Mikaela Matenga Fires Up

Mikaela Matenga Fires Up

Who can forget our Orewa Event at the end of March, 2023?

Never have a group of Kiwis been so disrespected by protestors, mostly of Maori decent.

The behaviour of the 50 of so protesters on that day was shameful. It was appalling.  They let good Maori down badly. 

Because of their behaviour, Julian’s right to speak was cancelled. The right of the 150 Orewa residents who had come to hear him was trashed. 

Protestors were noisy throughout making it difficult if not impossible to continue with the meeting.  

But Julian and the crowd who came to hear him did persevere, and the meeting was a huge success, for a whole lot of reasons, not least of which is that it drew attention to the issue of Free Speech in New Zealand, and how thugs and anarchists have been allowed to shut it down. 

Which brings me to the Queen of Orewa, the Queen of the protesters, Mikaela Matenga.  

That’s her in the picture above. She was interviewed by TV 3.  

To understand how lost and confused Mikaela is, you first have to watch the TV3 news item, in which she featured.  Here it is HERE.

OK, now you have seen the TV3 news item, now watch the real story.  

The real story is Mikaela ripping up our books, right in front of the police who looked on uncaringly.  The police were nonchalant.

What Mikaela did not realise is that our cameras were rolling, and we caught everything Mikaela was up to for the world to see. 

What I want to you notice is the man who tried to stop Mikaela from ripping up the books.  She was out of control, in a ripping frenzy.  “The man” was trying to stop her. 

Yet this same man is vilified by media in their report, and Mikaela is portrayed as the sweet innocent butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth little Maori girl by TV3.   

You can watch the video footage of Mikaela ripping up our books (turn your sound down)  HERE

Please be sure to not miss anything on this video.  Notice please the identity of the good man trying to stop Mikaela from systematically ripping up Julian’s book. 

Notice the policeman. 

Notice the cover of the book – it’s definitely Julian’s. 

Then go back and watch the TV3 news item again, and see how the TV3 editors stitched it all together to tell a shamefully dishonest story. 

Their motive?

TV3 is paid by the government to elevate Maori, promote co-governance, and stop the co-governance tour. 

Today, Mikaela wrote to Julian.  It’s the first time Julian has heard from her. 

You can read what she wrote and Julian’s reply below


Mikaela Matenga's Fiery Email 20/4/23 To Julian And Julian's Rely!

Mikaela Matenga's Fiery Email 20/4/23 To Julian And Julian's Rely!

 You can read Mikaela email to Julian, and Julian’s response, HERE

I would encourage people to write to Mikaela, but please DO  NOT ABUSE her.  She is someone’s precious daughter. 

I am hoping that with “more information” she will turn a corner.

She is simply someone who has taken a series of wrong turns in life, and we ought to be the people who help her get back on track.

Right now she is lost and confused, like so many young Maori. This is one of the reasons we are doing our tour.  To clear the confusion, the fog, and to bring clarity. 

She has great potential, for sure.  Right now, all that potential is being expended on the wrong cause.

Political Group "Wake Up New Zealand" Comes To Our Aid!

Political Group "Wake Up New Zealand" Comes To Our Aid!

 Below is an email from a group called Wake Up New Zealand.  

In their exchange below they are writing to the people who run a tin pot organisation called The Aotearoa Liberation League who are regular protesters at our events.  A husband and wife run this organisation.  She is Iranian, he is part Maori.

This what Wake Up New Zealand wrote to them.


“This is from a pro co governance activist not even a Kiwi that slanders our dairy industry partner of Christian Seger who calls himself by a number of names CHRIS HURIWAI does not use his birth name Christian opinion his deeds are to divide and separate NZrs into two tier cultural marxist ideology.


He has no expertise or professional experience nor has his wife activist ..they are racist and I believe support apartheid in NZ. I questioned Seger last night WHATS YOUR TAKE ON UNDRIP..

Response WHATS THAT..


Obviously this racist activist and his girlfrand their cohorts know Jack shit and they are furiously race baiting people that oppose co governance in NZ.

Targeting farmers as going against maori I say this activist group have their own racist agenda and are cultural Marxists.

They are obsessed with targeting Julian Batchelor character assassinated him because he believes in Christianity and accuses him as spreading racist propanga..this tribal feudalism… activist Christian Huriwai Seger is the most racist individual I have ever heard.

Says it all he does not use his birth name which is Christian….he claims british colonization is the cause of all ills of NZ .

Ignores the true science.

Ignores maori tribes warned against each other took slaves they were a stone age people..experts who have maori blood have documented this.

Maori were warring tribes.

Christian Huriwai Seger in print publishes that Martin Doutre is a neo nazi. SEGER STATES that the Littlewood Treaty document is pushed by neo nazi.

Yet Seger says he does not use racism..but thats what he does he is a cultural marxist.

Look at the history of Stalin ..Marxism.. socialism ..this is the same ideology of marxism Christian Huriwai Seger worships.

Maybe because he is a worshipper of Gaia Mother Earth rather than the creator

Namely Te Mangai Paho therefore also indirectly funding racial hatred againgst Martin Doutre andJulian Batchelor..therefore funding the Aotearoa Liberation League Co founded by racist activists Chris huriwai seger known by other names and his partner Iraq born Samah Seger.

Both of them obsessively character assassinating the farmers of nz.

Blaming white washing rather than green washing.

WAKE UP NZ this is promoting apartheid in NZ .

Eco Gaia Cultism totally ignorant of true science following psuedo science .and biased data..

I won’t use the words misinformation or disinformation they are in my opinion racist cuktural Marxist liars..Practicing my human rights..

freedom of expression Carol Sakey .