More Co-governance Madness.  Mt Taranaki Now Classified As A Person

More Co-governance Madness. Mt Taranaki Now Classified As A Person

You can watch the video HERE

This is exactly how the Waitangi Tribunal has been able to shaft the public of billions of dollars.  An expert Maori will be called in to talk to the Mountain (for a fee) and tell us what the Mountain is saying. 

The answer will be something like “Hey, the Mountain told me that the state of the Marae buildings in Taranaki are shameful. The mountain has demanded that tax payers gift $10m to Taranaki Maraes for refurbishments. The mountain told me he is greatly grieved (yes, it’s a he).  If you don’t addrss this, he said, he might even blow is stack, and put on an eruption.  So watch out. This is a threat.  So what do you want to do, Mr Little? Appease the mountain and pay only $10m for Marae refurbishments or anger the mountain and cause an eruption and with it a $100m civil defence emergency?  You’d better cough up the $10m or else.”

The government will have to agree since no one can quiz the mountain or cross examine it, except the Maori expert Mountain talker who is one of their own.  Also, due to Health and Safety concerns, the government will say it has a responsibility to put the safety of Taranaki people first to avoid an eruption. 

Andrew Little will come on the TV and say “In the interests of public Health and Safety, and to avoid a catastrophic eruption, we are awarding Mt Taranaki Maori $10m for Marae refurbishments. This is the worse case of a Mountain grieving in our history.  The crown offers an unreserved apology to Mt Taranaki for the offence Pakeha have caused, and with this, here is a cheque for $10m for your Maraes.” 

When interviewed after the cheque was handed over, the Mountain was asked for comment. It said ” Nice one bro.  More money for absolutely nothing.  So easy to shaft these dumb Pakeha who believe anything we say!  Andrew Little is such a soft touch.  He always wants to sound like the hero and be liked among us Maori.  If you want $’s bro, to call on Andrew! That dumb ass gives us anything we ask.  And the more ridiculous it is, the easier it is to get.” 

Welcome to the world of co-governance.