Sean Plunket interviews Ara Canterbury’s Te Tiriti Director Te Marino Lenihan on plans to create a mechanics course in Te Reo. 

As Sean says ‘It’s ideological claptrap”. 

Never a truer word spoken. 

What’s really interesting is what Lenihan says about the mechanic.

When he graduated from his full immersion Maori schooling, he struggled at the next stage of his life which was finding a job and entering the mainstream. 

Because he couldn’t speak English, he realised his full immersion schooling was a dead end street. 

‘Struggled’ is a kind word. A more accurate word would be ‘failed.’

Most full immersion graduates end on the dole. The reason is obvious – Maori language is absolutely useless in the real world.

Taxpayers are paying for the Maori full immersion schools. Taxpayers then pay for the dole. But that is not where it ends.

Because the idle mind is the playground of the devil, crime is the next step after the dole. 

Maori are 17% of the population yet 51% of the prison beds are occupied by Maori. Again, taxpayers are left to pick up the tab. 

It’s utter madness. Full immersion Maori schools should all be closed down. 

Not only is it irresponsible of parents to send their children to these schools. 

Not only do  they wreck the lives of the children who pass through them, but they cost taxpayers a fortune. 

I call it ‘the cycle of suicide’. That the government is not just allowing the cycle, but promoting it, is completely nuts.  

They obviously don’t care about Maori.

The whole system is broken and co-governance is to blame.

Check out the video here

P.S What’s really interesting is that in the 1800’s and early 1900’s in New Zealand, Maori parents were discouraging their children from speaking Maori. 

Why? Maori parents knew that for their children to succeed in the new European English speaking world, they had to, first and foremost, be competent in reading and writing English. Nothing has changed.  

What’s happening here is a graphic example of how ideology can wreck a people group i.e. Maori.  And who is going to pay for the fallout in years to come? You know the answer.

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