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More Chairs Needed In Timaru!

More Chairs Needed In Timaru!

Last night we had to bring more chairs into the room to cater for all the people who came to the Timaru meeting.

People were sitting around the edges of the room.

The atmosphere was fantastic!

There was a lot of humour and fun, as well as all the serious stuff.

One participant wrote to me at 12:30 am (a few hours after the meeting had finished) with the following:
Good evening, Julian.

We really enjoyed tonight’s meeting. Lots of good information, and presented with wit and aplomb into the bargain.

I found the meaning of the word ‘rangatiratanga’ very interesting. It occurred to me that the Treaty’s authors, on behalf of Queen Victoria, very cleverly inserted the Gospel into that document.


We are meeting tonight again in the same building, same time. See you then!