In yesterday blog, I wrote about how we were looking for a venue in Whangarei to hold a meeting.  There are lots of venues.   The perfect venue was at a place called Sport Northland.

One of the managers there was a guy called Stu.

As I said in yesterday’s blog, I met with Stu to discuss what we were doing, just in case activists tried to pressure Stu and the other managers to pull our meeting before we started.  The activists would have got wind of our meeting from flyers and newspaper adverts. You can read yesterday’s blog for more details.

In short, Stu said his organisation had just signed up to support co-governance, and what he called a Te Tiriti framework for his organisation.  

When I quizzed Stu about co-governance, it was obvious he was ignorant about the Treaty, New Zealand’s history, and what co-governance was really all about.  Really, he just parroted back to me all the government propaganda e.g. The Treaty is a partnership, the Treaty guaranteed Maori self-determination,  Maori did not cede sovereignty, etc.  

Yesterday, I received an email from Stu explaining why he couldn’t host our meeting at his facility.  You can read his email HERE

What can we conclude after my encounter with Stu? And his email?

Stu at Sport Northland is a genuinely nice guy.  I liked him. He was friendly, a good listener, and hugely personable. 

But he’s been brainwashed. 

When he talked to me about the Treaty and New Zealand history, and what he understood by co-governance, I knew straight away he was a victim. 

He was a victim of the Labour Party’s relentless drive to control the media and re-write history.  And all for what?  

To groom the population of New Zealand.  For what? To soften them up for tribal takeover.

I am deeply disturbed by all this.  

The situation is much worse than I thought.   The government is targeting everyone and every organisation. 

This is a war.   They are after converts. Absolutely no one is immune. 

Ardern is not a heroine.  She will go down in history as our worst PM.  Sure, she is not totally to blame for co-governance and for the tribal coup taking place, and the mess New Zealand is in, because it started in the 70’s.  

But under her watch, the momentum and the grooming and the propaganda have all accelerated beyond our wildest imaginations.  With her encouragement, with her goading, like a jockey digging their spurs into a horse to make it go faster, so it was Arden, the cogovernance jockey on the horse called New Zealand who, ultimately, funded, orchestrated, planned, and executed this coup, this tribal takeover.  Really, her behaviour is unforgivable. 

The letter I received from Stu was sickening.   He spoke to me as a beaten man, and wrote to me as a beaten man. They got him.  This is what makes lies and deception so absolutely evil.  The victims don’t realise what happened to them.  Essentially, Stu has been abused. 

Let’s call it for what it is. It’s abuse. Abused by the lies and deceit of the media, by the deceit and lies of the internal communications of the government with his organisation. 

If all of us could project into the future, to see how co-governance will pan out, if it’s allowed to continue, I am certain civil war would instantly erupt.  We’d be horrified. 

When I did my university studies, one of my majors was history.  I loved this subject.  What I remember from my studies was how the Nazi party got control of the country.  The German population was abused through intense propaganda, lies, deceit, and the creation of an atmosphere of fear.

New Zealand is well on the way, following their example.

Absolutely no one in the 1920’s in Germany predicted how it would pan out in the 1940’s. 

Between the early 1920’s and 1945, is roughly twenty years. 

Tribal representatives have said, openly, they want to control New Zealand by 2040.  That’s roughly 20 years too. 

If the Nazi Party had been stopped in the 1920’s, great devastation could have been avoided.  

If we want to learn from history, which is crucial, we have to stop co-governance before it advances any further.  Really, ideally, it should have been nipped in the bud.

Too late for that now.  The good news is that it’s not too late. It’s not full blown. It can be stopped.  

What’s crucial now is that we have to work as a big team. 

It can’t be “Let’s see what Julian does”.  No no no.  This is a recipe for certain failure. 

It has to be everyone pitching in, working hard, making sacrifices, taking risks, doing things they have never done before,  pushing on when things are tough and hard, hardening up on the inside, becoming brave.  Being determined.

Yesterday, when I appealed for people to order business cards from me so that they could start handing them out to the unconverted, only two people responded. 

We can do better.  We have to do better. We’ve got to do better.

You see, stopping co-governance is about raising public awareness.  Once aware, the unconverted will convert, and join our cause.  We need large numbers for street protests which will come later.

We have to get to the unconverted.  People like Stu. If we’d got to him a year ago, he and his organisation would not have signed up to co-governance. This is the reality of the situation. 

The business cards are small but extremely effective way to start. 

Anyone can do it. Literally anyone.  You don’t even have to talk to anyone if you don’t want to.  You can put them in letter boxes, or slide them in between the rubber and the glass on the driver’s door of cars in car parks, leave them on the tables in cafes. The possibilities are endless

Really, it’s terribly easy.   If a lot of people did a little, say gave away five cards a day each, we’d make one hell of a big impact over time. 

Today is another day.  Let’s see what happens.