Massive Event In Hastings!

Massive Event In Hastings!

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Read HERE for now!  In an hour or so I will report on what really happened, not what the media say happened.   They are such terrible liars, as you well know.


On the 24th July, 7pm Julian was booked to talk at the race course in Hastings.

At 10am on that day, the police were notified.

At 11am we were notified that the police had spoken to the racecourse managers.

At midday the racecourse managers phoned to inform us that our booking was cancelled.

Julian and local organiser Chris began searching for a new venue.

10 churches were called and all turned down the request to use their building. Woke.

So Julian began phoning commercial real estate agents, asking if they had empty buildings anywhere. The idea? Julian would get an empty building and hire chairs.

At 4pm Chris and Julian struck gold. A real estate agent called to say he had a suitable building in downtown Hastings.

We had until 4:30 to get the chairs.

Chris had a trailer so we went and picked up the chairs ($400 for the hire for the evening).

The building was free.

The owner was living in Bali!

Julian and Chris quickly marshalled volunteers who helped set up the chairs and the room.

We just got it done by 7pm.

Chris went to the racecourse to redirect people who were at the racecourse venue, the advertised venue, to guide them to the new venue.

Unfortunately, and this was our mistake, we ran out of helpers.

A very green naïve person was on the door filtering people into our private meeting.

He let a large number of protesters in who sold him the lie that ‘they had been invited’.

So we had challenges from the get go.

Julian started the meeting soon after 7, explaining the rules. The rules were “No talking / shouting anything out / no questions until the Q and A time at the end of the meeting.
If people disobeyed this rule, they would be removed by police.”

Soon after we started, the protesters fired up, shouting and interjecting.

The police were called, and soon arrived.

One at a time, the police removed people, but they were not going to remove Maori.

They only removed Maori when they were reminded that if they removed white protesters and not Maori, they were being racist. Did they want to be a racist police force?

With that, they began removing Maori protesters.

This all took an hour. So we lost the first hour of Julian’s presentation.

During this time a Maori lady in her mid 20’s entered the room and sat in the front row.

Julian ought to have been suspicious as the Maori protesters congregated at the back of the meeting and we would have expected her to join them, but she didn’t.

We also noticed she got into conversation with a man next to her and began abusing him.

Both these behaviours (i.e. sitting at the front near Julian’s laptop and abusing other guests) were red flags.

Sure enough, about 30 minutes after her arrival, and while Julian was presenting, she suddenly, in a rage and without warning, lunged at Julian’s laptop, ripped out all the wires attached to it, raised the laptop above her head, and threw it to the ground with all the force she could muster. It was a dramatic moment.

The ground below was concrete.

This lady was on a rampage, like a bull elephant.

In a few seconds, she managed to tip over the table on which the data projector was sitting.

It crashed to the ground and the light went out.

She then proceeded to pull the wires out from the sound desk, and push it onto the floor as well.

In just a few seconds, it appeared that she had caused $10,000 worth of damage.

Julian pushed her away from the equipment to try and stop her and the destruction she was causing.

The police swooped in on her, arresting her. They took her away.

So much for Maori being peaceful and respectful. Would we do this on their Marae? No, we would not.

Julian calmly put all the equipment back together again, expecting absolutely none of it to work. Absolutely nothing, you’d expect, would have survived this violence.

Really, what is the chance of a laptop being thrown with great force from a height onto a concrete floor, and surviving? Zero. Zilch.

Now this is a miracle. Julian inspected both the laptop and the data projector and they were both in mint condition, seemingly unaffected.

Both worked perfectly.

Really, that this was a miracle is the only reasonable explanation.

What other explanation is there? I can think of none. What happened defied the odds.  You might have different explanations, but Julian is sticking with the miracle.

Within minutes Julian was back presenting.

By now there were 20 or so police in the room.

Outside the building the protester numbers had swelled to 100 or more.

At one point they did a Haka, and our building literally shook.

Julian calmly kept presenting.

Unfortunately, the protesters broke through the front door of the building.

Basically they stormed the meeting.

Police poured into the building to prevent them getting to the area where the attendees were quietly listening.

The police chief came in, advising Julian that the meeting had become unsafe, asking for it to be halted.

We followed their advice. The meeting ended.

Julian and his team packed down. The protesters stole his data projector bag.

It was a sight to behold to see police and protesters lining the streets, like a presidential cavalcade as Julian left the building in his vehicle, following by police vehicles.

Just another night at the office, defending free speech and democracy, imploring the attendees to honour the Treaty in Maori, Te Tiriti.

Just another night at the office, fighting for equality for the 160 cultures who live in New Zealand, fighting against separatism, apartheid, and racism.

Really, it was a great night. We experienced miracles, and we were faithful to the public of New Zealand to inform them of the wrongness/ illegality of co-governance.

Tribal rule was on display for all to see.

Not to be defeated, the following night we held another meeting and a great crowd turned up.

This time the police were not informed.

This time invite was by telephone only.

We held the meeting, and no protesters turned up which has never happened before on tour.

It was the first time we had not told the police where we were meeting.

Free speech ruled and reigned.

Tonight we hold another meeting in a secret location and we are expecting 150 to attend.

We will not be telling the police again. Let’s see what happens.

What are the lessons we are learning from Hastings?

The protesters are strengthening our cause. Those who attend our meetings, our supporters, get to see first-hand co-governance in action, or if you like, tribal rule.

Then the media write about the events, and / or video is posted on social media, and thousands more see what happened with their own eyes, and they too become supporters of our cause.

The protesters have not woken up to this, but this is what they are doing. They are shooting themselves in the foot.

The second lesson? Miracles happen in our meetings i.e. the supernatural preservation of Julian’s laptop and data projector.

The third lesson? There are many people out there in society who are strong and tough on the inside. They are fighters. They are not deterred by activists and threats.

In fact, intimidation, threats, and bullying increase their resolve to attend the meetings.

The fourth lesson? We are the only people in NZ who are calling the country back to the original Treaty in Maori, Te Tiriti.

If we got back to this treaty, we would have democracy and equality.

We would not have racism and apartheid, which is what we have now.

We would get our once beautiful country back.

The tour goes on.