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Nanaia Mahuta Receives Julian's Booklet!

Nanaia Mahuta Receives Julian's Booklet!

You can watch the video of Nanaia making comment about Julian’s booklet HERE

What she says is pure spin. The current Labour government and its MPs are masters at lying, deceit, and spin.

She says the booklet is propaganda, but gives no examples.  This is typical,   

 Activists say things like “Julian is a racist” but give no examples of how this is so.  When asked to provide examples, they reply with silence.

Activists say things like “Julian is creating division” but give no examples. 

The booklet is just facts, nothing more, nothing less. 

My gut feeling after watching this video is that Mahuta and all Labour MPs will have been drilled as to what to say by PR companies.  That is to say, how to spin an impression.

They want to come across as the nice, happy, family orientated people, who will make life better for all Kiwis.

If Maori are so amazing, how come they lead the stats in all the negative social indictors? e.g. crime, cruelty to animals, prison numbers, domestic violence, child abuse, social welfare dependency, school truancy,  and so on.

Also, she fails to mention that none of anything her and her fellow MP’s are doing is democratic, and absolutely none of it has a mandate in the Treaty.

Quite simply, what they are doing, and plan to continue doing, is treasonous. 

Be sure to read the comments.

I wonder who the ‘old lady’ was who gave Mahuta a booklet?

 Whoever it was is a hero.