Mid 1800's Missionary Tells The Truth About Maori And Their Land

Mid 1800's Missionary Tells The Truth About Maori And Their Land

Recently, I read a fascinating first hand account of a missionary living in the mid 1800’s in New Zealand. 

There is so much of interest in what he wrote, mainly because it completely contradicts the narrative we hear today about Maori and their loss of land, about land confiscations, about the evils of colonialism, about how settlers and the government of the day diddled Maori out of their land, about how Maori in the early settlement period were faultless, and so on.  

What this account does is it exposes the absolutely propaganda and corruption coming from activists and elite Maori today about our history. 

The account I am sharing with you today make for riveting reading. Everything about it rings true.  You decide for yourself.

The stand out feature of this piece, for me, is that it shows how history is repeating itself.    In the mid 1800’s Maori were fighting over land, trying to get control.  In 2023,  it’s all happening again. 

 But now it’s much more serious because they are inside the Beehive, the centre of our government.

The piece was sourced from Historian Bruce Moon’s book “New Zealand; the fair colony” 2nd Ed., ISBN 978-0-473-53728-9, 2020, pp 41-3, enquire at 03 5444940.

Here it is HERE


Everyone Should Study This, Not Just Read It

Everyone Should Study This, Not Just Read It

 Martin Doutre (left), Historian and Researcher, sent me his entire work on the the Littlewood Treaty draft document,  

Every Kiwi should not just read this, but they ought to study it. 

When one reads it, one gets to see so clearly how Treaty of Waitangi fraud and corruption is so deep rooted in our country. 

Reading Martin’s work has just fuelled my fire to take our tour to a new level. 

You can read Martin’s brilliant work HERE