County Clerk Mr Ion Has Gone Into Hiding

Just to update everyone.

We had a phenomenal response to yesterday’s blog, not just about the new videos but also about Mr Ion.

The surname is ironic.

Gavin, if you are listening this is what I would write to us. It’s only a suggestion. You choose you own final wording.

“Dear Stop Co-Governance. First I would like to admit I did wrong.

I deliberately cancelled your event for political reasons. It was pretty obvious, wasn’t it, but I thought I would get away with it.

I also admit that I deliberately notified you as late as possible, so that you had no time to address the issues. That was low, I know, but I did it.

Third, I had no evidence whatsoever that there were any security risks. I admit, I made them all up.

I was definitely under the heavy influence of the bone. I am not blaming the bone. I am just telling you. I personally take full responsibility for all these wrong doings.

There are quite a few aren’t there.

I am not sure where my head was at at the time, but I was not in a good space.

I further admit I even got one of my young staff to do my dirty work.

Shameful, I know, but the bone is powerful and can take a man over.

I can see now, quite clearly, how it led me into apartheid, racism, and separatism and poor decision making.

I had a session with a counsellor yesterday, and as a result, I am not going to wear it any more. It’s been a really bad influence on my life. Some people struggle with alcohol, others drugs, me the bone.

As an act of repentance, and to show my contrition, you can use the Horsham Downs Hall for a meeting and I will come.

It’s about time I learnt the truth about the Treaty so I can do my job with honesty and integrity and represent all rate payers, not just a tiny few.

I want to thank you for pulling me up. You have been a life saver.

I love you!

(I know this is quite a strong thing to say, but since ditching the bone, and counselling, something has really changed deep in my heart, and I just want to get it out)

Gav xxx”


Because have heard nothing, we are releasing a press release to all media outlets, and triggering an offical information office request.

We’ll keep you posted.

Public servants who act disgracefully must be held to account.