In September of this year, I spoke in Warkworth on the issue of co-governance, and why it was so wrong. 

To date, 4200 people have viewed this video since it was posted on your tube 2 weeks ago.  

Roughly 300 Kiwis at day are watching it. 

If two or more people are watching it at the same time,  the number of kiwis who heard my message could be as high as 12,000.

Analytics on the back end of my video manager show people are watching from start to finish.

I wish 5 million had heard it!  It’s the truth. It blows the lid off all the BS being pumped out by elite Maori to take over New Zealand.

You can watch the video here.

Yesterday, in the comments on this video on Youtube, someone called Karri-Ann Vercoe-Black attacked my Warkworth speech.

Have a look. Go to the comments on the video

I have replied to Karri-Ann’s comments, and posted them on Youtube.

In my comments to Karri-Ann on Youtube, there is a hyperlink to an article on the Treaty which every Kiwi should read.

Join in the discussion! Post your own comments. The more comments, the more the video goes up the Google rankings.

And please, and most importantly, keep the video circulating.  Awareness is the key to change.