Try Our New Treaty Of Waitangi Quiz!

Try Our New Treaty Of Waitangi Quiz!

Click on THIS link to try the test.

What’s the point? Radical Maori have gotten away with fraud and corruption all because Kiwis don’t know the Treaty.

That is to say, they were not able to say ‘No!’ to many of the interpretations and ideas dished out in front of them  because they did not know truth of the matter.

Now, at last, you can know the truth and push back.

Do the test over and over until you become an expert – someone who can argue and debate the issue intelligently from a place of facts and truth.

Remember, in the end, truth always wins, but you need to know the truth to be in the right position to win.

National Are "In" But Co-Governance Rumbles On

National Are "In" But Co-Governance Rumbles On

National won by a convincing majority.

Sure, this is infinitely better than Labour, the Greens, and the Maori Party returning.

But the fact that Act and New Zealand First did not get a bigger share of the votes is a big worry.

A bigger share for them would have meant more leverage to stop National from continuing with co-governance.

Act and NZ First are the two parties wanting to expunge co-governance from all New Zealand legislation.

Expunge means to get rid of it completely.

With a smaller vote count, a smaller slice of the vote pie, this is not going to happen.

Act will have fewer people around the Cabinet table. NZ First will have none.

It’s the Cabinet table that counts. This is where the big decisions are made.

What we need now, desperately, is a strong powerful Prime Minister who will put New Zealand into co-governance remission.

Luxon is not that man.

Roll on election 2026.

Meanwhile, as a movement, for the next three years at least, we are going to fight on, stronger than ever, to stop co-governance.