psychological warfare necessary to take over a country.

Big changes (a transition from democracy to Maori dictatorship) require this.

The people, that’s everyone in the country, must be groomed for takeover, over time.

Grooming quells opposition.  

Grooming is like giving someone a sedative before an operation.  A pill. The person who is having the operation calms right down.  

Through the pill, they become less aware, more relaxed, less anxious.  They ‘go with the flow’.

This is exactly how the drivers of this coup want the public of New Zealand to react to the Maorification of our country.

For a coup to be successful, grooming is crucially important.

It happened in Germany in the 1920s and 30s

It’s impossible to take over a country without it.

We are seeing more and more Maori language appearing on signs in shops, documents, communications, and instructions.  

Hospitals, the Police, and all government departments are now plastered with Maori language.

Real Estate Agents and the the legal fraternity are next.

Schools and Universities have been groomed already for over a decade.

This is grooming for takeover, no less.


Only an absolute blind fool would not see this.  

Consider the sacrifices our parents and their parents made to preserve our democracy.  Many died in the Great Wars.

Consider our children and grandchildren and the type of country they are going to inherit. 


Now it’s road signs.

This is why it’s crucial to awaken the public of New Zealand with Julian’s booklet and through his road tour.

The takeover, the coup, the grooming will not stop unless it’s opposed vigorously.

The only way to do this is through mass awakening.  

Mass awakening is like taking another pill to reverse the effects of the first pill, the sedative.  

An antidote. 

What happens after people become fully awake to what is going on? 

Then comes mass protest. Mass peaceful resistance. Street marches.

We must put pressure on all political parties to expunge co-governance.

All of it.  

There is absolutely no mandate for it in the Treaty, so what what is happening here is illegal.  It’s a coup. 

If a person has cancer, they must get rid of the lot.

Doctors and specialists know this.

Now we have to do the same with co-governance.

It’s a cancer which, if not stopped, will destroy our beautiful country.

As cancer kills people, so co-governance will kill our country.  Literally. 

This is why the push to get Julian’s book (the antidote pill) to every household in the country must now go to a new level.

New levels of commitment, sacrifice, and focus are required from everyone.

We have just ordered another 100,000 of Julian’s booklets (100,000 antidote pills) to be printed in Invercargill so that all those lovely Kiwis at the bottom of the South Island can be detoxed.

By printing in the Deep South, Southland and Otago and Canterbury residents will make massive savings on courier fees and postage. 

We are building nicely, thanks to all of you!

Keep going. Dig deeper. Keep getting the pills out.

We can do this!

Newstalk ZB Mike Hocking Agrees With Julian.  "Maori Road Signs Are Part Of A Takeover"

Newstalk ZB Mike Hocking Agrees With Julian. "Maori Road Signs Are Part Of A Takeover"

Listen to what Mike has to say  HERE


What Greg On Gate Security At Kapiti Had To Say

Siege At Lindale
Leading up to the event I was receiving threatening emails on a daily basis , so I knew we were going to have protestors on the night, but what I did not anticipate was the number that actually turned up.
After what happened at the Levin meeting, we decided to screen every car and person at the gate so we could hold the protestors at the boundary.
By 6pm, an hour before the meeting, the cars were queuing for about a mile down the road and I was personally inspecting all occupants and only allowing those through that I deemed harmless.
After a couple incidents where we had to physically block protestor cars from entering the property, by warning them that we had tyre spikes behind the barriers and that they were trespassing on private property.
The protestors realised they were not going to be able force their way through the gate without causing serious damage to their cars, so they abandoned the cars and formed a group of around 40 to 50 frustrated extremists chanting and yelling abuse at us from the other side of the barrier.
The protestors then started to surge towards the gate and I knew that with only two of us holding the line, we were going to be overrun, however to my relief the Police arrived in force, just at the right time and quickly took supporting positions at the gate.
So for the rest of the night we manned the gate, keeping the protestors off the property, with the Police playing a neutral but firm role in support.
I was impressed with the Police Officers who literally stood behind me in support whenever I was confronted with aggressive behaviour.
Unfortunately I missed Julians meeting, but it was a successful night for democracy and freedom of speech.
Greg The Owner Of Lindale

Woke Christian Group Forms And Opposes Julian

Woke Christian Group Forms And Opposes Julian

There was a news item on the 8am Newtalk ZB news today.

At group called Christian Action Aotearoa run by someone called Alex Johnston has popped up opposing Julian.

As usual, Alex has got it all wrong. We are not opposing all Maori, only corporate Maori or elite Maori.  All other Maori were are going in to bat for. 

Alex has not come to this yet. 

Listen to it HERE

Then make up your own mind. This group is top shelf woke.

Thousands Are Viewing Julian's Videos

Thousands Are Viewing Julian's Videos

Eight days ago, Julian posted 3 videos on our web site.

This one was posted on Terry Opines site and has had 2,300 views in 6 days:

Terry Opines  is a fantastic video journalist. I would urge you to subscribe to Terry’s channel.

The same video has been up on our own channel for 10 days and has received 2,900 views. You can view the results here:

So with this one video we have had 5200 views in 10 days.

Think about this.

This is equivalent to holding 52 tour events with 100 people in each event.

Or 26 events with 200 people in each event.

Or 13 events with 400 people in each event.

You get the picture.

Video is massive for getting the message out.

What’s more, we know that when a video is watched, there is likely more than one person watching.

So this number could well be double what the Youtube video stats are showing.

It’s impressive.

The great thing about video is that it can be shared / disseminated quickly and easily with the click of a mouse.

Julian has two other videos which are also up.

There are not view so much because they are longer. They contain more detail.

Part one has had 328 views:

Part two has had 163 views:

So roughly 500 views.

So in total, 5700 views in 10 days and climbing.

This is like holding a seminar everyday for 10 days in a row with 570 people attending every seminar.

Think about that.

Terry Opines Makes Brilliant Video About Michael Laws And Julian Batchelor Interiew. This Is A Must Watch. Be Sure To Read The Comments

Hugh Perrett's Fiery Letter To Police Minister About Police Failure At Levin

Hugh Perrett's Fiery Letter To Police Minister About Police Failure At Levin

Minister Andersen / Police Commissioner Coster, I am writing to express my total disgust at the unbelievably weak police action taken in the situation outlined in the blog below , with regard to a ‘ Stop co-governance meeting ‘ set down to be held at Levin yesterday , Thursday 25 May , at 7 pm .

The details are fully and clearly set out in the ‘blog’ below.

This is just another example of what appears to constitute police discrimination with regard to the way Maori ‘offenders’ are treated as opposed to non-Maori .

Given the period of notice of this meeting given to the police , WHY was police action so inept / weak —- to the extent the organisers were forced to cancel the meeting from starting / proceeding.

I have sent several email letters to you recently Minister , and previously to the former Minister , now PM , Hipkins., to do with your Government’s and the Police’s extraordinarily soft attitude to crime , particularly ‘ hard’ violent crime , drugs and Criminal Gangs —- and here we are now with the same attitude and ineptness with regard to the ‘ radical Maori activist disruption’ of this effectively private meeting .

It is again noticeable that the offender(s) in this case , as is so often the case, was / were Maori. I’m sure if it had been the opposite way around the police attitude would have been much more hard-nosed and would have been ‘ up to the job’.

I have said it before , and I say it again , we New Zealanders have had a gutsful of your ‘soft on crime’ police attitude and , dare I say it , observably particularly Maori crime —- almost to a point of ‘ complicity’.

At the very least an apology and appropriate compensation are due the ‘Stop co-governance’ meeting organisers .

Hugh Perrett
Auckland 1050

Police Fail At Levin

Police Fail At Levin

Really, it ought to have been simple.
A public hall is hired for a private function.
A speaker is invited.
The invite only guests arrive.
They enter the building.
Outside it’s cold, but inside it’s toasty warm.
The guests find a seat or stand and mix and mingle.
There is pleasant background music.
The vibe is good.
The time comes for the event to start.
The guest speaker starts, and carries on to the end.
The guests are happy.
They got what they came for. And more.
Everyone goes home excited.
A lovely night was had by all.
Free Speech and law and order reigned supreme.

This is how it’s supposed to happen in a Liberal democracy, right?


But this not what happened in Levin last night. New Zealand is no longer a liberal democracy.  Tribal rule has already kicked in. We are transitioning to a Maori dictatorship.

Just to recap.

Julian was speaking at Levin Thursday May 25, 7pm

The police had been notified of the event earlier in the day so that they could prepare and plan.

This is standard procedure for the Stop Co-Governance Road show organisers now.

Everything was going to plan.

Guests started to arrive at 6:30 and the room filled to capacity by 7:00.

We had security on the door filtering people.

Julian started.

Then there was the scuffle in the doorway and a very large Maori woman dressed in pink barged through the security.

When she entered the room, she promptly took over the meeting, yelling and gesticulating, telling everyone why she should be inside. “This is our land! This is our country! You are guests here!” All the usual.

Then two more Maori protesters followed her inside.

One invited guest rose to his feet, a Maori.

He vigorously addressed a protester “You are making us feel ashamed of being a Maori! You wouldn’t do this on a Marae!” He went on in the same vein for some time. It was a magnificent display of good Maori verses bad Maori.

The packed room watched on. The police were called.

It took quite some time, but they eventually arrived. There was four of them. Three looked like teenagers. The fourth, the leader, was an old European close to retirement age.

It was obvious, he was out of his depth, not knowing what to do. It was the stuff of the British comedy Dad’s Army.

His ‘suggestion’ was to carry on with the meeting because ‘the protesters were now sitting quietly’.


The police were going to reward the law breakers by letting them stay to hear Julian. Hard to believe they suggested this, but it’s true. This is what they did.

The protesters had forced their way into a private meeting, uninvited.

This is akin the having a private party at your house, unwanted people gate crashing, and the police saying “Just let them stay if they don’t cause any trouble.”  Really? 

 OK, back to our meeting.  The protesters had repeatedly been asked to leave by the organisers.

This was a simple case of trespass. The police should have instantly arrested them, and removed them from the meeting. Case closed.

But they didn’t. Why?

The organisers were told “The police felt they did not have the resources to arrest and reject the protesters.”

Three skinny teenage cops with Clearasil poking out of their top pockets,  with their Dad’s Army leader were no match to man handle the very large aggressive lady in pink. She as like a rhino on the charge, an All Black Prop 5m from the opponents try line, ball in hand and going for it.  

The police looked impotent and incompetent.  They simply invited the lady in pink to leave, and when she refused, they accepted her refusal.  

In other words, the protesters last night were able to dictate to the police. This is the new New Zealand.

Why didn’t they call in re-enforcements? They could have. There were other towns nearby.
They didn’t. 

Their poor planning meant anarchy reigned.  They could have turned up at the right time, 6:30 to 7:00 to make sure the law was being upheld.  

We have never asked the police to be our security guards,  All we have asked of them is that they uphold the law.

Some have suggested that because it was Maori who were to be arrested, the police backed off, fearing a media backlash.  That is to say, they were avoiding a George Floyd situation. We now have woke police force. 

Either way, what ever happened to the police in New Zealand simply doing their job?  Punishing law breakers and upholding the rule of law, irrespective of the colour of the skin of the perpetrators? 

Julian made the call to abandon the meeting. He said “Once again free speech has been suppressed. Once again, thugs and tyranny rule. I have been denied the right to speak. The peaceful law abiding citizens, those who were invited, denied the right to hear. This private meeting is like our private home for the night. The protesters have broken into our home. I am calling the meeting off because we don’t reward bad behaviour.”

By this he meant that if he carried on, it would show the protesters that they can force their way into a private meeting, take it over, wreck the rights of others to hear, and Julian’s right to speak, and there are no consequences.

Welcome to tribal rule. Welcome to co-governance.

Sure, there were advantages too if Julian had continued with the meeting. The people who came would have heard the message.  The protesters and the police too. The police said they would stay to monitor the protestors inside.  These are big reasons to have continued. 

But in the end, Julian made the difficult call.  He’s said “If you didn’t get to hear the message, then blame the protesters, not me.”  That’s true. Julian did not feel it was right that protesters could break into the meeting, trespass, spray abuse on the guests, and then sit there like a stars,  being rewarded by hearing Julian speak. 

Were there any consequences for the protesters wrecking a private meeting? Apart from being denied hearing Julian speak live, there were absolutely no consequences. 

So how did the police fail?

In case it’s not obvious, let’s talk about this.

First, the ‘senior’ policeman admitted the police had been advised of the event in plenty of time, but had failed to plan for it.

Second, the police who attended were either too young or too old to respond as they ought, as the peaceful meeting attendees deserved. The lawful attendees pay their taxes to be protected, to have the law upheld.

Third, the protesters should have been instantly arrested and ejected. They were trespassing. The case was clear cut. But this did not happen.

Fourth, the police wafted around. It was obvious they were out of their depth, not knowing what to do.

Fifth, if they did not have the resources to remove the protesters by force, they should have at least taken the name and address of the very large Maori woman dressed in pink. They failed to do this.

They failed to do the same for the other protesters who had entered the meeting illegally too.

Therefore, these people cannot be, and will not be, charged with an offense.

Fifth, reinforcement police from the surrounding areas ought to have been called in to arrest those who breached our security, who were unlawfully inside the building, trespassing, but this did not happen.

The public deserve better.

The police have got to do better.

This can’t happen again.  

I encourage you, if you were at the event, to complain to the police.



How Much Force Does The Law Allow To Stop Protesters?

Hi Julian
Difficult call re Levin, but understandable winding up the meeting.
However it can’t be allowed to set a precedent for disrupters.
From your description the police were pathetic from every perspective. If the police are unable or unwilling to uphold the law and protect private meetings then this is unfortunately effectively a call to ensure there is at least on standby, increased measures of self defence for stop co-governance meetings, particularly on the door.
In particular:
Defence against trespass
“You are justified in using reasonable force to prevent anyone from trespassing on any land or buildings of which you are in possession. This applies also to anyone assisting you or acting under your authority.”
An aim would be to physically block the entrance so that any attempt to force entry would have to involve physical assault, which more clearly entitles the use of reasonable defensive force.
Best wishes
How Much Force Can We Use To Stop Protesters?

Tribal Leaders Make Big Push To Infiltrate Top New Zealand Companies

Hi Julian

No doubt you will have seen the Herald article this morning, if not, have a look.

A 2.5 year effort to educate Maori to be governors (directors) of some of NZ’s largest organisations.

Amongst other observations one learned fellow states that what is good for Maori is good for all NZ, and it will be wonderful to have the teao Maori abilities applying to all of these organisations.

You are right about this push for tribal rule, and I hope that you can see your tour through to fruition.

With the current debate about tax, it would be good to see more prominence given to the concessions given to Maori Authorities. Tax rate ranging from nothing to 17.5 cents in the $.

This has been going on for many years, and if Pakeha were given similar privilege then the economy would be going gangbusters.

Simply, as you say, this reverse racism has to stop, along with cogovernance, and all the treaty B/S!!!

Good luck with your great campaign

Best Regards


Tribal Leaders Make Big Push To Infiltrate Top New Zealand Companies

Lee Williams Comes Out In Support Of Julian, And Against Michael Laws

This is a must watch video!
Blenheim, Sunday June 11, Senior Citizens Hall

Blenheim, Sunday June 11, Senior Citizens Hall

166 High Street, Blenheim

Please invite everyone everywhere!

Number Of Julian's Booklets, with cover letters, Gone Out To Corporate Leaders. As in the picture above.

Another Great Night In Hawke's Bay Last Night!

Another Great Night In Hawke's Bay Last Night!

A crowd of over 100 turned up last night, including young people, same as the first night.

Truly, it was such a great night. The level of energy in the Bay is huge.

As in every region, we have set goals.

Goal one:

Get a booklet to every house in the two main cities (Napier and Hastings) and all the small towns in the Hawkes Bay Region

Goal two:

get a booklet into every rural letter box in the Hawkes Bay.

Goal Three:

staple an invitation (July 21 and 22 July, Good New Bible Church, 8b Goddard Road, Havelock North) to every book before they go out. We also want another meeting at Ongaonga on the 23rd, and Napier on the 24 July. Once confirmed, these details will go onto the invite as well. July 21 and 22 are already confirmed.  Napier and Ongaonga are not.

20,000 booklets are being shipped to the Hawke’s Bay today.

We have great leaders in place 

Chris:  the overall leader 021 022 35747‬

Val: cities and towns 022 080 3561

Jason: Rural 021 045 0241


We've Just Released 3 Videos.

The first one is 40 minutes long and was videod about six weeks ago.

I really like this video because it’s short and succinct. All credit to Susan for spending literally dozens of hours editing all the slides and making them look better and then putting it all together. It was a huge job! Thank you Susan!

Then there are two other videos, parts one and two, each one hour long, which were made under horrendous conditions.

Believe it or not, they were videoed in Hamilton in an old warehouse, with activists outside kicking up a fuss, and dear and amazing supporters inside standing, no less, for two hours in a freezing cold place!

You’ll remember we were cancelled by the council and had to look for a new building and find one in two hours! It was big and stressful challenge but this video is the result.

So really for this Hamilton video to turn out so well is a miracle, given the circumstances.

All credit to Geoff and Matthew for putting it all together so quickly.

The two longer versions of Julian’s seminar (i.e. PARTS ONE AND TWO) contain the latest content. 

After every seminar, and after extensive reading and research, he updates his powerpoint slides. 

Hence, no two message are exactly the same.

If you want the short 40 minute video first, then follow up with the two one hour videos, the latest videos, you will soon see what we mean. 

Thank you!   

Want to know how to quickly share videos?

Click HERE to find out

This is the short 40 video of Julian's seminar


These Are The Two Longer Videos, Each About An Hour Long. They Are Parts 1 and 2 So Be Sure To Watch Both!


1/4 Of A Million Books Printed In 10 Weeks

When the latest 100,000 books come off the press at the end of this month, we will have reached our first milestone, which was to print 1/4 million books. Our first 150,00 are nearly all out and distributed. Into the hands of Kiwis. Before we run out, we’ve ordered the next 100,000. 


350 individuals have ordered books and are out there delivering to urban letter boxes / friends / family / colleagues/ random strangers all over the country.  

Roughly 80,000 books have been delivered in this way.

20,000 books went into Waikato Rural Mail boxes

30,000 are going into Bay of Plenty Rural Mail Boxes

20,000 about to go to Central North Island Rural Letter boxes.

 Our goals is to ‘do’ the other 14 regions, with a booklet into all rural letter boxes in the entire country plus all urban letter boxes.

So regions left to go are: 

Manawatu, Taranaki, Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, Northland, Nelson, Tasman, Marlborough, Kaikoura, Buller/Westland, Canterbury, Otago, Southland, Fiordland. 

To ‘do’ a region costs roughly $20k.  

We are looking for donors who can cover one or more regions. 

Let’s get this done before the election to ensure this government is gone, and to put pressure on all the other parties to expunge co-governance!

Finding Out What Works And Doing More Of It!

We had a massive night in Tauranga last night, and I think, ran out of chairs! People are standing at the back

This huge crowd turn out was attributable to the work done by Rhonda and her team who worked tirelessly getting books into Tauranga letter boxes with invitations to the meeting stapled to them.

How do we know this?

We did a survey at the beginning of the meeting asking people why they came.

A handful came as a result of flyers

Another handful as a result of advertising on the Platform.

The rest? They came as a result of people putting booklets with invitations on them into letter boxes.

Also, ‘word of mouth’ was a big group too but we think this group were told about the meeting by someone who had read the book.


We now have evidence, solid evidence, that the best way to advertise Julian’s meetings is to get his booklets into letter boxes, with invitations to the meetings attached to them.

In other words, get your venue time and date sorted in your town, then furiously attach invites to Julian’s booklet, and get them out everywhere!

It works!

Keeping The Main Thing The Main Thing

I try and go to the gym each day to stay balanced and fit and strong for the task ahead.

This morning I got talking to a European mother in her 30s.

The conversation went like this

Me: Hi, how are you? 🙂 

Her: I am good thanks, how a you? 
Me: Great. What are you training for?
Me: Just for life and living.
Her:Me too.
Me: What do you do for a job?
Her I am mum with 3 kids and I am doing a psychology degree from home. And you?
Me: I am doing a tour of New Zealand trying to stop co-governance.
Her. I saw your car in the car park. What don’t you like about co-goverance?
Me: It’s illegal. It’s based on a wrong interpretation of the Treaty.
Her: So you don’t like power sharing?
Me: Not if the basis of it is illegal, no.
Her: I think you are talking to the wrong person. I have done a lot of study on the Treaty. I am sort of an expert, I guess.
Me: So you’ll agree that Maori ceded sovereignty? It’s in the Preamble, Article 1 and 2.  And Lord Normanby made it clear to Hobson in his 4200 word brief that this is what he was coming to New Zealand to get. 
Her: I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on that one. I have to go now. Thanks for the chat. I gotta go.

She walked off.


Why did she walk off?

Either she didn’t know about the Treaty and didn’t want to be questioned any further, realising she was out of her depth. 

Or she disagree with me that Maori had ceded sovereignty and didn’t really have a comeback on that one.

The point is this.  

The main purport, the main thing, the central point, of the Treaty, is that Maori ceded sovereignty, completely and forever.

Hang on to this, It’s irrefutable.   

 As a result of ceding sovereignty, everything else falls into place. For example: 

The British established democracy.  One government, not two. 

The only government mandated in the Treaty is the duly elected one.  No one is ‘appointed’ to positions of power.The Treaty mandates for one law for all, one person, one vote, and all votes of equal value.

There is absolutely no room in a democracy for separatism, apartheid, and racism.

In a functioning healthy democracy, no group get’s special favours and handouts.  

When this happens, that’s racism. It’s apartheid. 

Whenever democracy is breached, racism, apartheid, and separatism enter like a flood. 

We see this everywhere today.  Just look at the latest budget.  $825m for Maori initiatives.  That’s nearly a billion dollars.  What about helping all the other 159 cultures who live in New Zealand? Where is the help for them.? The people who need hip and knee replacements? 

We now live in an apartheid country.

Racism is everywhere.  

Maori MP’s and  woke European MPs inside the Labour Party, like Robertson and Hipkins, and Michael Wood, are the biggest racists on the planet.

They are the kings of apartheid, the greatest proponents of it.  

If you want to locate the epicentre of racism and apartheid in New Zealand, just go to the Beehive.  

So, we say it again, when you talk to people about the Treaty, go straight to the bull’s eye – Maori ceded sovereignty completely and forever.  Stay on this aspect. Don’t budge off it. 

I have memorised the Treaty.  It doesn’t take long to learn. 

Now, when I have to, I can simply speak out the Treaty.  It’s powerful.  

Keep the discussion firmly on Maori ceding sovereignty and you’ll win every time. 

Don’t back down.  You won’t need to.  It’s the truth

The woke, the PC, and the activists will want to get you off this aspect, onto other things like power sharing, inequality, Maori having all their land stolen, poor Maori outcomes, and on and on it goes. 

Don’t allow them. 


Update on Gav, County Clerk Mr Ion xx

Media are picking up on the story.
OIO requests have started.
I have an interview with Sean Plunket on the Platform. Monday 8:30
Be sure to tune in. Sean wants to know EVERYTHING!

The Herald are keen. It’s the bone aspect that interests them.

I have it from a reliable source that Gavin was last see coming out of Countdown Te Rapa with a packet of Triple Excel adult nappies.

He doesn’t have children.

County Clerk Mr Ion Has Gone Into Hiding

Just to update everyone.

We had a phenomenal response to yesterday’s blog, not just about the new videos but also about Mr Ion.

The surname is ironic. No pun intended.

Gavin, if you are listening this is what I would write to us. It’s only a suggestion. You choose you own final wording.

“Dear Stop Co-Governance. First I would like to admit I did wrong.

I deliberately cancelled your event for political reasons.

It was pretty obvious, wasn’t it, but I thought I would get away with it.

I also admit that I deliberately notified you as late as possible, so that you had no time to address the issues. That was low, I know, but I did it.

Third, I had no evidence whatsoever that there were any security risks. I admit, I made them all up.

I was definitely under the heavy influence of the bone.

I am not blaming the bone.

I am just telling you.  If there was an olympics for the woke, I would get the gold medal, for sure. 

I personally take full responsibility for all these wrong doings.

There were quite a few, were’t there!

I am not sure where my head was at at the time, but I was not in a good space.

I further admit I even got one of my young staff to do my dirty work. Sorry Sam.

Shameful, I know, but the bone is powerful and can take a man over.

I can see now, quite clearly, how it led me into apartheid, racism, cancel culture, and separatism and poor decision making.  

I didn’t realise I was going to anger so many people. Sheesh, what was I thinking! 

I had a session with a counsellor yesterday, and as a result, I am not going to wear it any more.

It’s been a really bad influence on my life.

Some people struggle with alcohol, others drugs, some sex, some money.

With me, it’s  the bone.

As an act of repentance, and to show my contrition, you can use the Horsham Downs Hall for a meeting and I will come.

It’s about time I learnt the truth about the Treaty so I can do my job with honesty and integrity and represent all rate payers, not just a tiny few at the top of some tribal tree.

From now on, I am going to work to preserve democracy and Free Speech.  No longer am I going to destroy these things.

Sometimes I just stare at the bone, and curse it for leading me into such bad things.  

I even speak to it, like a dog- “Naughty bone!”

I want to thank you for pulling me up.

You have been a life saver.

I love you!

(I know this is quite a strong thing to say, because we have not met face to face, but since ditching the bone, and counselling, something has really changed deep in my heart, and I just want to get it out)

Gav xxx” (now Gav, the boneless)

P.S Around the office I now have a new nick name ‘BG’ which stands for ‘Boneless Gav’.

I quite like it.  It’s catchy. 


Because have heard nothing, we are releasing a press release to all media outlets, and triggering an offical information office request.

We’ll keep you posted.

Public servants who act disgracefully must be held to account.

A Big Thank You To All Those Who have Given To Our Call For $47,000 To Print Another 100,000 of Julian's Booklets

All the money we needed for printing 100,000 has come in! Really, it’s a miracle. We even have money to spare too so that we can pay for Rural Delivery to ‘do’ some other regions.
From those who gave a little, to those who gave a lot, a sincere thank you!
We feel like we are making HUGE progress now!
Money makes such a big difference.
There is nothing more painful than having a plan, a dream, and vision to do something, and not having the finance to do it!

To donate directly into a bank account:


Otherwise, you can donate via CC on this site. 

Number Of People Who Read Julian's Book On-Line In The Last 30 Days. An month ago 1423

Everything That Applied To Samantha, Now Applies To Mr Ion

Please notice the neck tie.

It’s not Versace or Pierre Cardin. No No.

It was on special at the freezing works at Ngāruawāhia, the ultimate symbol of woke.

Below is Mr Ions non-repentant letter to us.


Good afternoon

I am responding to you following receipt of some concerning communications that relate to the cancellation of an event in one of our community facilities in Horsham Downs.

Firstly, I would like to establish that the individual who has been targeted and identified through these communications, Samantha Baker, acted only in good faith in her role as Community Venues and Events Team Leader and as a representative of Council – on my instruction as Chief Executive. I do not expect any of my people to have to defend themselves against criticism and abuse in simply conducting Council’s business and carrying out their tasks as an employee and we take a zero-tolerance approach to aggression towards Council staff.

The decision to cancel the booking was not made by Samantha and the risk assessment to consider the risk posed to Council was conducted by other members of staff who are responsible for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our people and the public.

Council maintains the right of refusal to events on any of our Council facilities if our health and safety risk assessment support this to be the right approach. In this case it was deemed a risk for Council to allow this event to take place and as the Chief Executive I stand behind this decision.

The commentary you are sharing is highly defamatory and unjustified and I ask that you immediately remove any reference to this event or Samantha from your blog site or any other online platform and desist from communicating on this matter any further with any of my staff here at Waikato District Council. Should communications of this tenor continue Council will consider its options in that regard.

I trust that I have made myself clear on this matter and that this email serves as an to end to our dealings.

Gavin Ion
Chief Executive
Waikato District Council
Te Kaunihera aa Takiwaa o Waikato
■ Waea puukoro: 027 227 4273 ■ Nama waea: 0800 492 452
Pouaka Poutaapeta: Private Bag 544, Ngaruawahia 3742
Waahi Mahi: 15 Galileo Street, Ngaruawahia

Waikato Council Chief Executive Gavin Ion

Julian Batchelor's reply to County Clerk, Mr Ion.

Dear Mr Ion, we have replied to you in red below

Good afternoon
I am responding to you following receipt of some concerning communications that relate to the cancellation of an event in one of our community facilities in Horsham Downs.

The communication from you to us was much more concerning. That is to say, when you so unjustly and unreasonably cancelled our hall booking inconveniencing over 100 people.

As stated in our correspondence to Samantha, your reason for cancelling could not be substantiated by fact, research, precedence or evidence. You cited 5 ‘threats’, namely: ;

• Use of weapons e.g., guns, knives or any suitable available materials Objects being thrown
• Violence
• Threatening or abusive language
• A pedestrian being hit by a motor vehicle
• Crushing in the crowd

Mr Ion, given that we have had 10 events around the country, and not a shred of evidence of damage to people or property at any event, which the police will verify, how did you come to the conclusion that the 5 threats above were really ‘threats?. That they even existed? Furthermore, the meeting at Horsham Downs Hall the week before was seamless, as all the letters from attendees attest.

What did you do to verify the veracity of the report (s) given by protestors to you about our event on the 7th of May? Please detail for us what specific steps you took and what correspondence / photos you received.  How did you verify their veracity?  We will trigger an OIA request if necessary if full answers to these questions are not forthcoming.

We have come to the conclusion that you cancelled our meeting not based on fact, research, precedence, or evidence. You simply cancelled our meeting for political reasons. The bone carving around your neck is telling. What other conclusion is there?

Furthermore, you were notified at around noon on Wednesday 10th of May of the local hall committee’s decision to unanimously support the event on the 14th. You could have, and should have, in all decency, notified the organisers of the event immediately, giving them reasonable time to respond to the issues you, through Samantha, raised? Why did you not do this?  Please explain. 

Firstly, I would like to establish that the individual who has been targeted and identified through these communications, Samantha Baker, acted only in good faith in her role as Community Venues and Events Team Leader and as a representative of Council – on my instruction as Chief Executive.

Thank you for coming clean about this. But the key question still remains.

Why did you hide behind one of your staff to deliver the cancellation? You have had no trouble writing to us directly about our correspondence with Samantha so why did you work through her in the first instance, instead of to us directly, when you cancelled our hall booking? Please explain.

I do not expect any of my people to have to defend themselves against criticism and abuse in simply conducting Council’s business and carrying out their tasks as an employee and we take a zero-tolerance approach to aggression towards Council staff.

Mr Ion – as an organisation we have zero tolerance for injustice, cowardice, bones around the neck, cancel culture, and public servants using their positions to cancel free speech based on their political opinions, and the weaponizing of so called ‘regulations’ to cancel events where topics of high public interest are being discussed.

That is to say, we will push back against this kind of abuse of power, especially when you as a public servant hide behind so called ‘health and safety regulations’ or ‘safety and well being’ regulations to affect politically driven outcomes.

Instead of genuinely wanting to help the public, it’s abhorrent to the same when they witness first hand public servants twisting these regulations to weaponize them against residents – ultimately cancelling their right to Free Speech.

The decision to cancel the booking was not made by Samantha and the risk assessment to consider the risk posed to Council was conducted by other members of staff who are responsible for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our people and the public.

As already pointed out, clearly, your ‘risk assessment’ was without proof, evidence, precedent, or fact. You simply trumped up the risks. You had a pre-determined outcome.  To anyone with an IQ over room temperature, this is obvious.

Really, what you did was shameful Mr Ion.

Council maintains the right of refusal to events on any of our Council facilities if our health and safety risk assessment support this to be the right approach.

In this case it was deemed a risk for Council to allow this event to take place and as the Chief Executive I stand behind this decision.

We consider your decision to ‘stand behind this decision’ to be unconscionable.

If you were a man of integrity and honour, you would admit your error, come clean, put the wrong right, discard the bone carving, and apologise to Samantha. And to the 100 or so members of the public who were looking forward to this event. This is what real leaders do Mr Ion.

Not only these things, but we are calling you to man up and reverse your decision re: Horsham Downs.

The commentary you are sharing is highly defamatory and unjustified and I ask that you immediately remove any reference to this event or Samantha from your blog site or any other online platform and desist from communicating on this matter any further with any of my staff here at Waikato District Council.

These ‘communications’ will not be removed. Your behaviour, incompetence, and abysmal decision making must be exposed and published for what they are.  You are accountable to the public, and the public is speaking.

If you publicly apologise, they will be taken down, but until then, no.

Should communications of this tenor continue Council will consider its options in that regard.
I trust that I have made myself clear on this matter and that this email serves as an to end to our dealings.

Considering options? One of your options, in our view your best option, as already stated, is to offer up a public apology to Samantha, all the residents you inconvenienced and offended when you trumped up the ‘risks’ to cancel the meeting. Then reverse your decision, allowing the meeting to take place. 

I hope we have made ourselves clear on this matter, and we look forward to your reply.

You need to be aware that Julian Batchelor is now a very high profile public person. Public interest, nationally, in what he is doing is growing by the day.

The New Zealand Herald, TV1 and TV 3 and the Waikato Times will show considerable interest in this story. All that is needed is a press release from us with records of correspondence and timelines.”

Our ‘dealings’ have only just started.

If you were one of the 100 plus Waikato rate payers who was incensed by Mr Ions, please express you displeasure by writing directly to him. He is paid by you so you have every right to express yourself.
Below are the email addresses of other councillors. Be sure to copy them in as you write to Mr Ion.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Our Reply To Mr Ion, The County Clerk

Next Event In  Tauranga Is Saturday May 20, 5pm

Next Event In Tauranga Is Saturday May 20, 5pm

 345 Maunganui Road. 

Please invite everyone everywhere! 

Ngapui Elder Slams Waikato Council County Clerk Gavin Ion

Dear Gavin. I am Tane Tupuna – Ngapuhi elder.

I have reviewed the email trail and blog messages relating to your cancellation of Julian Batchelor meeting. By cancelling the meeting at such short notice you deprived myself and many others the right to receive important information relating to a major change in the NZ constitution.
Freedom of expression is preserved in section 14 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 (BORA) which states that: “Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the right to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form”.
As a Maori, I believe it is essential that Co-Governance is richly debated across the country prior to any changes in our constitution. It is a very serious matter and all citizens should be well informed, and a referendum held prior to any changes. Co-Governance appears to threaten democracy, and many Labour party members are now stating this openly. [McAnulty et al]
I have personally attended one of Mr Bachelors meetings and found it very informative, useful but deeply concerning. I personally support his educational work relating to Co-Governance. The concept of Co –Governance represents major change to our constitution, and needs to be taken very seriously. The Citizens of New Zealand need to hear all aspects of this major change, and to make their opinions heard by central and local Government.
The protestors were within their rights to Protest, and Mr Batchelor was also fully within his rights to address interested members of the public. Mr Batchelor has conducted many similar meetings without incident, and there was nothing to indicate there would be any reason to cancel that specific meeting.
In my opinion your decision to cancel was irrational, and apparently totally lacking in evidence that might support your decision. I therefore surmise that your actions were self-serving and political.
I also note with strong interest your threat of further action against Mr Batchelor. I can assure you that bully boy tactics will get you nowhere.

I am seriously concerned by Co-Governance. From the beginning that Government has kept it shrouded in secrecy, and to this day refuses to define it clearly to the public. I want to know more. Why don’t you?
I consider your action an infringement of my rights and freedom
Accordingly I am filing a complaint jointly against you and council with the Human Rights commissioner, as well as making a formal ministerial complaint, and requesting Government intervention in your governance.

Finally. I suggest to you that instead of idle threats and knee jerk reactions,, that you involve yourself in this debate, and look closely at how Co-Governance will influence the future of your constituents whom you are employed to look after.

Tane Tupuna. Ngapuhi.
021 881657 – should you wish to threaten me personally.

Tane Tupuna

What Maori Need The Most

What Maori Need The Most

Sir Roger Douglas wrote a shocking article about what Maori needed most.

Julian considered that his ‘suggestions’ would perpetuate existing Maori problems.  It was same old same old..

You can read what Sir Roger wrote HERE

Julian wrote a counter response.

You can read it HERE.

Below Is A Sample Of The Letters Received From All You Lovely People!

As a result of our meeting in Hamilton being cancelled without justification, we received a flood of support emails. Thank you so much!

You can read some of them below. 

Mr Gavin Ion
Chief Executive Officer
Waikato District Council
Re: Cancellation of a Lawful Horsham Downs Hall Booking 14 May 2023
As a New Zealand citizen and former serviceman having been on active service in a number of countries in defence of democracy, I take issue with your admitted decision to cancel a lawful booking of the Horsham Downs Hall on 14th May 2023, a decision without merit and contrary to this country’s democracy.
Of extreme concern is the fact that one anonymous letter threaded with emotive and subjective allegations was your reasoning for intervention in the lawful rights of citizens. It is understood the emotive and subjective allegations were not factually checked or confirmed by you or staff with the organiser of a similar meeting in the aforesaid hall on 7 May 2023.
Are you in a position to answer the following questions; Do you know the name of the letter’s anonymous author?, was the letter a composition of many seeking to impose communist-like oppression on freedom of gatherings and freedom of speech?
Having read your correspondence to Julian Batchelor, and his original summation about the booking cancellation, your decision was not supported by objective facts, as substantiated in writing by at least two persons who attended the previous meeting on 7 May 2023. Those persons fully contradict what you had claimed as reason for cancellation. namely being ‘health and safety’.
The shadow now cast over New Zealand’s democracy is that local authorities, such as the Waikato District Council, can seemingly impose communist-like oppression on freedom of gatherings and freedom of speech without accountability on specious and dubious grounds.
Victor R Johnson MNZM Dip TD
New Zealand
Victor Johnson

“To the Mayor and Councillors,

On 7th May I attended the Stop Co-governance meeting at Horsham Downs Hall. It was informative and without incident. I now learn the 14th May meeting was cancelled by Samantha Baker (WDC halls team leader) citing risks, without evidence. Please look into this as it bothers me greatly that WCC is restricting facilities at the behest of false claims. As a citizen and ratepayer I have a right to hear differing points of view.

For the record; I spoke prior to the meeting (after parking the car) to the two protesters that were present on the traffic island as you turn left to gain access to the Horsham Hall parking. They would not engage other than to repeat “I am not here to engage”, “Go back to your meeting”, “Be on the right side of history”. At the end of the meeting as I was driving out (where you turn right to vacate) there were a dozen protesters on the edge of the road with signs and constantly shouting “Be on the right side of history”. They were a distraction.

Please investigate this and I will be keen to hear any outcome.

Kind Regards

John Norvill

1182 Orini Road, Orini”

(the photo is not John. It’s a stock photo)

John Norvill

Samantha Baker
Waikato District Council
15 Galileo Street
Ngaruawahia 3720

Copy: Chief Executive Officer – Gavin Ion

Cancelling of Hireage of Horsham Downs Hall meeting of 14th May 2023 – Speaker Julian Batchelor

Dear Samantha

I believe you are the person at this Council who made the decision to cancel the hireage of the Horsham Downs Hall [at very short notice last Friday] which was to be held yesterday, it appears based on your concerns for the safety of activist protesting people who were protesting in the vicinity outside the 7th May 2023 meeting. As you will be aware the Horsham Downs Hall is in a very rural location and the meeting was scheduled for a Sunday afternoon at 3pm.

I attended the 7th May meeting of speaker Julian Batchelor held on the previous Sunday at the same venue and time. There would have been in my estimation over 100 people in attendance. The meeting was peaceful and informative and I confirm that there was no rhetoric of hatred or incitement to commit violence or anything of that nature from either the speaker or anyone attending the meeting.
For your information the speaker is pro the Treaty, the Te Tiriti which was signed by 500 Maori chiefs on 06 February 1840 not against it as some people possibly including protestors seem to believe.

The meeting was informative for people interested to know more about the nature of the co-governance agenda which is being promoted by a minority group of Maori who it appears have an agenda outside of that Treaty.

For your information I believe like many others that the co-governance agenda if fully implemented will lead to separatism, racism and apartheid in this country of New Zealand, something already being evidenced in some sectors of New Zealand society.

On arrival nearby at the road entrance to the 7th May meeting I attended there were two anti-Julian Batchelor message protestors one of whom was waving a flag other than the official New Zealand flag and both of them constantly yelling at the people as they were arriving at the venue and peacefully entering the hall.

When I left the meeting there was about 10 protestors lined along the main road yelling at the people as they left the area. I did not see any incidents at all which caused me any concern for anyones’ safety.

I did not feel threatened by anyone or fearful. The speaker and everyone else has the right to express freedom of speech and even protest which is valid under New Zealand Law/s so long as their activities are lawful.

It is shameful that you based your decision to cancel the Sunday 14th May hall hireage on Friday 12th May based on hiersay of others without any evidence whatsoever, while you had adequate time before that to contact and speak with the hall hirer/speaker to check if there had been any incidents at the 7th May meeting to confirm or deny whether the allegations were in fact true or false.

In my view your decision could only have been politically motivated which is very sub-standard to what the people of New Zealand expect from you and their local authority.

If you want to get yourself better informed on the subject of co-governance please refer to the official website at

(the photos is not Katherina. It’s a stock photo)

John Norvill

Samantha Baker, Community Venues and Events Team Leader.   Waikato District Council. An Example of Shameful Leadership

Samantha Baker, Community Venues and Events Team Leader. Waikato District Council. An Example of Shameful Leadership


First, read the email string between the Horsham Downs Committee who manage the hall and the Waikato Council. 

You can read it HERE

Here are the facts about what happened in Hamilton with our latest meeting.

Our first hugely successful and fruitful meeting at Horsham Downs Community Centre on Sunday May 7 at 3pm.

It was well attended by people of all ages, ranging from early 20’s to people in their 90s and everything in between.

A tiny protest group had set up 50m away down the road. They had no influence on the meeting. In fact, most people in the meeting would not even have noticed they were there.

The Hall is owned by the Council.

The Horsham Downs committee which manages the hall received communications from an activists that someone who attended the meeting had tried to run an activist over with car as they were leaving the meeting.

The local committee met to discuss the communications received from the activists, and saw through them for what they were: lies and propaganda.

They voted unanimously to allow the meeting on the 14th of May, 3pm.

Council was notified of their decision on Wednesday 10th of May around 12 noon.

Samantha Baker was the person in council who was overseeing correspondence with the local hall committee.

She deliberately waited until 12 noon on Friday to notify the hall committee that she had ruled against allowing the meeting.

In turn we were notified.

By this time it was too late for us to address the issues detailed by Ms Baker in her email.

Ms Baker had a predetermined outcome. She did not want the meeting to go ahead. Under pressure from Iwi influences inside council she cancelled the meeting.

When one reads her email, she cites the following as her ‘concerns’

  • Use of weapons e.g., guns, knives or any suitable available materials Objects being thrown
  • Violence
  • Threatening or abusive language
  • A pedestrian being hit by a motor vehicle
  • Crushing in the crowd

Not one of these issues was in evidence in any way in the first meeting.

In other words, she trumped up the evidence.

This is high level corruption, inside the council.

There is no evidence, no proof, that someone, one of our supporters, attempted to run over a protester at the first meeting.

Samantha knew this.

Did she ask for evidence? For proof? No.

In her heart of hearts she knows, deep down, that she cancelled the meeting for political reasons.

Once again on our tour, free speech is cancelled by those working inside councils.

Remember, unelected Maori are now forcing their way onto councils all over the country. Why?

To affect these kinds of outcomes.

This is evidence of the thin end of the wedge of Tribal Rule.

This is how things will roll in the future.

Free Speech will be no more.

There will be fines and punishments for people who speak out against the approved narrative.

Samantha, you ought to be ashamed. What for?

For caving in with no proof  or basis for your judgements. 

For not having the courage to stand for Free Speech.

For showing cowardice when what New Zealand needs right now is people of courage.

For showing a lack of character. How so? People of character have integrity. They tell the truth.

You aligned yourself with lies, deceit, and cowardice.

You lied about your ‘concerns’.

Samantha, you made all these up.

You had no evidence from the previous meeting at the same hall. You trumped up some ‘charges’.

Samantha, in the end truth always wins.

What you did was shameful. It will be on your CV for life.

We have forgiven you, but please don’t do it again.

We are planning more meetings in Hamilton, a lot more.

Next time, be a person of Truth and align yourself with it.

Be a person who supports Free Speech. It’s what people of character do.

Just in! The letter from the protestor to the Council!

“I have seen this evening that the racist group who met at the Horsham Downs Hall on Sunday 7th May are advertising that they will be meeting again at the same venue on Sunday 14th May at 3pm.

This is a community hall, a space where the community are meant to be coming together, not being divided by racist, misinformed hatred by Julian Batchelor and his misfit gang of haters.

I have attached photos of one attendee of yesterday’s event harassing our group and standing with a sign reading ‘burn the treaty.’ Is this what we want to see at our public spaces and outside our Horsham Downs School as members of the public drive by? NO.

The other photos are of an elderly man, who instead of respecting our right to free speech, decided to cross over to the wrong side of the road towards oncoming traffic, stop on the intersection and accost young people standing against racism. When he was asked to move his car before he causes an accident, he explained “I can stop wherever I want to, who made these roads? We did!” (Did he mean ‘we’ as in white people?). He was stopped on the intersection for ten minutes whilst oncoming vehicles had to drive around. He has since been reported to the Police.

About 50, mostly elderly attended the hui. Shouting things from their cars like, “this is New Zealand, not Aotearoa” and pointing middle fingers at peaceful young protestors standing against racism. One attendee we spoke to at the end, said she felt uncomfortable in the hall and felt like she was at a white supremacist meeting and that some in the hall were mocking and making fun of Maori.

A nearby neighbour to the hall, stopped to ask what was going on and when she learned what was occuring in the hall nextdoor she gave us her full support. Parents who had taken their kids to the school courts to shoot some hoops, wished us well and gave us some toots as they left. Cars tooted as they drove by and some stopped to ask what was going on and when we explained why we were protesting they gave us their full support.

We had 10 peaceful counter protestors attend yesterday and will most likely have even more this weekend. I respectfully ask that you reconsider the hireage of this community hall to this group and join other venues across New Zealand who will stand up against racism, hate speech and division and do not allow these people to have platforms.

Concerned Waikato Resident”

PLEASE! If you were at this meeting on the 7th of May, write to the council and tell them to facts. For a start, well over 100 were in attendance.

Second, ask the council if they asked the protester to cite on piece of evidence of what Julian says in his seminars which is ‘racist’ and ‘divisive’.

Third, how would they know what Julian said inside the building? They were outside the building.

Fourth, where is the evidence someone tried to run a protester over? 

Fifth, there was a guy who turned up near the end of our meeting with a ‘burn the Treaty sign’ .

He was not part of our group.  

We actually support the Treaty In Maori.

So we are definitely not advocating ‘burning the Treaty’.  The opposite is true. 

Conclusion? The council made its decision to cancel the stop co-governance meeting on the basis of hearsay and not facts.

In other words, they cancelled the meeting for political reasons, nothing more, nothing less.

What You can Do About Our Cancelled Meeting

Google ‘Waikato District Council’. Get the email addresses of the senior leaders of this council. Email them today’s blog.

They will not be aware of what happened.

They can’t be aware, otherwise they would not have allowed it. 

Make them aware. Express yourself politely, but strongly and firmly.

We must put an end to this shameful behaviour and the only way to do that is to make people aware of what is going on.

Save our Country.  Push back.

Here are her details:
Samantha Baker
Community Venues and Events Team Leader
Waikato District Council
027 836 4338
0800 492 452

What Did We Do When Our Meeting Was Cancelled?


A lot happened in 48 hours!

At first the Horsham Downs Hall committee said they supported us unanimously.

Then at 12 noon Friday, the council cancelled us.

We began looking for other buildings straight away.

Then one of the locals had a great idea. He suggested he hire the hall at 3pm, in his name, and invite Julian to be the speaker.

It looked like we are all set to speak at Horsham Downs at 3pm on Sunday again!

Not so. The hall committee caved in, saying they did not want to disobey council.

So at 1pm on Sunday we had to find a new building – a new venue – by 3pm.

Julian and his team, with the help of real estate agents, did it!

It was a great challenge but they did it – they overcame!

We phoned Commercial Real Estate agents in Hamilton.

They were amazing.

They were totally for us, and went to work looking for empty buildings we could use.

They found one.

It was large but had no chairs or furniture.

50 people turned up, in a freezing cold Hamilton warehouse for 2 hours listening to Julian.

Half had to stand the whole time.

Such is the level of commitment of people to Stop Co-governance.

Those who turned up were absolutely legends!

Thank you so much! 

Below Is A Response From An Ex School Principal Who Read What Julian Wrote About What Maori Need Most

Hi Julian and Team
Thank you for working diligently to piece together your fantastic counter article to Roger Douglas’s absolute diatribe!!
I spent a lot of time in the 70s – 90s weaving Values and Character Education into primary teaching programmes in schools
I led as Principal. I wrote booklets for schools in NZ and ran several courses on Developmental Learning ie development of learning independence and character resilience in students.
As you would imagine I enjoyed reading what you wrote ????
Kind regards
Stop Co Gov. Supporter

(the photo is not Murray. It’s just a stock photo)

Murray, Ex School Principal

Below Is A Pamphlet Being Distributed All Over New Zealand By Activists To Discredit And Undermine Julian

We know from our intel that activists are distributing the pamphlets below to people all over the country, especially putting them on the car windscreens of those attending Julian’s meetings.

They use lies, half truths, and outright misinformation to achieve their goals. 

Conclusion? Maori elite are working over time to shut Julian down, because his tour threatens to derail the gravy train.  

You can read Julian’s response to this pamphlet HERE

Tauranga Event Last Night A Winner ...Again!

Tauranga Event Last Night A Winner ...Again!

The thing that is exciting me about our events is the quality of people who are turning up.

We seem to be a magnet for the intelligent and the thinkers.

Our meetings are just full of them. Lots of them.

They ask good questions, they are attentive all through, and they are politically awake.

Our big challenge is to shift them into now being angry and militant.

We need them to transition from being ‘deeply concerned’ to being mobilised.

You see, it’s about mobilisation.

It’s about people becoming activists.

An activist is someone who wants to become part of the solution. They give money, they give time, they deliver books, they march on the streets. They make sacrifices, because there is no gain without sacrifice and effort.

An activist cannot be put off. When they suffer disappointment and heartache, they keep going.

When people oppose them, it does not put them off.

On the contrary, it feeds them. It fuels them.

They are like a weed that refuses to die.

They are first up, last to bed.

The message they carry in their hearts is on their minds 24/7. Like rust, the activist never sleeps until the job is done.

There is a phenomenal team in Tauranga: Sheree, Rhonda, Caroline, Sue and Jack, Neil, Mike, Lana, Joy, Wayne, Paul and Mary, Chris, Shirley, Amelia and Emmy, Margaret, Andrew, and many more.

10,000 copies of Julian’s booklet will be arriving in Tauranga next week and this great team will continue to get them out to the whole of the city of Tauranga, street by street, house by house, person to person.

They are hugely well organised and committed. They are activists.

We are duplicating the model established in Tauranga in every city.

Such A Lively Event In Tauranga Last Night!

Such A Lively Event In Tauranga Last Night!

Last night in Tauranga was the most lively night yet on tour.

You’ll think we are joking when we talk about what happened last night, but we are not joking.

Our meeting was to start at 5pm. At 4:30 there was the sound of a helicopter, and multiple police car sirens just outside our venue.

So we went outside to check out what was going on.

Right outside our venue, police had blocked off the road and were standing around with assault rifles!

Spikes were on the road.

Lights were flashing.

We thought ‘Good one! This is going to help to bring people to our meeting. Anyone turning up for the first time will think that this is all for our meeting!’

Really, it was laughable. It was so bizarre and so ‘out there’ to be right outside our building.

In reality, it was pure co-incidence.

What’s ironic is that there were no protesters. If there was any, they probably saw the police everywhere with guns and spikes and a helicopter and thought ‘Far out, the copes are really helping Julian and his team. Too much for us! Let’s go home!”

However, the upshot is that a lot of people would have been put off from coming in to our meeting. They would have thought that all the police activity was to do with our meeting when it was not!

Apparently, there had been some domestic incident a few doors down from our hall, involving a gun. Instantly, the police had arrived in numbers.

Our meeting went ahead anyway. To get parking for our event meant people had to park a long way away.

Doubtless many would have been put off by this as well.

We had about 50 there last night. It turned out to be a fabulous night. Julian was able to slow things down, take questions during his lecture. The atmosphere was great. We had a break at the half way point which worked well too.

And we had no Q and A as the whole session had been A and Q.

The people who came were quality – intelligent, thinkers, savvy, and awake to realities. It was a real pleasure to be part of last night.

Julian has changed / modified his slides a bit, as he does after every event, and we think they and he are just getting better and better!

Tonight we are in the same location again, same time!

Let’s hope this time with no armed defenders squad.  

In the photo below, you can’t see them, but on the road between the two policemen cars are road spikes, and the cops are carrying assault rifles! Overhead is a helicopter! Sheesh

Someone just sent me a Stuff article about it, which you can read HERE


Half Page Advert In Bay of Plenty Paper! (picture below)

Margaret Colmore, Tauranga resident, had it on her heart to put a half page advert in the The Weekend Sun Newspaper.

She is an action woman! She didn’t just sit there thinking it was a good idea.

She got up and going. In one of our meetings to told me of the idea, which was going to cost $2000, and asked for people to join in.

They did, and all the money came in, and even more than was needed!

I just love this kind of thing – when people have an idea, and run with it, and see it through to completion.

It’s just so easy to have a great idea and do nothing with it.

Then we can have a great idea, start making it a reality, then give up when an obstacle pops up. Or even lots of obstacles.

Then there are people like Margaret who start the idea, progress it, overcome the obstacles, and finish it. See it through to completion. I love that!



This Lady Is A True Heroine!

This Lady Is A True Heroine!

Yesterday, someone alerted me to a great story.

Here it is HERE

It’s about a councillor on the Bay of Plenty District Council who stood up against co-governance.

Her name is Margaret Murray-Benge.

She pushed back! She said “No!” And she was right to do this. Absolutely right.

The council was discussing the long term plan and what was being pushed is that the council should prioritise a relationship with Maori.

To this Margaret said “I just say it cannot go over our commitment to the wider community, it can’t prioritise over anybody else because the Treaty [of Waitangi] when you read it doesn’t say that.”

“To move into so called partnership just doesn’t add up because it’s not in the treaty and I just think that we are being quietly misled and I’m just sending a signal that I think this is quite wrong,” she said.

Wow! That’s push back.

This what we need to see happening all over the country – in schools, in councils, in universities, on boards, in Parliament. Everywhere.

We need to call people out. Be strong. Push back. Say no!

What thrilled me about this story more than anything is that Margaret referred to the Treaty.

She knew it.

This is one of the reasons I wrote my book. It was written so that people could debate and argue the Treaty on the basis of facts and truth.

They could then also detect lies and propaganda about the Treaty, which are now everywhere in our country, and push back against them.

And Margaret did that.

This is Margaret’s email address:

Why don’t we all write to her and encourage her?

Also write to the council staff member who thought Margaret was being mischievous. Her name is Rachael Davie.

What a woke misinformed out-of-touch with the Treaty plonker.

This is what she said:
General manager strategy and community Rachael Davie responded to Murray-Benge’s remarks: “Your comments are mischievous.

“The reference within the strategic assumptions doesn’t purport to put relationships with tangata whenua ahead of relationships with community at large or any other stakeholder group it is simply recognising our statutory obligations and the status of the Treaty,” said Davie.

This is a lie.   The government is pushing everywhere to put Maori ahead of everyone else.  

It’s apartheid.  It’s racism. And it’s got to stop.  

The Treaty mandates equality, not racism, and apartheid.

Ms Davie, what if the statutory obligations are based on a fraudulent interpretation of the Treaty? What then?

Then, Ms Davie, you are perpetuating a lie.

We are calling for you to be stood down.

You can write to Ms Davie here:

What else you can do to help? 

Go to this web site:

Clip and paste the email addresses of all the leadership team into an email.

Email them a link to Julian’s book on line:

Then go to this web site:

Do the same.

If we want to stop co-governance, this is part of what we must do. 

Number Of Julian's Booklets, with cover letters, Gone Out To Corporate Leaders. As in the picture above.

Number Of People Who Read Julian's Book On-Line In The Last 30 Days. Yesterday 3525. An month ago 1423

Above Is A Good Example Of The Propaganda Being Pumped Out By The Government

How does one reconcile the portrayal of Maori as heroes when they top all the negative social statistics? Can anyone give me an answer to this?
Going, Going, Gone! 30,000 Booklets Go Out To All Bay of Plenty Rural Letter Boxes This Week!

Going, Going, Gone! 30,000 Booklets Go Out To All Bay of Plenty Rural Letter Boxes This Week!

We started off printing 5000 of Julian Batchelor’s booklets, and we were so excited about that. We thought this was a huge amount!

That was back in late January 2023.

Little did we know what was coming next, and how thrilling the journey to stop co-governance would become.

We have now printed 150,000 booklets and just about got them all out to Kiwis in their letter boxes.

We just ordered another 100,000 because we are near the end of the 150,000. Distribution is picking up as each day passes.

That’s 1/4 of a million booklets.  

More and more people are getting a book in their letter box, reading it, and then buying a stack of books themselves.

When this happens, you have created what we call “second generation activists”. These are people who were once not aware of the wrongness of co-governance, and now they are aware.

They became aware by reading Julian’s booklet.

Once aware, they join in the cause to stop it. This is what we are wanting, and it’s working.

We are going to, as it were, the unconverted people of New Zealand, bringing them into a place of deep awareness.

Many don’t activate, of course, and they do not become activists, but they become aware.  This is the crucial bit.

Those who do ‘activate’ are hugely exciting and encouraging to us.

What do I mean by ‘activist’? 

They put their hand up to start giving out booklets into letter boxes. They carry booklets in their car and give them out to people as they go about their day. They email this link to people in their address book:

Others donate money to fund the cause.

Others help in the background with admin jobs like banking, paying bills, thanking donors, helping to set up events, posting out books, managing data bases, phoning people and encouraging people, teams of people sticking stickers on flyers or ‘you’re invited’ notes on books, people trying to secure halls (and doing so), people challenging councils which have cancelled on us, historians giving us fresh and amazing insights into the treaty, videographers helping to get Julian’s message on line, people putting up signs advertising meetings around the city, proof readers, graphic designers, web designers, people managing our Facebook and Telegram pages, and people putting their hands up to be pick up points (PUPS) in towns and cities, printers and print brokers. Some pray.

We even have someone flying Julian around New Zealand in a private plane to get him to places on time.

Sign writers. People scouring the internet to find video footage of politicians and civic leaders spreading misinformation about the Treaty. This footage goes on our new web site We want to hold politicians to account.

Publishers getting good books to Julian so that he can get them out to people all over the country to get people reading about New Zealand history.

Others putting their hands up to become BDL (Book Distribution Leaders) in their cities and towns.

A lot of people are working away quietly in the background and are not noticed.

There is now a HUGE team of people around New Zealand to stop co-governance and we will achieve this goal. 

Nothing is more sure.

The next step after our ‘raising awareness campaign’?

Street Marches!


Please Be Sure To Read This Twice!

Please Be Sure To Read This Twice!

We are at a crucial stage in our campaign to stop co-governance and honestly, things couldn’t be better. 

However, we need now to step up to the next level. 

What’s ‘the next level?’

I have written an explanation.  You can read it HERE

Wanted! People to Scour The Internet For Video Footage Of MPs Spreading Misinformation About The TOW

Wanted! People to Scour The Internet For Video Footage Of MPs Spreading Misinformation About The TOW

If you find video footage of MPs saying wrong things about the Treaty, send the footage to Ian.

This is for our web site

We want to hold MPs to account for peddling misinformation about the Treaty.

Be Sure To Join Our New Telegram Group!

Be Sure To Join Our New Telegram Group!

Just do a search for stop cogovernance in the app Telegram, and join up. 

Democracy Action Group Tells It Like It Is!

Democracy Action Group Tells It Like It Is!

There is a fantastically committed group of people in New Zealand who have for years been committed to stopping co-governance and the elite Maori takeover.

The group is called Democracy Action.

We are so indebted to them for all their work.

We are standing on their shoulders.

Just recently they produced a sterling Newsletter on the topic of Co-Governance.

It’s a must read. You can read it HERE

To Save On Postage, We Need Pick Up Points In Every Town And City

To Save On Postage, We Need Pick Up Points In Every Town And City


The cost of postage in New Zealand is horrendous.

So here is an idea which we trialed, and it is working.

In a city a local business offered to store our books and flyers in their shop.
They are right in the middle the city. This is called a PUP or pick up point. 

In this way, people in the region can pick up book and go and do deliveries.

If you live in Hamilton, and you want to deliver books follow THESE instructions

.If you live in Christchurch, and you want to deliver books follow THESE instructions

We want to establish this system in every city / town / large suburb in the cities like Auckland.

Best of all? If people are travelling from Auckland to another city, they might think of picking up a few boxes of books from a Warehouse in Wiri, and transporting them back to their home town / city / suburb.  They would then drop them off to their local PUP (pick up point). 

This would save us even paying the postage to get them to the local pick up points. 

Below is a group of the team helping to glue / staple the ‘You’re Invited’ invites on to all the booklets and flyers. 

Once completed, these will be taken to the local PUP.

People doing deliveries can then go and pick up their books, find where to deliver them, and get cracking.

Before they start delivering, they contact their local BDL, or Book Delivery Leader.  

To find 0ut more about being a BDL, click HERE

We need a PUP and a BDL in every town and city.

Our research shows that by far the most effective way to get people to our meetings is a book in the letterbox.  


Hamilton Event Sunday 7th May The Best Yet

Hamilton Event Sunday 7th May The Best Yet

A really great crowd turned up in Hamilton on the 7th May in the afternoon at 3pm.

They were enthusiastic, supportive, totally on board, and really savvy. Hungry to know the truth. The ‘vibe’ was amazing!

As a team we felt hugely encouraged.

The Hamilton team of Chris, Dave, Eleanor (and her team) have been incredible, getting books and flyers out. Honestly, it was huge job, but they pulled it off. Incredible commitment.

Dave then went around the streets putting up corflute signs on lampposts and street signs. Wow!

Thankfully, and crucially, I asked some questions at the start of the meeting about how people knew the meeting was on, and why they came.

In other words, I wanted to know which of our advertising is working: radio ads on the Platform, Facebook, Telegram, flyers, and Julian’s book put in letter boxes.

90% of the crowd responded by saying it was books in letter boxes! This is HUGE information for us, because it tells us what is really effective, and what is not.

So, from now on we must really focus on books in letter boxes, making sure the meeting times are stapled on the front of the books. This is the absolute ideal.

Sometimes it’s not possible to staple this notice on, but if possible, we should do it.

I am expecting the crowd in Hamilton to double next week.  Yes, we have a meeting this Sunday, May 14 at 3pm Horsham Downs Hall, 10 Martin Lane.

Someone, quite wisely, said the meeting last night should be videoed and put on the internet. They are right, so next week we are having a videographer there to video everything.

Finally, there was a young person there, early 20’s. She and I had a long chat at the end.

What was interesting for me is that she had been taught in her studies the exact opposite of what I taught in my road show lecture / seminars.

She had been brainwashed and now was very very confused.

She wanted to know the truth.

The only way to know the truth is to read and research from reputable scholars. I told her to buy books from Tross Publishing because all their books were reputable. Not so with many other authors and books. They are under the thumb of the government and are deliberately pumping out misinformation about our history.

It’s the same with the internet.

All government sites have been deliberately corrupted to tell a false account of history. It’s all part of the coup, the brainwashing of the population, allowing elite Maori to push through with their agenda without opposition.

The Truth About Colonisation, Supposed Maori Land Loss, And The Maori King

The Truth About Colonisation, Supposed Maori Land Loss, And The Maori King

I would encourage everyone to read THIS

Brilliant Short Audio On Why Maori Don't Own The Water

Brilliant Short Audio On Why Maori Don't Own The Water

If you want some hard hitting light relief, and something completely not woke, listen to THIS

Another Fabulous Meeting In Tauranga  -And The 1835 Declaration of Independence

Another Fabulous Meeting In Tauranga -And The 1835 Declaration of Independence

Last night we held another fabulous meeting in Tauranga.

Out of this meeting will come new meetings in Taupo and Tokoroa.

In the Q and A time, the 1835 Declaration of Independence was brought up. This has happened several time in our meetings.

What is the truth about this Declaration?

This declaration was never ratified by the British Government.

It was seen by them, officially, as Busby “having a go at doing his own thing”.

But he was never authorised to even initiate the agreement.

If the Declaration of Independence is bone fide, the real deal, as some in our meetings claim, then how does one explain the coming of Hobson to New Zealand in 1840 and the Treaty at Waitangi?

The entire episode of the Treaty of Waitangi would have been a complete waste of time, since an agreement had been signed off by the chiefs in 1835.

That is to say, if the Declaration of Independence in 1835 was bone fide and valid, why the need for the Treaty in 1840?

Yet, as we all know, the British government did send Hobson, and we all know the story.

Something does not add up here. HERE is the truth about this Declaration.

Why King Charles Does Not Need To Apologise To Maori

Why King Charles Does Not Need To Apologise To Maori

I was astonished to read this article in this morning’s Herald (5/5/23) because it is so far from the truth to do with our NON -INDIGENOUS Maori .

Maori have benefited immensely and continue to do so, from the ‘civilisation’ brought to them ( a stone-age people) by British / European settlers .

This particularly following the Treaty of Waitangi, which was requested by MAORI to get protection for themselves from themselves and the near self-genocidal inter-tribal slaughter, rape, enslavement, infanticide and cannibalism they were constantly engaged in prior to that point, and which was even further exacerbated by the constant requirement for ‘utu’.

However Maori were in effect themselves ‘colonists’ when they arrived in New Zealand from ‘Hawaiki, their homeland, decided to make it their own, and set about the wanton genocidal slaughter of the resident incumbent New Zealand race, the Moriori. The very few remaining Moriori fled to the Chatham Islands.

The hypocrisy of Te Pati Maori in joining this move to call for King Charles 111 to acknowledge the “ horrific impacts “ of colonisation on indigenous people ( which Maori ARE NOT) is appalling .

Their ‘example’ of ‘ colonisation’ with regard to Moriori is as bad as it gets —- worse !

This all needs to be said because Maori are trying by dint of political engineering, lies and trickery (including this latest move) to establish themselves as being indigenous to New Zealand, so they can exploit the situation to their own advantage, when they ARE NOT INDIGENOUS at all .

This FACT they acknowledge on a sign at Cape Reinga which clearly states that that is the point from which the spirits of dead Maori return to their homeland of Hawaiki.

We MUST NOT allow ourselves to be sucked in by this deceit . We would NEVER stop paying for it!


Is this humbug? It is well known that Maori ceded sovereignty forever to Queen Victoria in the ToW, so in reality there is no Maori ‘king’ and never was.

Further, because there is no such thing as a Maori Nation as such, all tribes being independent of each other, there is certainly no general acceptance at all in Maoridom of the ‘self-styled’ Maori king who is based in Ngaruawahia.

The ‘title’ is primarily an affectation, a conceit. What took place in London seems to be a victory for Maori bullshit. It is just a disrespectful nonsense.
Hugh continued to say this:

I am astonished that Ngira Simmonds does not seem to have been admonished for her offensive outburst at the above pre-coronation function in London and totally undeserved blame laid about elsewhere.

We all know that the self-styled Maori king is a pretence, a fiction, an affectation and a conceit and nothing more than that.

Like all other New Zealanders, Tuheitia the self-styled Maori king is a subject of King Charles 111 and no monarch can be the subject of another. It is legally impossible. He might be a chief, even a high chief — but a king HE IS NOT.

Further, he is not even regarded as a king by tribes other than his own.

This nonsense that he is ‘a king’ must be put to bed and given no credence or encouragement by you and your Maori-centric government, by yet again weakly pandering to Maori bullshit.

And Ngira Simmonds needs to be firmly told the facts of history/life and told to behave herself in future.

We should not be supporting this ridiculous notion/fiction’ of a Maori king.
Hugh Perrett
Auckland 1050

Our Awareness Campaign Is Working!

People all over the country are giving out Julian Batchelor’s books, mostly by putting them in mail boxes.
Thanks to generous donors, 20,000 rural main boxes were ‘done’ in the Waikato.
Next, during the week of May 10, 30,000 in the entire Bay of Plenty.
On top of this over 300 people like you are giving them out in shopping centres, letter boxes, and to friends and family. Many are giving them to random strangers, which a bit of conversation involved. It’s an epic effort!

Below is an email which came in yesterday to our office


“Hello Julian,

I have just received a copy of your booklet “CO-GOVERNANCE”  –  what an eye opener!!

I have been very uneasy about the whole question of co-governance, especially as it is related to the “3 waters debacle”.  

But your booklet puts everything into perspective, and sets out very plainly what the political agenda is and the consequences of letting it run its course.

Congratulations on setting out the truth of the Treaty of Waitangi in such a clear manner.

I would like to have some copies of your booklet to give away – could you send me 50 copies please?  You will need to give me your bank details as you will probably like to receive payment before you dispatch the booklets to me.” 

How The $55m Public Interest Journalism Fund Is Being Used To Brainwash Kiwis

How The $55m Public Interest Journalism Fund Is Being Used To Brainwash Kiwis

I have been thinking about this for a long time.

Te Reo is increasingly being forced upon the population.

Streets names are being changed from English to Maori.

Same with place names.

More and more media are using Maori words in their communications.

More and more Maori words are being used in government communications.

More and more Maori actors are appearing TV and newspaper adverts.

More and more, Maori language and ideas are being forced into schools, kindergartens, Universities and Polytechs.

More and more people are reporting that they are getting interference from ‘Iwi’ in their personal lives.

Dealing with councils is becoming increasingly complex and expensive because of the requirement to get Iwi permission and sign off. Resentment is growing in the non-Maori population.

More and more people are noticing how Maori are being favoured over the rest of the population. Equality is no more. Apartheid is back. Separatism is everywhere now.

Many have received letters, out of the blue, from Heritage New Zealand advising them that their land has been re-classified as Wahi Tapu, or sacred Maori land i.e. land grabbing by Maori.

More and more Kiwis are telling us that they are fearful of an Iwi backlash in their business if they speak out against Maori.

Fear is increasing among the non-Maori population, and with this fear, anger.

What is going on here?

Many report that it feels like our country is being invaded by a foreign power.

These are the birth pangs of tribal rule.

We are all being groomed for tribal takeover.

Yesterday, I watched Sean Plunket unpacking the government’s $55M Public Interest Journalism Fund.

This fund is the key weapon, if you like, in the arsenal of weapons used by elite Maori for grooming the population, getting us all ready for tribal rule.

This is Sean Plunket at his best.

You can hear what he has to say about this fund  HERE

You can download the details of the contract media outlets are required to sign if they want funding HERE


Hi Julian,
In a recent blog you wrote that Radio NZ is part of the $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund. However, in ADDITION to what they receive under this fund they are also paid $48 million a year by the govt. out of tax dollars. 

John, Kapiti Coast

Why Chris Finlayson Is So Wrong -And Destructive

Why Chris Finlayson Is So Wrong -And Destructive

Find out why  HERE


On 10th Of May, 30,000 Of Julian's Books Go Out To All The Rural Letter Boxes In The Bay of Plenty

On 10th Of May, 30,000 Of Julian's Books Go Out To All The Rural Letter Boxes In The Bay of Plenty

This is so exciting, all paid for by generous donors! Thank you so much. As more donations come in, we can ‘do’ other areas.  Northland and Taranaki are next, then Manawatu, Hawkes Bay, then Wellington. 

It costs about $20,000 to ‘do’ a whole region.  The books are 50 cents each, and the delivery costs around $5k.


Couple Have Their Land Re-classified As Wahi Tapu Because It's On The Flight Path Of Native Pigeons! (I am not joking)

Couple Have Their Land Re-classified As Wahi Tapu Because It's On The Flight Path Of Native Pigeons! (I am not joking)

At our last meeting in Tauranga, a couple stood up at the back in the Q and A time and said that their land had just been re-classified as Wahi Tapu (sacred Maori land) by Heritage New Zealand. The reason given by HNZ was “Your land is on the flight path of Native Pigeons”
I am not making this up.
Can anyone help me find this couple? I need to talk to them.

Tauranga Supporters!

To all the lovely Tauranga supporters who are handing out Iceberg flyers and / or Julian’s book, please can you staple a meeting notice of our next meeting times in Tauranga on your flyers or books.

It’s so much more effective doing this. Thanks so much.  Please note, we have added some more meetings so be sure to use this new template. 

Click HERE to download  the meeting notice template.

You can either print them off yourself, or send them to a copy centre.

They will print them and chop them up. So much quicker!

In The End, Truth Always Wins

In The End, Truth Always Wins

In the end, truth always wins.  

We know, deep down, at the deepest level, that what we are doing on our tour is telling the truth. 

The best historians in our country affirm the truth we tell. Everything in Julian’s book and seminar is academically referenced.

His books and seminars are endorsed by these academics and historians.

What’s really interesting is that Julian’s book has been out for 8 weeks now, and not one person has criticised it, or try to pull it apart.

This is incredible, given that the media has gone to great lengths, even contacting Julian’s brother in England, to try and get dirt on him.

The Herald has made an application through the Official Information Office to get all correspondence between Julian and Mayors around the country to see if they can get dirt on him.

The media generally have been vicious trying to pin something, anything, on Julian.

Nothing. Why? Because the truth just stands like a great rock, immovable.

Other other the elite Maori, the activists, the government are peddling lies, deceit, and falsehoods. This is why they will never succeed.

Recently Tucker Carlson, America’s most well known and publicised media presenter resigned (or was sacked).

He did a small video about how truth always wins.

You can watch it HERE

We Are Mailing All Company Directors

Below is a picture of some of the envelopes we had printed. Inside each is a cover letter and one of Julian’s booklets.

We are appealing to company directors to get behind our cause to stop co-governance.

We are asking them to back us financially, and in other ways.

Let’s see what happens. Kelly is heading up this project of sourcing the names and addresses of company directors, then mailing them.

It’s a big Job but she tells me she is loving it! Go Kelly!

100,000 copies of Julian Batchelor's Book!

We are so excited to announce that 100,000 of Julian Batchelor’s booklet will be rolling off the presses in Auckland this week.  The are mostly ear marked to be delivered to: 

  • All the rural letter boxes in the Bay of Plenty
  • All the rural letter boxes in the Central North Island
  • All the homes in St Heliers, Kohimarama, Mission Bay, Remuera, and Oraki. 
  • The rest will go to you faithful people who are out there delivering to the urban areas inside your town and city / town 


Wanted! National Street March Manager

Wanted! National Street March Manager

The first phase of our campaign to stop co-governance, which will be on going until the next election, is raising the awareness of Kiwis as to the outright wrongs of co-governance. 

We are achieving this through a combination of live seminars,  flyer drops, booklet drops, talking to people everywhere about co-governance, and radio and print advertising, 

The next phase, running parallel to phase one, is street Marches.  We want to begin these in June.  

There are 10 of us in our admin team / inner circle so far, each focussing on a particular area: finance, corporate, strategy, registrations, event co-ordination, sourcing buildings for events, print production, social media, graphic design, web maintenance, police liaison, security, book distribution manager, book storage, book postage.

We now need a vitally important person for our next phase! 

Street March Manager.  You can work from home entirely. This involves working with police and councils to plan the marches, and working with our own Vicki who is in the hub co-ordinating all the events. 

There is no pay. 

You’ll be playing a big part in helping to save the country. 

We Made The TV One 6pm News ...Again

We Made The TV One 6pm News ...Again

We made the main news

You can watch the TV News Item HERE

Once again, we see how the media item tries to twist the truth. How so? According to this news item, we are the group who are racist, while the protesters / government / Iwi elite  are not. 
The very opposite is true. As an organisation, Stop Co-governance is fighting against racism, apartheid, and racial division.  We are fighting for racial unity. 

Michael Bassett Hammers Tribal Leaders

Michael Bassett Hammers Tribal Leaders

You can read his excellent piece  HERE

Brilliant Historian Bruce Moon Exposes Lies, Lies, And More Lies

Brilliant Historian Bruce Moon Exposes Lies, Lies, And More Lies

You can read his excellent piece  HERE

New Zealand Is Like A Bus Load Of People, Hurtling Towards The Edge Of The Cliff

New Zealand Is Like A Bus Load Of People, Hurtling Towards The Edge Of The Cliff

I have been saying this for a long time – a coup is in progress in New Zealand, and the more it progresses, the closer we get to the total destruction of our country as we know it. 

To use a metaphor, New Zealand is a bus hurtling towards the edge of a cliff, and the drivers are the Maori elite. 

With every passing day, more and more surfaces which confirms my thinking.  Any thinking / observant person would agree.  Take for example, THIS PIECE by Muriel Newman about 3 waters.  

All through this piece, bold and proud, are the words “Elite Maori takeover”

Then how about THIS PIECE by a high ranking commercial / legal commentator.  He postulates that our reputation as a place for international investment is being ruined by co-governance ‘arrangements’, so called. 

HERE is another excellent piece summarising the corruption

We Tried It And It Worked

We Tried It And It Worked

We have had three meeting in Tauranga in the past 2 weeks.  

Before the second meeting began, we worked with the owners of the hall to stage a third meeting.  That is to say, we secured a time and date for a third meeting before the second meeting took place. 

In this way, we are able to announce at the conclusion of the second meeting when and where the third meeting would take place.  

The idea behind this was simple – people who attended the second meeting would go out and invite people to the third meeting. 

We wondered whether the people in the second meeting would actually go out and help us fill the third meeting – and they did! 

Our team were so encouraged by the faithfulness and decision of those who attended the second meeting – they were amazing! 

One couple brought 4 people, others 2 or 3, and before we  knew it, we had a great meeting! Sincere thanks to all of you!

It take time and effort to invite people, but they did it.

I took a video of the meeting at 4:50, 10 minutes before the start time.  You can watch it HERE

Special thanks to Joy once again for all the amazing food she provided for everyone, to Sue for the hall, and for Jack and Wayne and others who helped set up and pack down. 

We had a wonderful night! 

The next meeting in Tauranga is 6th of May, Saturday, 5pm.  345 Maunganui Road. Then again on the 13th of May, same location, 5pm.

Please invite everyone everywhere! 

Tauranga supporters – if you are giving out booklets, please advertise these dates by stapling the meeting notices to the books, as per the picture below.    

Click HERE to download the meeting notices that you will need for the events on the 6th and 13th May.  The Digiprint Copy Centre in Tauranga will print them and chop them up for you for a small cost 07 578 5002 or  

Just email them the file I have provided here, then just go and pick them up. 

Take Special Note of What The Kiwi Is Carrying On Its Back

Notice the cartoon above.

What is the biggest box the Kiwi is carrying, right at the top of the pile?

Yep, you got it. This is hugely significant,  because the artist is 100% correct.

Why Strategy Is Crucially Important

Why Strategy Is Crucially Important

Strategy is ‘the plan’.  In mass movements, crucially important political movements, the people need vision. 

As the saying goes “Without a vision, the people perish.”

We don’t publish everything about ‘our plan’ on line, for obvious reasons, because we don’t want to enemy to know what we are planning.

However, there are some big picture perspectives (i.e. Macro) we can publish here, which is what we are going to do today.

Phase one: Establish  communications portals. 

September – December 2022.  Set up a blog, social media, and up a web site, which we’ve done.

Phase two: Go to the people. 

January – October 2023 

Organise and execute a national tour, which we are doing.  At present, Julian is the only person presenting ‘live’ seminars.  

He is currently training another person to present weekly in Auckland.  His name is Ian.  He is passionate, intelligent, experienced, and dynamic. Tailor made. 

A third person is in the wings. Her name is Joy, who is heading up our youth / young people’s wing.

Watch this space. 

Phase three: Produce tools.  

January – February 2023 

Write a small booklet which was easy to read, factual, accurate, short, and succinct (i.e. Julian Batchelor’s book), detailing the problem. Done.

Phase four: Bring Awareness.  

2023 : January – October

We are raising finance to get the booklet into the hands of every New Zealander.  The reason? To raise awareness.  Many kiwis don’t have a clue what is going on with respect to co-governance.  This is just the way elite Maori / government want it.  Keep the population in the dark.  Push co-governance through without people knowing.

Someone recently gave $43k to get Julian’s book into all the rural letter boxes in the Bay of Plenty and central North Island.  Other donors have given significant gifts. 

Radio advertising and print advertising is crucial for phase four.  We are starting radio advertising this week 

Print advertising is on going. 

What is most crucial at this stage, right now, is that we keep printing Julian Batchelor’s booklet and raising up people to get them out to all kiwis.  100,000 are coming off the press, paid for by donors.  All we need now is for you amazing people in your towns and suburbs to distribute them! 

Phase five: Street Marches.  

June – September 2023

Hold on going street marches in every city, and every small down. Here is a really helpful booklet book together to help people organise street marches.

Phase six:  

May to October 2023 

Raise up co-ordinators in each region who will organise buses to get people to Auckland for phase 7.

Phase seven:

September 2023

Hold our mass rally in Auckland with 1-200,000 people. This will be New Zealand’s biggest mass rally. As people become aware, these numbers will grow.

It should be this, because co-governance is the biggest problem our country has faced since 1840.  

The message to all political parties will be clear “Expunge co-governance or you will lose our vote.”

 100,000 votes could swing the election either way, so politicians will take this seriously. 



New Strategy For Filling Our Meetings!

New Strategy For Filling Our Meetings!

Someone has come up with a great idea to fill Julian’s live meetings! 

Our strategy to date has been:

  • Book a hall
  • Distribute flyers
  • Give out Julian’s books
  • Advertise the meetings on our web site. 

Someone, a brilliant person, has come up with a better way.  

Sure, for the very first meeting in a town or suburb, we book a hall, deliver flyers, and give Julian’s book out.  We advertise on the radio, and in print.  

This is all good, and we need to keep doing this FOR THE FIRST MEETING.

Now this is where the new strategy kicks in. 

Before the first meeting in a certain venue happens, we book in a second meeting IN THE SAME VENUE!

In this way, at the end of the first meeting, the initial meeting, we can announce to those attending that there will be a second meeting in the same venue at the same time in one or two or three weeks time. 

This gives the people in the first meeting time to go out and give out booklets and invite people to the second meeting. 

Then at the second meeting, we announce the date and time of the third meeting, and so. 

So we have on-going (rolling) meetings in every location. 

We are doing this in every location now.  

We are doing this in Mt Maunganui today! 

We held a meeting in Mt Maunganui Tauranga last week i.e. a week ago. 

This past week, all the fantastic people who attended the first meeting were told of the second meeting this afternoon, April 29, 5pm, Mt Maunganui Community Centre.

This past week, they have been out. there inviting people.

What’s the key point?

The people who attend our meetings become our greatest advertisers!  

Once their eyes are opened to the dark realities of co-governance, they (rightly) want to go out and tell others! 

So we are tapping into this great truth and leveraging off it to create bigger and better meetings.

This morning, Saturday 29th April, a group of us are meeting in someone’s home at 8am with a box of Julian’s books. 

We are all bringing a stapler and some spare taples. 

We then staple one of the pre-made small notices onto the cover of Julian’s book (SEE THE PICTURE TOP LEFT)

Once done, we are heading out to deliver these in letter boxes all around the area where the meeting is taking place at 5pm tonight! 

Really, we should have been out there all week doing this all over Tauranga, but this new strategy is so new this is all we had time for for this meeting! 


We took the notice to a copy centre advising that we wanted 9 notices on an A4 page and that we wanted 400 notices in total, and we wanted them all chopped up to maKe 400 individual notices. 

The local copy centre did it in no time and it cost $19. 

You can see what the A4 piece of paper looked like HERE

The little piece of artwork “You’ve Invited” you can download HERE

Now here is an important thing. 

What say you don’t have a meeting in your area yet? 

Or your meeting is a long way off? 

What you do is buy a stack of Julian’s books, staple a wee notice on each one, as per the explanation above, and start delivering them. 

:So what do you write on the notice? You write:

“You’ve invited!  

We are gathering a group of people together in such and such a town / suburb to meet and discuss the issues / concerns raised in this booklet.  

Our next meeting is at such and such a time in such and such a place.  Tea and coffee and muffins will be provided!

Call or email such and such to us know your are coming!

Join the fight against co-governance.

Help save our country.  We need you on the team!

Call me now!

There are so many benefits in doing this.  First, you’ll build a team of people who can deliver booklets around your suburb / town / city.  Second, you’ll make friends. 

Third, you’ll be doing something great for New Zealand, and for all New Zealanders.  They may not know it yet, because they are unaware, but this is what you are doing. 

Don’t have one meeting.  Have on going meetings once a fortnight in your home.

Build your team. 

Taupo Council Cancels On Us Last Minute, But We Recover

Taupo Council Cancels On Us Last Minute, But We Recover

A man called John was a life saver for us last night.

Yesterday, about 3pm, I was on the road midway between Tauranga and Taupo, en route to do our first Taupo meeting.

I heard a ‘ding’ on my phone, notifying me of an incoming email. It was from someone inside the Taupo Council telling me that they had had to cancel our meeting because of a double booking.

I knew straight away, this was not the real reason for the cancellation. We were against co-governance. That was the real reason.

So I had to made a decision there and there whether to turn around and go back to Tauranga, or continue to Taupo.

Could I find a new venue to two hours? Something in me said “Bugger them. I am going to get a building! I am not going to let them play games with us like this!”

When I arrived in Taupo, now about 4:30pm, I drove down the waterfront, looking for somewhere which might have a conference room we could hire.

I saw on, and drove in. I told the lady on the desk what I wanted, and what I was doing and speaking about. I did not know it then, but the owner was in a nearby room and listening.

He came out and told me he was one our biggest supporters. He explained that he could not have the meeting in his complex, because Iwi were big spenders and frequent visitors. Living it up on tax payers free money.

He took me into a side room, and set to work, phoning friends and contact in Taupo. Eventually, we found an empty warehouse. it just needed chairs.

So we phone a hire place (by now it was 4:50 and close to closing time everywhere, so the race was on!)

The hire place turned out to be only a few doors down from the warehouse!

Next thing, a forklift turned up with the chairs, and the hire company staff arranged them in the building for us.

By 6pm we were ready to go! Two hours, from start to finish! Boom! A miracle.

Wayne, one of our team, went up to the location where the meeting was first planned to be, to redirect everyone to the new venue.

The police were notified of the new venue.

John was a life saver last night. Really, it was incredible how that meeting came together.  Also Richard, who provided the building, and John and his wife who had been working tirelessly for months in this town. 

Many time they had a venue lined up, only to have it cancelled.


How did the meeting go? Only about 50 turned up, but they were quality people. Except two.

The Maori lady with a feather in her hair and her woke Pakeha friend wrecked the Q and A time.

The two of them tried to get us off track, bringing up conspiracy theories, the WEF, the UNs involvement in NZ etc.

The woke Pakeha told Julian off for being angry. He did not apologise. He told the lady he had a lot to be angry about!

The Maori lady was aggressive and ‘off’ on her comments.

She had ‘listened’ to very little of what Julian had been saying commenting that ‘Maori Chiefs at Waitangi didn’t understand the Treaty because it was read to them in English’. This kind of nonsense.

Then she was banging on about how she was against co-governance and ‘we should all work together’.

No thanks.

Such are the tricks and deceit of the activists. We have worked them out. They try and sound conciliatory, but really underneath their ’suggestions’ and bravado is a desire to take over and derail you from what you are doing. Ultimately, they just want to control you.

Our man on the door made a mistake as he let them in.

When we asked him ‘W/hy did you let them in?’ he said ’They told me they were against co-governance’.

This is what they do.

Activists lie and deceive, which is the pattern I have seen everywhere.

So, we will put Taupo down as a learning event.

Apart from that, as we said, the event went well and we felt those who had come received what they came for was vital information about the truth of co-governance.

They left with bundles of books and Iceberg flyers.

We’ll hold more meetings in Taupo. This was just the start.

We Made The TV One 6pm New ...Again

We Made The TV One 6pm New ...Again

Last night, 27 April, 6pm, we made the main news

You can watch the TV News Item HERE

Generous Tauranga Donor Gives $43k

Generous Tauranga Donor Gives $43k

A very generous Tauranga donor gave $43k so that the entire Bay of Plenty and Central North Island rural mail boxes will receive one of Julian Batchelor’s books.  This money will go straight to our printer and the rural delivery company. 

We are hoping that other people who have the means will step up now in other regions like the Hawkes Bay, Manawatu, Wellington, Taranaki.  

In the South Island Nelson Bays, Westland, Fiordland, Kaikora, Canterbury, Southland Otago.  

It costs roughly $20k to ‘do’ an area, but it all depends on the size.  Some areas will be $15k, others $25k.

If you can help fund one of those areas, please email me:


Tauranga Lady Fizzing!

Tauranga Lady Fizzing!

We love it when people have initiative. Margaret from Tauranga is one of those people.

Margaret stood up in our meeting at the Mount last weekend in the Q and A time and announced that she wanted to put our Iceberg advert in the Bay of Plenty paper “The Weekend Sun” which has a circulation of 70,000, according to this web site, by way of a half page full colour advert.

This is a way of potentially reaching 70,000 people with Julian’s book.

In our meeting, she called for people to donate to help her. So far $800 out of the $2000 has been raised.

I think this is a worthwhile cause. Very worthwhile.

What Margaret is looking for is 12 people to give $100 each or 24 people to give $50, or a combination.

We are particularly looking for people in the Tauranga area. This is your patch, so let’s get behind Margaret! 

Update On The Delivery Of Julian Batchelor's Book To All The Homes In Waikanae

Update On The Delivery Of Julian Batchelor's Book To All The Homes In Waikanae

Dear Julian and Team

I note in your blog that you may unwittingly be conveying the idea that book distribution and purchase is expensive. We have found this to not be true in Waikanae.

We purchased and hand delivered 5,000 of Julian’s booklets for just under $3,000 in Residential Waikanae
We did this with 1 donor and a team of 6 People Delivering the Booklets
We felt this was very cost effective
If Every Small town did the same we would have a big part of NZ Covered

New Youth Division Of Stop-Governance Birthed.

New Youth Division Of Stop-Governance Birthed.

This is Joy, from Tauranga. 

She’s 21. 

She and her partner are dead keen to start a Youth wing of Stop Co-governance. 

Let’s get behind her! 

She is smart, savvy, social media proficient, and 110% committed to our cause. 

I can’t wait to see what happens through her and her partner. 

The plan is for me to train her so she can start presenting seminars around the country to the under 30s demographic who have been targeted by the government to accept and run with co-governance.   

They have been groomed for takeover.   The government wanted to capture young voters, so this is what they have done in Universities and schools. 

Watch out!  Things are about to change.

Joy  is going to be the Queen of pro co-governance detox!

That is to say, Joy is going to de-program all the young people who have been brainwashed so that they change sides, and join us in stopping co-governance.

The ‘awakening’ among young people is about to begin! Go Joy! 


Auckland Politician Who Opposes Our Tour Is Both A Cry Baby And A Hypocrite.

Auckland Politician Who Opposes Our Tour Is Both A Cry Baby And A Hypocrite.

Auckland councillor Jake Laws calls himself a politician.  

He was one of the protesters at our Orewa meeting.  

He and 50 other protesters trashed the meeting, which cost us $3600 to put on.

The behaviour of the protestors, including Jake, was appalling.

One of our protesters recognised Jake at an Anzac parade and they challenged him about his behaviour at Orewa. 

So what does Jake do?  Like a good cry baby, he runs to the media (his mummy) to report being ‘abused’.  OMG. such hypocrisy.  

Jake does think twice of trashing our meeting, but when someone rightly confronts him, he runs home to his mummy with tears streaming down his cheeks crying “It’s not fair! Someone abused me at the Anzac parade!”

His mummy held him tight as he snuggled into her apron. 

His Mum tried to comfort him “Jake darling, it’s Ok to be a hypocrite .  This is how we brought you up.  Plus you know your dad and I are paid to groom you to be like this. That person who called you at out at the Anzac parade was so horrible, weren’t they. Poor Jake!”

You can read Stuff’s report HERE 

Maori Group Sets Up Their Own Parliament In Te Awamutu Claiming 1835 Declaration of Independence Gives Them The Mandate

Maori Group Sets Up Their Own Parliament In Te Awamutu Claiming 1835 Declaration of Independence Gives Them The Mandate

A group of Maori have set up their own Parliament in Te Awamutu.

We don’t know who they are, exactly, as their web site does not say.

Either way, it’s a clear breach of the Treaty.  In the Treaty, Maori ceded sovereignty to the Crown completely and forever.

In other words, there can ever only one government in New Zealand, not two.  

The only government mandated by the Treaty is the one that is democratically elected, and no other. 

Really, it’s very simple.  

Let’s see if the government moves to shut this so called ‘rival government’ down.  

I doubt whether they will because the current government is actually funding a rival government.   Hard to believe but true.  

That’s right, the elected government is funding the takeover of New Zealand by a rival government. 


So what is this group on about? They claim, and they have the backing of a woke German lawyer who doesn’t know our history, that Maori never ceded sovereignty to the Queen in 1840. 

You can hear what he has to say.  But be warned.  It’s nauseating to watch. Here it is HERE

 I have written a response to their claims that through the Declaration of Independence 1835,  Maori did not cede sovereignty.    

Their claim is absolute nonsense.  

HERE is why. 

What Is The Difference Between An Elite Maori In 2023 And An Anzac Soldier?

What Is The Difference Between An Elite Maori In 2023 And An Anzac Soldier?

Anzacs were heroes, Maori elite not so. Why? What’s the difference?

You can read today’s post HERE

Second Tauranga Event Rocked Too!

Second Tauranga Event Rocked Too!

Our second Tauranga event was held last night at Mt Maunganui with a start time of 5pm.

Once again, everything went like clockwork. Sheree and her team did a stunning job.  How did it go?

To use a common expression, “They hit the ball out of the park!” 

Joy was there with baking and drinks and all kinds of goodies for everyone.

Our door men, led by Wayne, were bullet proof.

Around 100 turned up, which meant the hall was 2/3 full. By start time they were waving New Zealand flags. The atmosphere was upbeat and happy. So so different from the other events where the protesters had got inside.

The police arrived at 4:30 to check everything out. They were great.

Protesters started to gather about 4:45 and by the time our event started there were about 22 outside on the Street. However, none were able to get inside. The building is perfect for these events because there are high brick walls all around, and the actually room where we held the meeting was a long way from the street where the protesters were. So we hardly knew they were there.

We were allowed to speak freely, which is our democratic right

Here are some texts which Julian received after the event and this morning

“Wow! I came not knowing what to expect but left so inspired and informed. It was an incredible night. We have to stop co-governance at all costs”

“Hey Julian. That was so informative and inspirational tonight”

“Hi Julian and team. Thank you for all you are going for New Zealand. After last night, my wife and I are 110% committed to stopping co-governance.”

“Tonight was eye opening, to say the least. We knew something was very wrong in New Zealand but we did not know it was so bad. I left angry but determined to roll my sleeves up and get stuck in to stop this.”


Generous donors gave over $7000 to the cause.

One lady jumped up and offering to lead an initiative to put at advert in the Bay of Plenty Times – our Iceberg advert. It will cost $1700. Wow!

Others pledged to deliver books to everyone in their neighbourhood. Because of the demand we are going to put on another special meeting in Tauranga this weekend, SATURDAY 29 APRIL, 5PM, 339 Maunganui Road, Mount Maunganui Community Centre, Mt Maunganui, Tauranga, the same location we used last night.

The plan is to hold events here at this community centre regularly between now and the election.

The photo below was take as people were gathering before start time.

Such a great atmosphere. 

What’s next on the calendar for Tauranga? Street Marches.

3000 Books Delivered In Waikanae Last Weekend!

3000 Books Delivered In Waikanae Last Weekend!

Peter and his wife were the business people in Waikanae who purchased 5000 copies of Julian’s book.
Over the past few weeks, they had been networking to gather their delivery team together.
Then last weekend, April 22-23 they pushed play!
3000 were delivered, with 2000 to go!
Well done Pete and the Waikanae team!
Heather du Plessis-Allan On Why Co-Governance Is Wrong

Heather du Plessis-Allan On Why Co-Governance Is Wrong

You can read what she said HERE

First Tauranga Event Rocked

First Tauranga Event Rocked

Our first Tauranga event went absolutely like clockwork.

The hall only held 120 and we filled it. Sheree and her team did a great job.

Joy had prepared a magnificent feast for everyone who had come to set up. Seriously, she went the extra mile.Sheree had organised the bouncers on the door, and Wayne did the filtering. The bouncers were physically huge!

Others in Sheree’s team brought bottled water for everyone.  The Tauranga team were just so helpful, generous, and amazing! 

The police arrived at 4:30 to case out the place and reassure us of their support (see the photo below of them surrounding Julian)

The hall started to fill about 4:30, and eventually, by start time it was packed. Only a handful of protesters came, and none tried to get in. So really, the protesters were a non event. What a difference this makes.

We were able to hold our event without interruption and FREE SPEECH reigned!

About time. 

Julian spoke powerfully as usual and he held the audience spellbound for the first hour as he delivered the goods!

Some huge new insights were given about the Treaty.

During the Q and A some great questions were asked.

We all were packed down and on our way home by 10pm.

All in all, our cause in the Tauranga area was given a HUGE shove forwards last night!

Thank you once again to the Tauranga team for doing such a great job! You were amazing.

Kohimarama Conference Chiefs In 1860 Unanimously Affirm Queen As Sovereign Ruler Over Them

Kohimarama Conference Chiefs In 1860 Unanimously Affirm Queen As Sovereign Ruler Over Them

Many of you will have heard about the so called Kohimarama Conference in 1860. It was the largest ever gathering of Maori Chiefs in New Zealand and it was only 20 years after the Treaty of Waitangi was signed.

Many of the chiefs who signed the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840 were at this Kohimarama Conference in 1860.

At the end of the conference, they passed resolutions.

One of these resolutions was that the Queen was their sovereign ruler. It was passed unanimously.

 That is to say, that the chiefs had ceded sovereignty to the Queen.

Article One of the Treaty says “The chiefs of the confederation of united tribes and the chiefs who have not joined the confederation cede to the Queen of England forever the entire sovereignty of their country.”

This is what the Kohimarama chiefs affirmed.

So how come today, activists, Maori MPs and elite Maori claim that Maori did not cede sovereignty? That they only gave the Queen permission to rule over the settlers? That they did not give the Queen permission to rule over Maori? That Maori did not give the Queen permission to rule over their ‘lands, dwellings, and all their property?  That the Treaty gives a mandate for co-governance?

In doing this, in saying these things, they are claiming that they know more than ALL the chiefs who gathered at Kohimarama in 1860. 

What are we to make of these claims?

They are nonsense.  They are outright lies.

They are based on a fraudulent interpretation of the Treaty.

They are the inventions of con men and women to suit their purpose which is the takeover of New Zealand.

Remember, it’s what’s below the water line that sank the Titanic. It’s what is below the  Co-Governance waterline which will sink New Zealand.

Below is the resolution I am talking about here.


Ex Kaipara Mayor Dr JASON SMITH Explains What Is "Under The Waterline" With 3 Waters Legislation.

Ex Kaipara Mayor Dr JASON SMITH Explains What Is "Under The Waterline" With 3 Waters Legislation.

Our current government is just so corrupt and dishonest. 

We are running our Iceberg series (see the Iceberg graphic at the top of this blog) which are articles or stories which relate to co-governance, exposing all the lies and deceit.

JASON SMITH has written an excellent piece.  He  details how the 3 Waters Legislation is a perfect example of what is below the waterline of the co-governance Iceberg.  

That is to say, all the hidden facts about co-governance which are going to sink New Zealand.

You can read what he wrote HERE.

Mikaela Matenga Fires Up

Mikaela Matenga Fires Up

Who can forget our Orewa Event at the end of March, 2023?

Never have a group of Kiwis been so disrespected by protestors, mostly of Maori decent.

The behaviour of the 50 of so protesters on that day was shameful. It was appalling.  They let good Maori down badly. 

Because of their behaviour, Julian’s right to speak was cancelled. The right of the 150 Orewa residents who had come to hear him was trashed. 

Protestors were noisy throughout making it difficult if not impossible to continue with the meeting.  

But Julian and the crowd who came to hear him did persevere, and the meeting was a huge success, for a whole lot of reasons, not least of which is that it drew attention to the issue of Free Speech in New Zealand, and how thugs and anarchists have been allowed to shut it down. 

Which brings me to the Queen of Orewa, the Queen of the protesters, Mikaela Matenga.  

That’s her in the picture above. She was interviewed by TV 3.  

To understand how lost and confused Mikaela is, you first have to watch the TV3 news item, in which she featured.  Here it is HERE.

OK, now you have seen the TV3 news item, now watch the real story.  

The real story is Mikaela ripping up our books, right in front of the police who looked on uncaringly.  The police were nonchalant.

What Mikaela did not realise is that our cameras were rolling, and we caught everything Mikaela was up to for the world to see. 

What I want to you notice is the man who tried to stop Mikaela from ripping up the books.  She was out of control, in a ripping frenzy.  “The man” was trying to stop her. 

Yet this same man is vilified by media in their report, and Mikaela is portrayed as the sweet innocent butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth little Maori girl by TV3.   

You can watch the video footage of Mikaela ripping up our books (turn your sound down)  HERE

Please be sure to not miss anything on this video.  Notice please the identity of the good man trying to stop Mikaela from systematically ripping up Julian’s book. 

Notice the policeman. 

Notice the cover of the book – it’s definitely Julian’s. 

Then go back and watch the TV3 news item again, and see how the TV3 editors stitched it all together to tell a shamefully dishonest story. 

Their motive?

TV3 is paid by the government to elevate Maori, promote co-governance, and stop the co-governance tour. 

Today, Mikaela wrote to Julian.  It’s the first time Julian has heard from her. 

You can read what she wrote and Julian’s reply below


Mikaela Matenga's Fiery Email 20/4/23 To Julian And Julian's Rely!

Mikaela Matenga's Fiery Email 20/4/23 To Julian And Julian's Rely!

 You can read Mikaela email to Julian, and Julian’s response, HERE

I would encourage people to write to Mikaela, but please DO  NOT ABUSE her.  She is someone’s precious daughter. 

I am hoping that with “more information” she will turn a corner.

She is simply someone who has taken a series of wrong turns in life, and we ought to be the people who help her get back on track.

Right now she is lost and confused, like so many young Maori. This is one of the reasons we are doing our tour.  To clear the confusion, the fog, and to bring clarity. 

She has great potential, for sure.  Right now, all that potential is being expended on the wrong cause.

Political Group "Wake Up New Zealand" Comes To Our Aid!

Political Group "Wake Up New Zealand" Comes To Our Aid!

 Below is an email from a group called Wake Up New Zealand.  

In their exchange below they are writing to the people who run a tin pot organisation called The Aotearoa Liberation League who are regular protesters at our events.  A husband and wife run this organisation.  She is Iranian, he is part Maori.

This what Wake Up New Zealand wrote to them.


“This is from a pro co governance activist not even a Kiwi that slanders our dairy industry partner of Christian Seger who calls himself by a number of names CHRIS HURIWAI does not use his birth name Christian opinion his deeds are to divide and separate NZrs into two tier cultural marxist ideology.


He has no expertise or professional experience nor has his wife activist ..they are racist and I believe support apartheid in NZ. I questioned Seger last night WHATS YOUR TAKE ON UNDRIP..

Response WHATS THAT..


Obviously this racist activist and his girlfrand their cohorts know Jack shit and they are furiously race baiting people that oppose co governance in NZ.

Targeting farmers as going against maori I say this activist group have their own racist agenda and are cultural Marxists.

They are obsessed with targeting Julian Batchelor character assassinated him because he believes in Christianity and accuses him as spreading racist propanga..this tribal feudalism… activist Christian Huriwai Seger is the most racist individual I have ever heard.

Says it all he does not use his birth name which is Christian….he claims british colonization is the cause of all ills of NZ .

Ignores the true science.

Ignores maori tribes warned against each other took slaves they were a stone age people..experts who have maori blood have documented this.

Maori were warring tribes.

Christian Huriwai Seger in print publishes that Martin Doutre is a neo nazi. SEGER STATES that the Littlewood Treaty document is pushed by neo nazi.

Yet Seger says he does not use racism..but thats what he does he is a cultural marxist.

Look at the history of Stalin ..Marxism.. socialism ..this is the same ideology of marxism Christian Huriwai Seger worships.

Maybe because he is a worshipper of Gaia Mother Earth rather than the creator

Namely Te Mangai Paho therefore also indirectly funding racial hatred againgst Martin Doutre andJulian Batchelor..therefore funding the Aotearoa Liberation League Co founded by racist activists Chris huriwai seger known by other names and his partner Iraq born Samah Seger.

Both of them obsessively character assassinating the farmers of nz.

Blaming white washing rather than green washing.

WAKE UP NZ this is promoting apartheid in NZ .

Eco Gaia Cultism totally ignorant of true science following psuedo science .and biased data..

I won’t use the words misinformation or disinformation they are in my opinion racist cuktural Marxist liars..Practicing my human rights..

freedom of expression Carol Sakey .



The Most Wonderful Wednesday Ever!

The Most Wonderful Wednesday Ever!

Yesterday was the most wonderful ever! 

As you well know, I usually get up at between 3 and 4 am to write these bogs. 

Part of my routine is to check my emails to see what has come in overnight. 

Yesterday, Wednesday the 19th of April 2023 was the most wonderful ever! It started with an email from a donor saying that he’d donate $10,000 which would enable us to get one of my booklets to every farmer in the Waikato.  20,000 booklets.  Wonderful!

$10,000 will pay for the printing of 20,000 booklets. 

Another donor is pay for the delivery which is $3300.  Wonderful! 

Then during the day, another businessman phoned and said “I read the story in your blog about someone who donated  $10,000 to print 20,000 booklets. I think we need more. I will pay to bump the print run up to 50,000.  We need to get these out everywhere.” Wow! Wonderful again

Then in the evening I drove to Auckland to execute our first Auckland meeting.  It was a huge success. The room was packed, the atmosphere was charged, and to top it all off, Liz Gunn turned up! Wonderful! 

 The audience were unanimously angry / deeply concerned about co-governance and all the fraud and corruption that has gone on in the last 40 years with respect to the Treaty. Rightly so.  To view their anger / concern first hand was a wonderful thing for me. Why? Because more and more people are ‘getting it’ about co-governance.  It’s bad. Really bad.  

TV 1 and TV 3 were there but we did not let them inside. 

Then, at the end of the night, people came to me wanting to donate. One lovely man gave $5000.  Another lady $500.  Others different amounts.  

I am not so much encouraged about the amounts.  What encourages me is this – donations are one very good measure of awareness.  The more people understand the problem, co-governance, the more they give.  This is a fact. 

If someone has cancer, and it could be terminal if they don’t take a certain drug, which is expensive, they invariably find the money.  

Desperation leads to breakthrough.  When Kiwis see the desperate situation we face with co-governance in New Zealand, they will donate. That is to say, they will help pay, often sacrificially, to fix the issue.

When people get desperate, and their situation is desperate, they do extra ordinary things – sell a house, or another asset, friends and family chip in, they start a give a little page, and so on.   The bottom line? They find the money somewhere. 

Finance is a crucial issue.  If Elon Musk was backing us, the richest man in the world,  in an unlimited way, I would have billboards, TV advertising, newspaper advertising, radio advertising; I’d be hiring the biggest nicest venues,….you name it, we’d be doing it! Lack of finance holds us back significantly. We work with what we have. 

But always this tension exists between what we dream to do, what I want to do, and what I can do.  It’s like driving a car with the hand brake on. 

The good news is that everything is moving north (just click on the red text to view what I am writing about below) – book sales, book distribution, donations, Iceberg flyer distribution, new events / speaking engagements popping up, people joining the movement, bumper stickers on cars.

Special thanks for Shayne for opening up his venue to us at no cost.  Wow again!  A big thank you to you Shayne.

Thank you especially to all those who came last night. You are all legends! 

The next meetings are in Tauranga…we are so exciting about these!  

Our First Auckland Event Was A Huge Success!

Our First Auckland Event Was A Huge Success!

No protestors were able to get inside. This made such a difference.  Julian was able to get crucial information across to the crowd without interruption. 

Our right to free speech was not infringed.

The police did a great job being around.  Shayne the owner of Shooters Saloon where the event was held did a great job organising security.  

We were organised and everyone did their job brilliantly. 

Vicki and Joy plus friends did a great job helping and supporting.

Everyone who came felt safe and secure! 

The atmosphere was joyful, even though people were angry and hugely concerned about co-governance. 

Mid 1800's Missionary Tells The Truth About Maori And Their Land

Mid 1800's Missionary Tells The Truth About Maori And Their Land

Recently, I read a fascinating first hand account of a missionary living in the mid 1800’s in New Zealand. 

There is so much of interest in what he wrote, mainly because it completely contradicts the narrative we hear today about Maori and their loss of land, about land confiscations, about the evils of colonialism, about how settlers and the government of the day diddled Maori out of their land, about how Maori in the early settlement period were faultless, and so on.  

What this account does is it exposes the absolutely propaganda and corruption coming from activists and elite Maori today about our history. 

The account I am sharing with you today make for riveting reading. Everything about it rings true.  You decide for yourself.

The stand out feature of this piece, for me, is that it shows how history is repeating itself.    In the mid 1800’s Maori were fighting over land, trying to get control.  In 2023,  it’s all happening again. 

 But now it’s much more serious because they are inside the Beehive, the centre of our government.

The piece was sourced from Historian Bruce Moon’s book “New Zealand; the fair colony” 2nd Ed., ISBN 978-0-473-53728-9, 2020, pp 41-3, enquire at 03 5444940.

Here it is HERE

Julian, This Is What I Thought Of The Missionary Account Above!

Julian, This Is What I Thought Of The Missionary Account Above!

Name: Vernon
Email: colonel

“Following on from today’s post re “Mid 1800’s Missionary Tells The Truth About New Zealand’s Early History,” there is an interesting an relevant comment from John Nicholas to be found on page 35 of Adam Plover’s Book, “New Zealand, The benefits of colonisation.”

“The New Zealanders are (i.e. Maori) , of all the people I ever met with, the most importunate in their demands upon strangers, and some of them are so covetous a disposition that, give them what you will, they are not to be satisfied.”

Nothing changes……..”

Generous Donor Gives $10,000 To Get Julian Batchelor's Book To All The Farmers In The Waikato

Generous Donor Gives $10,000 To Get Julian Batchelor's Book To All The Farmers In The Waikato

 Today we had a breakthrough. A big one.  An incredible one.

A generous donor in the Waikato has paid for another print run of 20,000 of Julian Batchelor’s book.  This means we are able to get one of Julian’s books to every farmer in the Waikato (as per the map above and the pink shaded areas) before his meeting in Hamilton on the 6th of May. 

Now we just want donors in other areas like the Bay of Plenty, Northland, Central North Island, Taranaki, the Manawatu, Wellington, Marlborough, West Coast, Christchurch, Southland etc to do the same. To match this donor.   Writing the book is the hard part.   Some people, many people, have $10k sitting in their accounts, doing little except earning a bit of interest. Why not use it to help change our country? You can’t take it with you.  Now is the time. 

Another incredible donor is going to pay for the delivery.  OMG! 

This is turning out to be a huge team effort!

A different Hamilton businessman has paid for 5000 of Julian Batchelor’s books for delivery inside Hamilton City which means now all of the Waikato has been covered.  This is huge! 

We are so grateful to you all, from those who are giving out a few Iceberg flyers, to those who are giving out books, to those who are putting adverts in papers, to those who attend the meetings, to those who gossip about co-governance to other people as they go about their day, to those who pray, to those who are giving out our business cards, to those in our team who are doing all the work in the background that no one sees, to those who are organising speaking events. 

A lot of people are doing a lot and are just not noticed or seen. These are the real heroes.  

Really, the list is endless.  Each person playing their part, according to their gifts, abilities, and means. Wow!   The whole of New Zealand is being influenced and changed for the better through your efforts!  We can stop the rot. Believe! 

Thank you!!



Everyone Should Study This, Not Just Read It

Everyone Should Study This, Not Just Read It

 Martin Doutre (left), Historian and Researcher, sent me his entire work on the the Littlewood Treaty draft document,  

Every Kiwi should not just read this, but they ought to study it. 

When one reads it, one gets to see so clearly how Treaty of Waitangi fraud and corruption is so deep rooted in our country. 

Reading Martin’s work has just fuelled my fire to take our tour to a new level. 

You can read Martin’s brilliant work HERE


Why We Have To Really Fight To Preserve Democracy

Why We Have To Really Fight To Preserve Democracy

Caleb Anderson has just written a brilliant piece on this topic. 

It’s also a ‘must read’.  You can read it HERE

(The photo is not Caleb Anderson. It’s a stock photo)

Why Radical South African Black Activist Steve Biko Would Have Supported Our Tour

Why Radical South African Black Activist Steve Biko Would Have Supported Our Tour

Stephen Biko was a South African anti-apartheid activist. Ideologically an African nationalist and African socialist, he was at the forefront of a grassroots anti-apartheid campaign known as the Black Consciousness Movement during the late 1960s and 1970s.

What’s ironic is the New Zealand used to be the greatest opponent of Apartheid in the 1970s and 80s.

Now we are the greatest proponent.

This is a terribly sad fact many Kiwis are waking up to. It’s called “The Great New Zealand Apartheid Reversal”.

You can hear what Steve would have said HERE

How Kaipara Chiefs Rallied Together To Support The Queen.

How Kaipara Chiefs Rallied Together To Support The Queen.

Yesterday, one of our supporters sent me an interesting and relevant email about how chiefs in Kaipara rallied together to oppose other chiefs who were rebelling against the Queen.  

How does this relate to what is happening today in New Zealand?

Today.  Elite Maori are banding together to rebel against the government to take over the country by stealth.

What the chiefs say about having ceded sovereignty to the Queen is telling.

Today activists and MPs are telling us, in 2023, 183 years after the event, that they know more than the chiefs who signed the Treaty in 1840.

Clearly, then don’t know.  I am forced to be blunt here.  Anyone today who maintains that the chiefs did not cede sovereignty to the Queen is simply lying. There is no other word for it. 

You can read the email HERE

New Co-Governance Fishing Legislation.  Iwi Can Fish, But Others Will Not Be Able To

New Co-Governance Fishing Legislation. Iwi Can Fish, But Others Will Not Be Able To

At Ngapuhi elder sent me an email about this issue. 

He was horrified.

You can read the email HERE

Now read the link to the article HERE

Significant USA Based Blogger Goes In To Bat For Stop Co-Governance

Significant USA Based Blogger Goes In To Bat For Stop Co-Governance

A USA based blogger is following us. Apparently he is well known and has a large following.  Do you own investigation.

You can read the email HERE

What he said was really a great encouragement to our team! Thank you 13 stars! And thank you Steve for giving us the post!

Steve, you are a good example of how posting on other posts can help our cause. Well done you!  

If You Want A Good Laugh, Read This....

If You Want A Good Laugh, Read This....

I sometimes receive hate mail. Mostly encouraging mail, and support, but sometimes hate mail.

 Occasionally this hate mail is funny. 

You can read one such email HERE

Actually, what came out of this email was significant.  When you read the string, you’ll soon see why.  

Co-Governance And How History Is Repeating Itself

Co-Governance And How History Is Repeating Itself

Seeking to better understand our political situation with respect to co-governance in 2023, I have been reading a hugely important book about the Kohimarama conference in 1860 where over two hundred Maori chiefs gathered.  

What struck me was that the Maori rebellion in the 1800s, wanting a King, in competition with the Queen, is exactly what is happening today in 2023.  

History is repeating itself.  

Read the following and see if you don’t come to the same conclusion. 

The following is a direct quote from Dr John Robinson’s book on this subject

“At this conference, they unanimously affirmed their commitment to the Queen as their sovereign ruler, and  reaffirmed the fact that they had ceded sovereignty to the Queen.

Governor Browne invited chiefs to attend mainly to gain their support over the war in Taranaki and against the king movement in Waikato.

This was a sensible and necessary step to assure the security of the nation, an act which would have been taken by any government given the circumstances.

That aim, to understand together the reasons for war, and to seek the co-operation of the chiefs with the Government, was made clear by Governor Browne in his opening address at Kohimarama.

“The minds of both Races have lately been agitated by false reports or exaggerated statements; and, in order to restore confidence, it is necessary that each should know and thoroughly understand what the other wishes and intends.

There is also a subject to which I desire to invite your special attention, and in reference to which I wish to receive the expression of your views.

For some time past certain persons belonging to the tribes dwelling to the south of Auckland have been endeavouring to mature a project, which, if carried into effect, could only bring evil upon the heads of all concerned in it.

The framers of it are said to desire that the Maori tribes in New Zealand should combine together and throw off their allegiance to the sovereign whose protection they have enjoyed for more than twenty years, and that they should set up a Maori King and declare themselves to be an independent Nation.

Such ideas could only be entertained by men completely ignorant of the evils they would bring upon the whole Native Race if carried into effect.”

(From Dr John Robinson’s book “The Kohimarama Conference 1860: chiefs support Christianity and the Queen” page 25.  The book is published by Tross.) 


The bottom line is that elite Maori today, tribal representatives, tribal companies, are staging a rebellion, exactly like the rebellion of certain tribes in the 1800s, against the government of the day. 

Look carefully at the wording of governor Grey’s speech “…endeavouring to mature a project…”.

“The Project” today is called Co-Governance. 

The maturation of ‘the project’ in the 1800s would have disastrous consequences for all New Zealanders back then, just as co-governance will have disastrous consequences for all Kiwis in 2023 and beyond. 

As my book clearly states, the plan of elite Maori is to have complete control of New Zealand by 2040.

Are you happy about this? 

If not, then join in directly.  HERE is a list of ways you can help. 

The greatest way you can help right now is to contribute to our drive to raise $4000 for radio advertising.

You can donate through our web site or directly into this bank account:


Hibiscus Coast Local Rag Rejects Brilliant Letter To The Editor

Hibiscus Coast Local Rag Rejects Brilliant Letter To The Editor

One of our great supporters wrote a fabulous letter to the local Orewa newspaper Hibiscus Matters, only to have it rejected.  You can read the letter here  HERE

You can read the email string with the editor of Hibiscus Coast HERE

Massive Free Speech Breach - Northern Advocate Rejects Our Iceberg Advert!

Massive Free Speech Breach - Northern Advocate Rejects Our Iceberg Advert!

Over the past few days, I have been communicating with the Northern Advocate, wanting to put an advert in their paper. 

Astoundingly, they have rejected it.  Wait until you read the reason! 

You can read the email string  HERE

This is the clearest example of the suppression of free speech you’ll ever see. 

The Advocate is deciding what the public should see and know, making decisions on their behalf.

Welcome to co-governance.

The Tauranga Events, Both Of Them, Are Not Cancelled!

The Tauranga Events, Both Of Them, Are Not Cancelled!

They are definitely NOT cancelled!!!!! 

The media is trying all kinds of dirty tricks to try and stop people from coming.
We cancelled the Historic Village Hall because the council was placing upon us completely unrealistic over the top Health and Safety requirements, all to make hiring the hall out of reach financially.  
We could see they were angling to force a cancellation.  
We are not going to play their games, so we cancelled.
So we have hired a private hall nearby.
On the day, when people arrive at the Historic Village Hall,  we are simply going to re-direct people to the new venue.  

We are NOT revealing to the media or to anyone else where this new location is.

 This will save the owners being hammered by activist abuse, bullying, and intimidation.
So much for freedom of speech.

Please pass on what I have said here far and wide on every channel you can think of. 
Welcome to the world of co-governance.

Our 10k Radio Advertising Challenge!

Our tour of New Zealand is about to kick in in a big way, with lots of speaking engagements coming up.

As part of this tour, a vital part, we want to advertise on Newstalk ZB and The Platform with Sean Plunket.

If you believe what we are doing is right, and you want to save New Zealand from the tyranny of co-governance, then here is your chance!

Radio will reach 10’s of thousands of people that we can’t reach with a flyer, or this web site, or a newspaper advert, or word of mouth, or by reading one of Julian’s book.  These are all vital, and we need to go hard with these. However….

We have to use multiple means to reach people. This is where radio kicks in!

The bank account to deposit donations into is: 12-3232-0016590-00

Be sure to reference your donation with ‘Radio’

A generous donor has put up $5k to kick start us.  He will donate dollar for dollar what we raise.  

Already, someone has given a $1000.  So with our donors $5k one-for-one offer, we are up to $6k or 60% of the total of what we need.  He won’t donate the $5k until we raise $5k.

Please donate now!

Big or small, it all helps! 



Our 10k Goal To Advertise On Radio

Protesters Produce Ridiculous / Laughable  "Hate" Julian Batchelor Brochure

Protesters Produce Ridiculous / Laughable "Hate" Julian Batchelor Brochure

You can view the brochure HERE

Really, it’s packed with outright lies, half truths, and twisted facts.

For a start, It’s obvious the protestors don’t know, at all, what a racist is. 

As the saying goes ‘all advertising is good advertising!’

Thank you protesters!

Keep it coming.

If you want to know where to get thousands of these printed cheaply, just email me:

Kiwis need some humour right now, and your brochure would definitely hit the spot.  

We also needed a push in our marketing and you have provided it, right on time!

 A big thank you!


The Great Iceberg Advert Challenge Is on! First, Newspaper Adverts

The Great Iceberg Advert Challenge Is on! First, Newspaper Adverts

Please look at the picture above. We are wanting to get this into every newpaper / local rag in the country

How so?

We are asking you, the people of New Zealand to take 7 simple steps.

One: Identify your local rag / paper.

Two: Communicate with them. Find out the cost of placing a large advert in their paper.
Three: : Prices will vary according to the size. Go as big as you can afford. Band together with other to help pay for it.
Four: The advert must be full colour so as to preserve the colour qualities of the Iceberg, words, etc.
Five: Email and he will email the high resolution graphic / advert to you.
Six: The graphic will be ‘print ready’ so all you have to do is email it to the paper and they will do the rest.
Seven: You then pay for the cost of the advert.
Job done.

So far, we have two kind / generous supporters / people have taken action: 

Taupo Times

Franklin Breeze

Totally amazing! Thank you!  You are being part of the solution to stop co-governance.

You can view a list of all the papers in New Zealand and their circulation numbers.  This way you can choose the paper to get the biggest bang for your buck.  

For example, say you chose to advertise in a paper with a circulation of 100,000.  This is equivalent to delivering 100,000 flyers with absolutely no labour involved.  

Think about that.  Powerful. 

View the list of papers HERE

Second, flyers!

Second, flyers!

We are asking you to deliver flyers into your suburb / town / city / rural area.

We supply the flyers.

Just let us know how many you want.

The flyers will be double sided and DLE in size.  DLE is bank envelope size.

On one side will be the Iceberge graphic and wording.

On the other will be QR codes and a summary of what’s wrong with co-governance and why it must be stopped.

They will be high quality, and look fabulous, so you will be proud to give them out. 

To order, just email

Click HERE to view the amazing flyers! 


Tauranga Maori Opposes Co-Governance

Tauranga Maori Opposes Co-Governance

I am noticing more and more Maori coming on board. They are starting to see, in numbers, that co-governance is going to screw them over. It’s not the lollie scramble they thought it was.

Here is one email I received yesterday.


“Hi Team,

Just like most company directors I regularly check my emails which is more often than not, a chore.

Now days I have new enthusiasm to check my emails because I can’t wait to see what you guys have been up to next.

I skip through and get rid of the rubbish and hunt for STOP CO GOVERNANCE.

Always very interesting reading, thank you.

I am one of many white Kiwi Maoris, able to vote on the Maori roll (but I won’t be), registered in the Maori Land Court as a shareholder with 7 different blocks of land with a very proud Maori history going back to my great, great, great Grand Father Te Rangituataka Reihana Takerei, DOB 1830.

My family and friends are so grateful for what you are doing to save us all from a bunch of cunning, deceitful, dishonest, rascal, radicals.

With that in mind, I have just about run out of my size 4 NZ Post bag sent  last week with Julian’s books so I will deposit $100. and request another to the same delivery please.

See you in Tauranga.

Kindest of wishes to you all,”

(the photo is not the Maori man who sent this email. It’s a stock photo)



No Way! Is Auckland Council Signed Up To Co-Governance?

No Way! Is Auckland Council Signed Up To Co-Governance?

I did not know this. Someone sent me this video. Take a look and make up your own mind HERE

Dr John Robinson On Co-Governance "Litany Of Lies And Deception"

Dr John Robinson On Co-Governance "Litany Of Lies And Deception"

You can read John’s piece HERE

As usual, he is brilliant in his analysis.

Influential  Hamilton Business Leader Buys 5000  Of Julian Batchelor's Books For Distribution Around The Waikato Region.

Influential Hamilton Business Leader Buys 5000 Of Julian Batchelor's Books For Distribution Around The Waikato Region.

Thank you!!

If you can help deliver these, please email

The photo is not of the Hamilton businessman.  It’s stock photo


Taupo Supporter Comes Up With Great Plan

Taupo Supporter Comes Up With Great Plan

A few days ago, we  released this picture of an Iceberg, along with the text.  A businessman in Taupo, Phil, was so taken by it, and by what it was communicating, that he offered to pay for a large advert in his local paper, showing this picture.  

I have to say, this picture illustrate absolutely perfectly what is wrong with ‘co=governance’.  

The way co-governance is portrayed by our Government, and by Maori elite, is deliberately and astonishingly deceitful and untruthful.  But then again, what more can we expect from those leading a coup? Julian’s book unmasked just some of this deceit and fraud.  You can read it on line HERE

Read Graham Adam’s piece on the absolute deceitfulness of the 3 Waters Legislation HERE

Seriously, the evidence of trickery and deceit is literally everywhere.

Like I said in my blog yesterday, it was what was underneath the water line that sunk the Titanic.  It’s what’s underneath the co-governance water line that is going to sink New Zealand.  

This is what Phil wrote wrote to me
“Julian, Do you never sleep? I must admit all this nonsense is keeping me awake, mainly thinking off the best ways to quickly get your message out to the masses.

Yes I did read about the Tauranga Event – all hardly unsurprising when you understand that lots of Councils are extreme left, woke and subservient to LGNZ!
The Graphic is exactly what I was thinking.

Are you happy with this message being put out nationwide?

I think it is important to be consistent and have a graphic that gets attention and directs people to your website.

The conditions and requirements for advertising on Stuff are a bit too technical for me to understand – so if you can get it accepted and into the Taupo Times go for it and I will pay, as previously mentioned.

The Taupo Times is delivered all around the Lake and comes out on a Friday and I think adverts have to be submitted one week prior.

What I am wanting from supporters?

I want a supporter in each area of New Zealand to do the same. To follow Phil’s example.

We provide the graphic. You pay for it in your local paper. Even if it’s a community paper, just do it!

We are also going to print flyers of this graphic, which can be delivered to letter boxes all over the country.

Well done Phil, you are a legend for sparking a whole new initiative to help get the word out.

Below is another design. Which do you like best?

Orewa Councillor Jake Laws Is History Ignorant

Orewa Councillor Jake Laws Is History Ignorant

Orewa councillor Jake Laws was at our Orewa event. He supports the protestors who suppressed our right to free speech and trashed our meeting.  Shame on him.

Not only that, but he is completely history ignorant. A double shame.

In a radio interview, he maintains that Maori chiefs did not cede sovereignty at Waitangi of February 6th 1840. Oh really?

That they did cede sovereignty is one of the great facts of the Treaty that can never be denied.

My book details why.  You can read my book HERE

It also details what the Treaty Twisters have done to deny this fact, and Jake Laws is one of them.

Have a listen HERE 


 “There is no doubt that the Ardern government has failed New Zealand and even the interim PM Chris Hipkins can change the direction of Labour as the train tracks only go one way.

No-one forgot to look who the train driver and co-drivers were, Labour Maori Ministers who took the side track.

This train called New Zealand is heading towards the cliffs of no return.

The only option for Chris Hipkins is pull a chord and stop the train and let New Zealand off or throw off the drivers and reverse it back to get on the right line? But on the way back are the train robbers and killers.


Am I wrong in inferring that Maori have an undemocratic say in what goes on in my life. No, I am not wrong. I’ve started to resent the Maori ministers for the scoundrels they are. The deviousness behind the scenes and the treason leaves me angry.

All my family, all generational European with a snippet of Maori in there, but no alliance, have all worked damn hard or years and years, blue collar indentured to the highest professions.

My family has been National Party Philanthoropists.

I don’t want any human being to do badly. The taxes the majority of white Europeans has been the funding of all the infrastructure for New Zealand.

I do not hate these people, the Maori people. I don’t enjoy Maori art nor language, nor history, nor do I now seek their friendship.

Is there a privilege being European?

No more than any human being.

Yes, I have enjoyed all the labour and technology of our forefathers.

The visionary and effort gone in to New Zealand has been amazing. Yes, it has been paid for and done by the white Europeans.

Do we say no one else cannot enjoy these fruits? No, no one does. But we don’t expect it to be demanded either.

The early 1900’s was especially hard as there were no social benefits and there was poverty galore for the unlucky, uneducated and just damn poor.

Maori did little. Those who had benefactors and had schooling did well for themselves. The recollection of Polynesians, always huge people to me as a child were intellectually challenged.

Yet, Kowhai School was my favourite teacher, a Polynesian teacher Demond Clemo. He did his best to teach the Polynesian children.

So where did it all go wrong? Was it the benevolence of the benefit system make these ‘other people’ feel more entitled even though they provided little but caused most of the crime and problems for society in New Zealand?

Today we see these people now demanding that the government, investors, the intrepid company owners, the honest hard workers all contribute to their “entitlement” attitudes.

Yet in return we get apartheid, segregation, the suppression of free speech through protest, and hate.

We even see Labour Maori demand that we accept their perversions, their crimes, their theft and wanton greed and not say anything….now the elite Maori and Maori MPs want to control the entity that is New Zealand.



Well known National Party Philanthropist (the photo is not the philanthropist. It's a stock photo)

Orewa Maori Want Co-Governance Meeting On Their Marae. I Say "No!" Not Unless...

Orewa Maori Want Co-Governance Meeting On Their Marae. I Say "No!" Not Unless...

Press Release for Hibiscus Matters @ 9/4/23

Full Apology & Compensation Required to Demonstrate Sincerity and Change of Heart

“New Zealanders shouldn’t let themselves be manipulated by the very people who totally disrespected them and their rights to free speech”.

So says Julian Batchelor to residents and ratepayers about the protestors who disrupted a public Stop Co-Governance meeting at the Orewa Community Centre on 18th March. 

“Many of the same protestors who rudely prevented Hibiscus Coast residents from hearing concerns about co-governance are now inviting people to the Silverdale marae where they can apparently ‘learn about, ask about and discuss how co-governance will look at a national and local scale’. 

“Whether they and their unnamed panelists would know enough about this constitutional issue is one thing, but their hypocrisy is staggering,” claims Mr Batchelor. 

“They’re demanding respectful behaviour on the marae, whereas they aggressively trampled on our rights to free speech and the freedom to impart and received information, while filming and intimidating those who came to hear what I had to say in a community venue.

They showed the public no respect at all, ensuring the time and money invested in that meeting was totally wasted. 

“The protestors could have protested outside the Orewa Community Centre, but should have behaved respectfully, appallingly,  inside the actual hall. 

Clearly, their noisy, bullying behaviour infringed the public’s rights.

“Before locals can have confidence in a mature and sensible discussion and debate about this vitally important constitutional issue, the protest organisers from the Silverdale Marae and other local tribal groups must publicly apologise for their appalling behaviour and compensate the Stop Co-governance organisation for the cost of putting on that event. 

“Without such an apology and compensation, how can anyone believe that they are sincere?

That the protestors have genuinely changed and will now suddenly allow a free and open discussion? 

Or is this Marae offer simply grandstanding, manipulation, control, and virture signalling?

Let’s wait and see. The jury is out.” 

For further information, please contact: 

Mr Julian Batchelor

Stop Co-Governance


Tel: 0274764430

The One Great Truth All New Zealanders Must Absolutely 'Get' About Co-Governance.

The One Great Truth All New Zealanders Must Absolutely 'Get' About Co-Governance.

It’s out.

Graham Adams has just written a brilliant piece on the deceit, lies, and absolute treachery of 3 Waters, but most Kiwis are just not getting it. So read what Graham wrote first before you read what I have written about what Graham wrote.

You can read Graham’s piece HERE

If you don’t have time to read all Graham wrote, the guts of what he is saying is that the 3 Waters legislation has been drafted in a very cunning and deceitful way .  It hides the truth.  What truth? It gives Maori complete control of all water in New Zealand.  They will be able to charge what they like, do what they like, and they cannot be challenged.  The rest of us will be powerless.

I was thinking about this, about what Graham wrote, and about New Zealand, about the government, about all the propaganda, about the Maorification of New Zealand, about the forcing of Te Reo, about the un-mandated name change from New Zealand to Aotearoa,  about children being brainwashed at school, about the tying up of the media, the $55m Public Interest Journalism Fund, about the racial division, about all the lies and deceit coming from the drivers and architects of co-governance, about the suppression of free speech, and the thugs and bullies behind the suppression of free speech (i.e. the protesters) and how anarchy has been allowed to reign with respect to free speech, the powerlessness of kiwis to defend the right to free speech, about the rise of apartheid and separatism, about the Treaty of Waitangi fraud and corruption, about the billions of tax payer dollars ill gotten,  gifted by the government by history ignorant MPs, about the implosion of democracy, about police impotence, about the thought of tribal rule, about how we no longer have one person one vote or one law for all, about my own experience living in a Maori community for 14 years (i.e. first hand experience) and more – essentially, I was thinking deeply about where we are headed as a nation.

All of this falls under one overarching umbrella –


Really, it’s terrifying.

Ok, back to Graham Adam’s piece.

Today I chose a picture of an iceberg to illustrate what he is saying, and how it relates to co-governance.  Scroll to the top and just study this picture of the iceberg for a bit.  Don’t rush it. Observe. Take your time. This is important. 

The picture shows the tiny proportion of the iceberg out of the water, above the water line, and the massive majority of the iceberg under the water, out of sight.

What’s above the surface represents what elite Maori want the public to see and know with respect to co-governance. It’s the shop front. The window dressing. The BS. It’s what the main stream media (MSM) have been paid to report.  It’s what many innocent Kiwis, particularly people under 40,  have been brainwashed to believe.

What’s underneath is all the deceit, the lies, the treachery, the trickery, the dark hidden facts, the terrible realities of co-governance, the truth about co-governance. It’s what the MSM have been paid NOT to report.  It’s what has been deliberately hidden from Kiwis.

Remember, it was what was under the surface of the water, not above it, that sank the Titanic.

It’s what’s under the surface of the co-governance iceberg that is going to sink New Zealand.

I want to come straight out with what I want to say, with no fluff and no padding.  I am not going to be subtle..

The architects of co-governance are liars, deceitful, tricky, and extremely devious. They are treacherous to the core. 

For me, this is what Graham Adam’s piece brought home.  Graham ought to have touched on this, but he didn’t, so I will.  He can’t cover every aspect. I get that. If I have one criticism of Graham’s writing it’s that he is often too subtle.

With 3 Waters, right from the get go, we, the public of New Zealand have been lied to, deceived, tricked, duped, had the wool pulled over our eyes.

Thank God for people like Graham Adams, Dr John Robinson, Mike Butler, Bruce Moon, Don Brash, Murial Newman, Judge Antony Willy, John Porter, Hugh Perrett, Tony Fellingham. and a host of other great and honest and intelligent New Zealand writers and researchers who have been able to see what is under the surface of the water, the corrupt hidden mass of the co-governance iceberg, the truth about co-governance, and tell us what’s really going on. They have told us the truth through their writing or speaking out or radio messages.

Thank God for journalists like Sean Plunket and the Platform. 

Thank God for mayors like Craig Jepson who stood up and is counted among the brave. 

Thank God for you, the supporters of this stop co-goverance movement who are supporting in various ways. 

 What is it that we all have in common?  

We all just want the truth. We hate lies, trickery, and deception. We want to know the truth, walk in the truth, and be guided by the truth.  Simple really.

If New Zealand is built on any other foundation other than truth, it will struggle.  Not just struggle, but fail. 

The same applies to a marriage, a business, a family, or any relationship.  If it’s built on truth, it will succeed. If not, it will fail. Period.

What I want you to get today, in this blog, is that what Graham Adams has written about 3 Waters is just a tiny insight into just one tiny aspect of co-governance.

Every other aspect of it is riddled with the same – lies, deceit, trickery, treachery, and dishonesty.

What Graham Adams explained in his excellent piece tells us a crucially important truth.

What truth?

It exposes the darkness of the hearts and minds of the people behind co-governance. The people driving it, this coup, for this is what it truly is.

It exposes the kind of people we are dealing with. They are corrupt to the very core.

“Wicked” is the best word to describe them.

I researched the meaning of the word wicked, and this is what I found.
• Evil.
• morally bad or wrong
• Immoral
• deliberately violating accepted principles of right and wrong
• contrary to conscience or morality or law
• deeply criminal

These words, these phrases, describe accurately the architects of co-governance. Graham’s article exposed this, proves this to be so.

One commentary said this “The wicked person is volatile, unpredictable, frightening, and destructive. Like a lion, the wicked know that they have power and they always use it in a destructive way.”

This is the one great truth I want you to get today. These people are bad. Bad to the bone.  

They are not interested in what’s best for New Zealand or New Zealanders. Their only interest is self interest and they are not the least bit concerned about who they trash on the way to their goal.

And what’s more, their bad influence is spreading like wildfire through Maoridom.  Corruption, bribery, dodgy deals, thuggery, intimidation, nepotism, bullying, rude and disrespectful behaviour, using protesters to shut down free speech, the exhibition of a superiority complex, Iwi overreach, and the like, are popping up like mushrooms everywhere.  More and more kiwis are being directly affected, and more and more are becoming angry and resentful.  

Bad character at a leadership level leaks, inescapably showering everyone underneath with its toxic influence.

The architects of co-governance are fast creating racists, non-Maori people who resent Maori.  Even many Maori are becoming ashamed of their own race.  We are heading for a showdown. No one welcomes this, but it’s happening. It’s real. 

If all this is true, and it is, then how can anything good come of co-governance? The answer? Absolutely nothing good can come out of it, or will come out it. Of this we can be absolutely certain.

As the Master said “By their fruit you will recognize them. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.…”

Co-governance is a bad tree bearing bad fruit, which is what Graham Adams has exposed so brilliantly. It’s just so clear, isn’t it? 

Make no mistake – co-governance is going to destroy New Zealand.  it will not be long before we will be called, internationally, the Zimbabwe of the South Pacific.

Why? Two reasons.

First, the foundation of co-governace is wrong. It’s based on fraud and corruption – a deliberately corrupted understanding of the Treaty of Waitangi. 

Secondly, the people driving the push for co-governance are corrupt to the core. Graham Adams showed this clearly. 

Combine one and two, and what do you get? What’s the only thing you can possibly get?

Absolutely disaster. 

Hence, the Stop Co-governance Road Show, and Julian Batchelor’s book.

What can you do, practically, to help stop the terror of co-governance?

There are many things you can do:

  1. Purchase multiple copies of Julian’s book and start handing them out. Email Tim: Tell Tim your name, physical address, email and phone and he will do the rest. The books are $1 each plus postage.
  2. Forward Julian’s blogs onto to everyone in your address book and urge them to sign up to get them daily.
  3. Attend Julian’s Stop Co-Governance Tour Meetings and invite others to attend.
  4. Write to councils where these meetings are being held and urge them not to cancel these meetings. Ask them to defend free speech. Urge them to back down on their extreme health and safety requirements.  They are imposing these requirements for only one reason.  Not for safety, but to make it impossible for us to hold the meetings.  As such they think they are being clever, but really they are woke cowards, thus making themselves part of the problem.  The could be part of the solution, but they have chosen to join with the ranks of the protesters, of those who shut down free speech.
  5. Post copies of Julian’s book to all the church leaders in your town / suburb.
  6. Post copies of Julian’s book to radio show hosts and TV presenters and journalists.
  7. Post copies of Julian’s book to business owners you know, and people of influence you know.
  8. Email everyone on your address book with this link so that they can read Julian’s  book on-line:
  9. Move from being a passive observer to becoming an stop co-governance activist. What do I mean? Read THIS.
Free Speech Is Under Attack.  Reality Check Radio Comes To The Rescue.

Free Speech Is Under Attack. Reality Check Radio Comes To The Rescue.

Thankfully, Broadcaster Peter Williams and Reality Check Radio are coming to the rescue.  They have not dropped the ball with respect to defending the rights of Kiwis to express their thoughts and ideas freely. All power to them.

Peter and the team have produced an excellent video as part of the fight back.

You can watch it HERE


Welcome Kelly To Our Team!

Welcome Kelly To Our Team!

We now have someone called Kelly who is going to be writing to influencial business leaders to give them a book.

Brilliant work Kelly, and welcome to the team! You are so so valuable.


Welcome Mal To Our Team!

Welcome Mal To Our Team!

Mal has a big heart to reach all the RSA’s in New Zealand.  This what she is going to do. Below is to what she wrote to me.


“Greetings salutations and thanks for the safe arrival of my  latest of your booklets. I thought I’d point out that very soon we will celebrate Anzac Day on the 25th of April followed by King Charles birthday celebration on the 1st Monday in June .What a time to consider Democracy & sacrifice and General Kippenberger’s call to the troops fighting on Crete ( my 40 year old grandad among them) to “Stand For New Zealand”. I am aware there are 182 RSA ( returned & services association) clubs with 102000 members throughout New Zealand plus 15000 regular, reserve and civilian staff in our Navy, Army and Airforce . As I’ve already said, If there is 1 day in the year, before the next election to consider Democracy & sacrifice …..this it….this it !!, or what where our men & women fighting for ? So in brief I’d like think that all 182 RSA clubs and every armed forces establishment has access to you booklet. Even if it’s only 5 or 6 ..but 5 or 6 at ‘Every’ base or club. Placed respectfully and available for those who choose to see…for those choose to read… and for those who choose to Stand For New Zealand .”


Thank you so much for all your efforts Mal.  I know this is going to make a big difference! We supply Mal with the books, the envelopes and the stamps, and she does the rest.


Corruption, Bribes, And The Suppression Of Free Speech.

Corruption, Bribes, And The Suppression Of Free Speech.

Start by reading THIS newspaper article from the Herald.

Waste Management New Zealand’s applied for a resource consent for a 26 million cubic metre “mega dump” in Dome Valley, north of Auckland.

As per the Resource Management Act, re-jigged by Maori activists, and made Law, so called ‘Iwi’ sign off was required.

In other words, the project could not proceed unless and until Maori ‘approved’ of it.

Really, this is nauseating.

Why does anyone need ‘Iwi’ approval?
How is this being allowed to happen?

There is nothing in the Treaty of Waitangi about co-governance or co-management, or partnership.

We have our local councils, who we pay to do a job through our rates.

That ought to be enough. Now, thanks to co-governance,  it isn’t.

Maori have found a way to get money for absolutely nothing.

OK, back to the Dome Valley story.

At first, Iwi initially said ‘no’ we won’t sign off on the project.

They did this deliberately. We all know why. 

After further ‘discussed with Waste Management New Zealand, Iwi ‘miraculously’, reversed their decision. A 180 degree about turn.

What happened?

Waste Management New Zealand had revert to bribery and corruption to get the project across the line.

“In exchange for the settlement trust’s support, Waste Management has agreed to several conditions, including a return of 1060ha of Waste Management landholdings once the site is no longer required, $2m to construct six homes nearby, and a $10m environment fund should the river be exposed to risk.
It is also promising jobs at the landfill for Ngāti Manuhiri descendants.”

The other ‘tribe’ involved in this case is crying saying ‘Hey, what’s in it for us?”

So here is another problem. Tribes will start fighting over the fruits of the bribes like seagulls at the beach fight over a piece of bread discarded from a family picnic.

We, the tax payer, will end up paying for these bribes and this corruption through increased waste disposal fees.  This is how business works. 

Welcome to co-governance.

And this is only the start.

As a nation, we are just taxiing down the run way with co-governance.

Wait until the plane takes off.

Then the tears of the nation will flow in the gutters.

Exposing this rampant corruption, apartheid, and racism is one of the reasons Julian kicked off the Stop Co-Governance Road Show.

He wants to bring awareness to all Kiwis about what is really going on.

This is also the reason radical Maori want to shut Julian down.

Yes, they want to stop him speaking. Stop him spilling the beans, thus suppressing his right to free speech. And the right of others to hear him.

This is a further layer of corruption.

Our road show rocks on, getting stronger and stronger by the day, thanks to all of you and your support.

Waikanae Business couple Buy 5000 Copies Of Julian's Batchelor's Book

Inspired by the Auckland couple who are currently printing 20,000 copies of Julians Book to distribute to whole suburbs in and around where they live in Auckland, a Waikanae business couple has followed suit. 

He told me he and his wife read the whole of the He Pua Pua report, and couldn’t sleep for two nights. 

What they read rocked them to the core.  This is what Julian’s book is all about and this couple want everyone in Waikanae to know the truth about what is really going on beneath of the surface of our country, and to mobilise.

We are looking for other couples / people all around New Zealand to do the same in their suburb, and join in and surf this great wave of concern building in our country about co-goverance. Email Julian :

Free Speech Under Threat In Tauranga

Free Speech Under Threat In Tauranga

Auckland Council’s Ms Wyss cancelled our meeting by setting impossible times frames to come up with Health and Safety requirements.

Then she allowed protestors to meet in the same building we had hired, immediately after our meeting, thus setting up a potential clash.  It was a set up. A Ms Wyss set up. 

That is to say, she deliberately set up the excuse she was going to need to cancel our meeting i.e. “Too dangerous having two opposing groups meeting at the same time.”

She then followed up by lying to media.

Ms Wyss was devious and cunning, working carefully and deliberately towards a pre-determined outcome, all the while trying to sound ‘nice’ and ‘conciliatory.’ She smiled all the way, Jacinda Ardern style.

The velvet glove hiding the iron fist. All this is detailed in our blogs.

We are taking legal action against Ms Wyss to reclaim losses incurred by her cancellation. 

Now Tauranga City Council’s Blair Graham 0274039261 07 577 7000 – ext 7671 looks to be angling to do this same. The picture on the top left is Blair Graham.

What’s the new trick?

Imposing expensive and over the top ‘Health and Safety’ requirements. He wants us to pay for six security guards, safety barriers and fencing, plus road traffic control.

I am not making this up.

Click HERE to see just the security guard invoice. HERE for Blair Graham’s other shocking email.

What Blair Graham clearly does not realise (yet) is that our events are private events, not public events, and the police will be in attendance.  He is reading old news about our events.

Blair Graham’s over the top health and safety requirements are like calling in a Jumbo Jet to crush an ant. 

His misunderstanding  may just be an innocent mistake. Let’s see. The jury is out.  We hope common sense and a full realisation of the facts will prevail. 

The truth of the matter is all the incendiary media reports relate to, and tell of, our meetings which were then public.  All in the distant past. 

This is how it was when when we first started our road show.  It’s not how it is now.

After police advice and guidance, we made our meetings private, not public. 

It was brilliant advice from the police, which we heeded immediately.  Protestors numbers have dwindled since they now know they cannot get into the meetings. 

They now reason “What’s the point in coming? We can’t disrupt anymore.”  

 People coming will be filtered at the door so protestors will not be able to get inside the building.

As I said, we are working closely with police, taking their advice. Police will be in attendance in Tauranga, on the door, where the filtering will be happening.

Thus the public will be guaranteed their safety. 

The last event which we held, our first ‘private’ event, was flawless.

Only one security guard was needed, at the filter point.

Police attended, and there were no issues. The police in Whangarei  will attest to this.

There is no good reason why our Tauranga event will not follow suite.  Let’s believe Blair Graham gets up to speed quickly, and moderates his OTT Health and Safety requirements.  They are all based on misinformation. 

What I want you to notice is how media, protestors, Iwi, and woke politically motivated councillors are all colluding. This is a graphic illustration, real time,  of co-governance in action. 

It goes like this – protestors create the problem, the left wing government controlled media deliberately writes inflammatory reports about ‘the dangers’ and the ‘violence’ and ‘the potential damage to people and property’,

Iwi fuel the protestors (e.g. The Maori Party put a notice on their web site to ‘get out and protest!’), and woke politically motivated spineless PC council workers like Claudia Wyss (Auckland Council) collaborate. 

The media report all this to give the strong impression Julian Batchelor and the stop co-governance road show are the problem. They are not. They are the solution for all New Zealanders going forwards.

They are going into bat for all New Zealand against apartheid, racial division, the erosion of democracy, racism, the end of one law for all, and the end of one person one vote, with all votes being of equal value.

Julian Batchelor and the fast growing Stop Co-governance movement are now having to go in to bat for the preservation of free speech as well.

This was never on their founding agenda, but it is now. Squarely.

Yet in all this Julian Batchelor is being penalized. The public in Tauranga are being penalized.  The thinking, caring, intelligent, discerning public all over New Zealand are being penalised.

The bad people are being hallowed. The good people are being demonized.

If Julian’s public addresses were allowed to happen, and the public were allowed to attend, as private events, free of protest, free from noisy interruption, as they ought in a functioning healthy democracy, these event locations would be the safest place on the planet for the public to gather.

As peaceful as a baby asleep in a cot.

It’s the protestors, the Maori party, Iwi, and the media, who are creating the so called ‘unsafe’ meetings. Woke spineless politically motivated councilors are adding fuel to the fire.  

Let’s hope Blair Graham is not one of them.

The result?

Free Speech is crushed.

Kiwis in Tauranga don’t get to hear co-governance defined, what’s wrong with it, and why it must be stopped. No alternative voice, other than the government approved narrative about co-governance is allowed.  Adult residents in Tauranga are not allowed to make up their own mind.

In other words, free speech is no longer in New Zealand.

Protestors and thugs get to decide who hears what and when.

Is this right? You know the answer.

The irony is that all over the media, including video footage of our PM and Luxon, MPs are urging the public to ‘have a mature discussion about co-governance’.

Just Google Luxon and Hipkins and co-governance and click on ‘video’ and watch what comes up.

Yet look what happens, in reality, when a group of good Kiwis, rise up to obey the country’s leaders, to do exactly what our leaders say to do?

Welcome to the dark murky world of co-governance and tribal rule.

This is precisely why the road show must go on, no matter what.

Protesters Have Two Of Our Videos Removed From You Tube

Protesters Have Two Of Our Videos Removed From You Tube

This is a big one too. You can read it HERE

Notice who the people were who arranged the cancellation.  It was the protestors Sean Plunket interviewed a few days ago.  Julian was debating them.  You can listen to the interview HERE 

The videos? Click  HERE to watch one of them..  This video is of one of the protesters making a fool of herself talking about NZ History.  

The other was a video of Maori children being used (using tax payer funding) to spread historical untruths about the Treaty of Waitangi.  Click HERE to watch it.

I have copies of both videos on my hard drive.  So it makes little difference to me that Youtube took them down. 

I simply uploaded both videos to other platforms.

NZ Playcentres Get Screwed Over Through Co-Governance Arrangement

NZ Playcentres Get Screwed Over Through Co-Governance Arrangement

How Media Spin And Iwi Leaders Are Perpetuating Maori Inequities

How Media Spin And Iwi Leaders Are Perpetuating Maori Inequities

NZ Herald. Buck Shelford Betrays "Maori Are Superior and Must Be Accorded Honour" attitude.

NZ Herald. Buck Shelford Betrays "Maori Are Superior and Must Be Accorded Honour" attitude.

The NZ Herald recently published an article about Buck Shelford. It betrays Buck’s attitude, and the attitude of elite Maori generally. You can read it HERE


This Is Claudia Wyss, Auckland Council

This Is Claudia Wyss, Auckland Council

Write to Wayne Brown about Claudia and how for purely political reasons she shut down our Auckland meeting. Scroll down this blog for the full details. 

His email:  

Ngapuhi Elder Slams Auckland Council's Ms Wyss

Ngapuhi Elder Slams Auckland Council's Ms Wyss

Dear Ms Wyss.
I wish to return your attention to the cancelation of Mr Batchelor’s meeting.
That cancelation and the way you went about it and your justification were not acceptable.
As a counselor it is your job to facilitate and enable community discussion.
Mr Batchelor is presenting alternate views on Governance. Ideally the Government itself including ACC would be doing this but unfortunately they are not. Sadly the Government has misled us all on Co Governance, and we deserve to herar all of the views on this subject. The Government has repeatedly said that there is nothing to fear. I disagree. A little while ago the Waitangi tribunal recommended to the Government that they give back all land from Rienga to Devonport to Ngapuhi. Maori Politicians have reinforced that with statements that this will include all privately owned land as well. Just last week the Waitangi tribunal recommended to Government that they invest in a special Mountain talker to talk to Mount Taranaki to listen to its troubles. And yet they say we have nothing to fear?? Are you kidding me ?
Fear of co Governance is deep in every New Zealander and both local and central Government need to make strong efforts to address this fear, and to rationalize the entire Co Governance drivel.
Why have you supported the Aotearoa Liberation League(ALL)? On the one hand you cancelled Mr Bachelors meeting at extremely short notice, with lame excuses, and yet you facilitated an ALL meeting outside the hall. Why does ALL receive support from Government orgs like ACC, and PSA, and Central Government ? ALL is just a bunch of young lay bouts, infiltrated by well-known off shore trouble makers who specialize in disrupting meetings.
You are on record as saying you cancelled the meeting for safety reasons and that is a major road with heavy traffic, yet you facilitated an ALL meeting on the grass outside the hall – even more dangerous one would think?
Ms Wyss. It appears to me that you have a strong political and racist agenda. You are no use to any race or group when you have a biased agenda. If you are not able to conduct yourself in a fair and unbiased manner, then clearly you are not fit for the high positions you hold. Unless you can uphold basic rights in the community, such as Free speech for all, then you are clearly unfit for the job.

Tane Tupuna

Hugh Perrett Slams Auckland Council's Ms Wyss

Hugh Perrett Slams Auckland Council's Ms Wyss

“I am appalled at the obviously partisan action of m/s Claudia Wyss , using her position in  Auckland Council , to stop Julian Batchelor’s “ long-booked “ Stop Co-governance meeting going ahead in long-pre-booked premises , by cancelling the booking at “the last minute “ without due cause . This was clearly an action taken by m/s Wyss directly reflecting her personal bias / partisan interest in the situation and completely lacking the objectivity expected of a Council officer .
Mayor Brown , I am very concerned that a Council executive can use their position and the  authority of Council to abuse their responsibility in this manner and get away with it . What are you doing about it ? I , and numerous others, would be very disappointed if you turned out to just be  “ all piss and wind “


Brilliant Journalist / Broadcaster Terry Opines Comes Running To Our Defence

Brilliant Journalist / Broadcaster Terry Opines Comes Running To Our Defence

Watch his brilliant video HERE

Terry, thank you for standing with us, working for us, against thuggery and those who are determined to shut down free speech.

Your constant work and skill and dedication is five star! We love your posts. Keep it up!


Help Us Raise 10k To Get Radio Advertising Up And Running!

Help Us Raise 10k To Get Radio Advertising Up And Running!

We are fighting like hell for free speech, democracy, and racial unity against apartheid, separatism, and racial division. 

We are fighting against the media and protestors.

We want to start advertising our up and coming meetings. 

We are asking you to help. 

We want to advertise for the next two months on Newstalk ZB and The Platform, at $5k each. 

This will ensure we can reach a much bigger audience and fill the big venues we are hiring. 

Things are heating up! Please chip in.

Make donations into this account: 12-3232-0016590-00

Or do it the usual way via CC on our web site.


More Co-governance Madness.  Mt Taranaki Now Classified As A Person

More Co-governance Madness. Mt Taranaki Now Classified As A Person

You can watch the video HERE

This is exactly how the Waitangi Tribunal has been able to shaft the public of billions of dollars.  An expert Maori will be called in to talk to the Mountain (for a fee) and tell us what the Mountain is saying. 

The answer will be something like “Hey, the Mountain told me that the state of the Marae buildings in Taranaki are shameful. The mountain has demanded that tax payers gift $10m to Taranaki Maraes for refurbishments. The mountain told me he is greatly grieved (yes, it’s a he).  If you don’t addrss this, he said, he might even blow is stack, and put on an eruption.  So watch out. This is a threat.  So what do you want to do, Mr Little? Appease the mountain and pay only $10m for Marae refurbishments or anger the mountain and cause an eruption and with it a $100m civil defence emergency?  You’d better cough up the $10m or else.”

The government will have to agree since no one can quiz the mountain or cross examine it, except the Maori expert Mountain talker who is one of their own.  Also, due to Health and Safety concerns, the government will say it has a responsibility to put the safety of Taranaki people first to avoid an eruption. 

Andrew Little will come on the TV and say “In the interests of public Health and Safety, and to avoid a catastrophic eruption, we are awarding Mt Taranaki Maori $10m for Marae refurbishments. This is the worse case of a Mountain grieving in our history.  The crown offers an unreserved apology to Mt Taranaki and with this, here is a cheque for $10m for your Maraes.” 

When interviewed after the cheque was handed over, the Mountain was asked for comment. It said ” Nice one bro.  More money for absolutely nothing.  So easy to shaft these dump Pakeha who believe anything we say!”

Welcome to the world of co-governance.


Co-Governance And The Six Different Groups In NZ. To Which Group Do You Belong?

Co-Governance And The Six Different Groups In NZ. To Which Group Do You Belong?

With respect to what Kiwis believe about co-governance, they  can be divided into 6 distinct groups.

Everyone belongs in one of these groups.

The six groups are:The drivers

  1. The ignorant
  2. The brainwashed
  3. The partly awakened.
  4. The awakened
  5. The activists 

To which group do you belong? You can read today’s blog HERE

Only the activists can save New Zealand. 

The Debate: Julian Vs The Activists, Sean Plunket Moderates

The Debate: Julian Vs The Activists, Sean Plunket Moderates

You can hear the debate  HERE

The guts of the argument is that the Aotearoa Liberation League is a group which suppresses free speech. They are quite happy to deny other people free speech.  

As for the Kaumātua mentioned. He was not a Kaumātua at all.  He was a known trouble maker in the Waipu area, according to locals. 

Even if he was a Kaumātua, so what?   If someone breaks the rules of our meeting, which are clear, they are out. not matter who they are.  

All people in our meetings are treated equally, no matter what race or status.  We have one law for all.  This is how it is in a democracy. 

The activists, clearly, think differently. 

By inference, they suggest that because he is a Kaumātua he should have been treated differently.  This thinking is how co0-governance works.  Maori will be viewed as a superior race of people, above all of us.

This betrays the predominant attitude of elite Maori.  

That is, “If you are Maori, you are treated differently to everyone else.  The rules that other people have to abide by don’t apply to Maori.”  

What do we call this attitude? That’s easy. 

It’s racism. It’s apartheid. It’s separatism. And it’s wrong.

By the way, it was also easy to see what Pere was doing when he pulled out the Kaumātua card.  He was race baiting, trying to get other Maori on board i.e. “How dare you offend a Kaumātua!”

My question is this.  If so called Kaumātua are so wonderful, how come not one Kaumātua in the whole country has come forward to pull into line the Maori protestors whose behaviour in our meetings has been disgraceful.  They have been an absolute blight on good Maori.

Why are they quiet? Because if they say anything they will be bullied and harassed by other Maori.  

Such is the hypocrisy and double standards of Maoridom. They will smash up their own if they step out of line. 

Welcome to Tikanga and co-governance.


If You Want A Good Laugh, Watch This

If You Want A Good Laugh, Watch This

This is a video of activist Samah speaking to a crowd of 40 people last Tuesday night, the night our event in Auckland was cancelled.  The location of her speaking was a grass area outside the Mt Eden War Memorial Hall. They were giving out vegan Pizas. Watch…  HERE

Permanent Venue In Auckland Now Secured

Thanks to one of our supporters, we have secured an amazing venue right in the middle of Auckland city. We can use it regularly to hold meetings. Details will be released shortly. We are just working on our first date.  

We will only be releasing the venue location 24 hours out from the event from now on.  This applies to all our venues all over New Zealand. 

This is the power of people who have guts and courage to make a stand against racism, wokism, the media, apartheid, and separatism. Against tribal rule. Against the takeover of New Zealand by the Tribal Elite.  

Against the thuggery of protestors who don’t think twice about denying others free speech.

The business owner who has given us his venue is a legend.  He and those like him are people who stand for one person one vote, and for democracy. They don’t mind taking the heat. In fact, they see it as an honour, just like our soldiers who fought for our country is both of the great wars.  

Those soldiers were not just talkers,

They were doers.  

They put their money where their mouth was.   They stepped up.  They said “I am in, not matter what the cost.”  They were strong.  Many actually gave their lives to preserve our democracy and freedom.  We stand in a direct line with them and their cause.

These business owners who are opening their venues to us see right through the media and the activists to the truth of the matter.  You’d have to be blind to not see through it. Well, wouldn’t you? 

Number Of People Who Read Julian Batchelor's Book On Line Yesterday. The day before it was 2027

Read Julian's Batchelor's Book On Why Co-Governance Is Wrong And Why It Must Be Stopped For Free On Line

Click HERE to read it

Sir Bob Jones Comes Out Swinging Against Co-Governance And Compulsory Maorification Of Real Estate Agents

Sir Bob Jones Comes Out Swinging Against Co-Governance And Compulsory Maorification Of Real Estate Agents


The idea that real estate agents have to undergo compulsory Maorification is idealogical clap trap.  It’s just another tentacle of the co-governance monster over reaching into another sector of society.  Which sector is next? 

You can read what Sir Bob wrote HERE

Newstalk ZB interview with Auckland Council's Claudia Wyss - Wyss lied

Newstalk ZB interview with Auckland Council's Claudia Wyss - Wyss lied

Listen to the interview  HERE  

The following are quotes from the interview:

“The site is a very busy site.”

“There is a lot of traffic”

“We sought advice from security experts”

“We sought advice from the police”

“We work closely with organisers and give them advice on what security measures they should consider.   We do give them advice, but when their security measures fall short that is when we sometimes need to make a decision.”

“And we worked with the organisers to understand their safety plans and I am afraid those safety plans came up short.”

These statements in red are outright lies.  

Ms Wyss did not ‘work the organisers.

 Ms Wyss did not give us any advice.  

Ms Wyss, show us where you gave us advice.  Prove it.  Requiring us to come up with a H and S plan is not advice, It’s a directive. 

HERE is the letter we received from Ms Wyss. Can you, please, see any security advice in her letter? You won’t be able to, because there is none.

The following are the facts. 

We booked the hall on the 2 February 12:34pm.

The period of time between the 2 February, the booking date, and the first notice from Ms Claudia Wyss on the 27th March  at 11:47am was 53 days. That’s 7.5 weeks.  That’s right, Ms Wyss has 7.5 weeks to ‘work with the organisers’ but she did not do this. 

She decided to start communicating with us roughly 36 hours out from the event, asking for a Health And Safety plan. 

She gave us only 1.75 hours to come up with one, which we did.  

Julian ended his reply email to Ms Wyss asking council to advise if anything from the plan was missing or deficient, and if so, to let Julian know so that he could address it to avoid cancellation.

Ms Wyss did not do this.  She simply cancelled the event.  She left corresponding with Julian to the last minute, even though she had known about the site, the traffic, the building, and the situation for 7.5 weeks.

The was a political decision. Now here is the kicker.  Ms Wyss actually orchestrated the conflict. How so? She allowed the 9pm booking immediately after our meeting! In other words, she set up the conflict situation.  Hard to believe but true. Then she bangs on about ‘safety concerns’ when in reality she actually created the safety concerns. 

You make up your own mind after listening to the interview.

My Conclusion?

Ms Wyss clearly lied to Heather du Plessis-Allan and she must be held to account.  Not only this, but she deliberately created the conflict situation by allowing the protestor booking straight after hours. For what reason? To give her an excuse the cancel our meeting. We were stitched up by Ms Wyss.

The Free Speech Union will be climbing into this, and we will too. 

Ms Wyss, see you in court.


Corrupt Auckland Council Don't Realise It - They Just Blew On A Dandelion.

Corrupt Auckland Council Don't Realise It - They Just Blew On A Dandelion.

Kiwis hate injustice.  We know that.  They are huge defenders of free speech.  

How are they responding to the media corruption, to the council corruption, and to the protestor activity?  

All three are trying to stop our tour.  Answer? New events, new places for Julian to go and speak, are popping up everywhere.

Yesterday 1675 people read his book on line which you can read HERE  

Instead of shutting Julian down, these three – the media, the councils, and the protestors – they are actually fuelling public goodwill to help Julian.  They are blowing on a dandelion. 

New meetings are popping up like mushrooms.

The last minute cancellation of Julian’s event yesterday by the corrupt Auckland Council is a classic example.  Read more HERE


People Safety Comes First, Then Venue Safety.

People Safety Comes First, Then Venue Safety.

As an organisation, Stop Co-governance, in conjunction with the New Zealand police,  puts a premium on keeping people and buildings safe. We take your safety and your right to listen to who you like seriously.  We support free speech.   If the protestors want to run their own meeting to tell everyone what’s great about co-governance, we say “All power to you! Go for it! It’s your right!” 

just don’t take away our right to oppose your views. Thank you. 


How Our Country Is Being Groomed For Takeover

How Our Country Is Being Groomed For Takeover

Watch this 5 second video HERE.

Only two years ago, double banger names starting appearing all over the place.  For example, Aotearoa-New Zealand. I knew immediately what was going on, and so did you. 

The grooming for tribal takeover was being stepped up.  

It’s a well known strategy.  It called word substitution.  It works like this.  The groomers link a new word to an existing word.  At first, people are alarmed. They ask ‘what is this new word called Aotearoa appearing with ‘New Zealand’ for?  After a while they get used to it.

Then after a while the word New Zealand is dropped, and the new word Aotearoa remains, on its own. 

What is this all about? What’s going on. It’s much much more than forcing Te Reo. 

It’s part of the elite Maori plan to groom the country by stealth to get the people ready for tribal rule.  If you like, a pre-cursor to tribal rule. 

Maori government. 

This is why I am against co-governanc