Next Event? Live Stream Monday 14th August 2023,3pm.

Next Event? Live Stream Monday 14th August 2023,3pm.

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New Immigrant Gives 'Downtrodden Maori' A Lashing

You can read his email below


Hi Julian,

Good on you for taking a stance and pushing back on all these persons who are either intent (or apathetic) on destroying true democracy in NZ.

We are all New Zealanders, born with the same democratic, social and economic rights and opportunities.

If certain individuals choose to discard these values in favour of laziness, illiteracy, non-education, drugs and alcohol, unemployment, gangs, crime, etc., then they should be held accountable for their life choices and the consequences thereof.

They should not be given any preferential treatment or consideration based upon a historical event that has been misinterpreted and applied toa society for which it was never intended. NZ has changed and moved on dramatically since 1840.

I came to NZ as an immigrant in 2003 with 2 teenage kids. I had $21000 cash, no other assets, no car, no job, no home….but I did have an education and a passion to succeed.

20 years later I retired. Kids grown up with partners, degrees and jobs.

I have only rented a home, now have over $250000 in Kiwisaver, a caravan and ute and am exploring this amazing, beautiful country I call home.

An education, correct attitude and a can-do approach is all that is needed.

Time for the “Maori downtrodden” to wake up and realize they hold their futures in their own hands.

Please feel free to publish this comment if it helps in any way.

Immigrant Fires Up About Co-Governance!

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