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Eight Reasons Why The Orewa Event Was A Great Success

We started the set up about 1pm. Locals on the ground were fantastic, helping with this. The meeting was to start at 3pm.

By 2:30 the room was filling.

By 3pm the room was near full.

Suddenly, 50 or so protesters with flags and banners entered the back of the room. A Maori man began walking up the aisle in the middle of the room, shouting challenges/threats/demands/activists babble.

Many of the non-protestors, numbering 120-150, were shouting at him to ‘sit down’ or ‘shut up’ or ‘go home’.

Then the police arrived in numbers, 10 or more. Later, in a debrief with police after the event, we are told that every policeman in Orewa had turned up.

Then the protestors started singing. Obviously, their intention was to drown out anything Julian said. Their interjections and noisy carry on continued throughout the meeting.

One of the highlights was a young New Zealander (male) jumping up. He started to sing the national anthem in English, and the crowd of Julian’s supporters rose to their feet and joined in. It was magnificent.

Julian got through his presentation.

There were no physical altercations, and no damage to property.

Julian closed the meeting in the normal way.

So why was the meeting a huge success? Here are eight reasons.

First, the crowd of 150 or so mostly European supporters saw first-hand co-governance in action.

By this I mean activists opposing free speech.

They had no trouble disrupting a peaceful legal meeting of people who had gathered to hear a speaker speak on the topic both the PM and the leader of the opposition had encouraged the country to talk about. Many non-activist Maori would be ashamed of the behaviour of the activists.

Second, the day was a graphic example of how Maori will run the country via Tikanga, or Maori customs and protocols. So how will they run it?

By the principle of ‘might is right’.

They figured they had every right to trash someone else’s meeting, simply because they didn’t agree with the speaker’s message. That’s tyranny. As such, they are fast becoming the thought police. This is co-governance in action.

Third, the behaviour of the protestors was a graphic display of the hypocrisy of the protestors. They demand to be respected and honoured, yet they show none of the same to others. So they don’t practice what they preach. This makes then Mt Everest size hypcrites. This is co-governance in action.

Fourth, Maori activists put on display for all to see how they like to bully people. The government has spent millions of dollars on anti-bullying campaigns.

These campaigns are usually fronted by people like Meng Foon. However, when Maori go on a bullying rampage, as they did in Orewa, it’s OK. Thus we all witnessed eye watering double standards. Activist bullying and intimidation is co-governance in action.

Fifth, most of the crowd of supporters who came, I am picking, would never have encountered ‘Maori’ like they did in Orewa.  

They will have been shocked and dismayed at their behaviour.  

But it was important for them to see the behaviour first hand, as eye witnesses. This will fuel / strengthen the desire in their hearts and minds to stand against co-governance, which is really code for tribal rule.

Sixth, Europeans / Pakehas have always and without fail shown respect for Maori by letting them do their thing on their Maraes, simply because they have every right to free speech and to express their culture however they like.

This is their right.

But do they reciprocate? Do they show grace and respect for non-Maori when they hold their meetings? No, they do not. This is co-governance in action.

Seventh, the display by the protestors was a graphic example of how they have been brainwashed by the propaganda fed to them by the Maori elite and activist journalists.

The protestors don’t realise they when tribal rule kicks in fully, they too will become slaves of the Maori elite.

The protestors think that the elite Maori and the average Maori are ‘one’, joined at the hip, and fighting for the same cause.

They are not.

The protestors are simply pawns in the elite Maori plan to take over New Zealand.

Once tribal rule kicks in fully, the average Maori, and the protestors, will be disenfranchised like everyone else. They will become pre-1840 style slaves to the Maori elite.

How do we know this will happen? All through New Zealand’s early history,  Maori tribes jostled for dominance.    

The dominant tribe always enslaved the lesser tribes.

This is a fact of history, and nothing has changed today.

The tragedy is that the protestors don’t realise that Julian and his team are fighting for Maori, and the other 160 cultures living in New Zealand to prevent tribal rule. 

Julian has a paper which he has produced which details how Maori can achieve equitable outcomes.

And the core of the plan is not about giving Maori more money and resources.  Not more Waitangi Tribunal Claims. Not more dependence on the government.  No no.

Giving Maori money and resources has actually created Maori inequity. It’s weakened Maori on their inside, which has led to their plummet in the social statistics.

What’s on the inside of a man or a woman is everything. 

Julian’s paper is concerned with Education. Educating Maori about what?

About the absolute relationship between personal success in life and the development of character.  Character has to do with what’s on the inside of a man or woman.  Character  will lead a man or woman out of the pit and into success. Into prosperity and emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health. 

You see protestors think ‘equality’ is about giving Maori more money and resources until they are living like the rest of society who work hard and achieve a lot. 

The current approach to fixing Maori inequity (more money, more resources, more blaming everyone else and everything else for being at the bottom of the ladder) is like putting a band aid on a cancer patient. 

But the protestors are not open to solutions.

They prefer bullying, fighting, and intimidation over Education. They prefer handouts.

They prefer shouting and yelling over listening and learning.

This is co-governance in action.

Eight, the protestors can’t debate the issue of co-governance via reasoned discussion. Julian and his team want this. Julian wants to engage. All the protestors have to offer is shouting and bullying and intimidation.

Many good Maori in New Zealand would cringe if they saw the behaviour of the protestors. 

In all our meetings we have a Q and A session.

This is important as it allows the crowd to ask sincere questions about the content presented by Julian.

Yet not once has any Maori anywhere asked a reasoned question based on the content presented by Julian. I am not making this up.


The protestors are showing themselves to be intellectually bankrupt. They have nothing reasoned and rational to say.   They don’t want discussion.  What other conclusion is there?


Even though the non-protestors who came to hear Julian at Orewa were denied the right, they did see and witness first hand the eight aspects of co-governance alluded to here.


They saw co-governance in action in graphic detail.

They came to hear about co-goverance.

But what they saw was more – they got to see it, not just hear about it.

Seeing is even more powerful than reading or listening.

Nothing is more powerful than being an eye witness.


Co-governance is not just a disaster waiting to happen. It’s a disaster happening right now.

Thank you, protestors, for showing us this so clearly yesterday at Orewa.

As such, they unwittingly gave great support to our campaign to preserve democracy, to fight for equality against separatism, racism, and apartheid.  

In other words,  they helped us raise support to oppose co-governance.


 Dr John Robinson Responds To Chris Trotter Branding Julian “A Fascist”

“I have frequently agreed with Chris Trotter, and quoted favourably many of his comments. That article seems to have been written by some quite different person. It is complete nonsense.

I am left wing, a socialist and ardently anti-fascist. I am not stupid, I am knowledgeable, I have studied and written of what is going on and to tag the fascist label on to Julian Batchelor, whom I know, is absurd.

I join in the stop Co-Governance movement because I am opposed to racism, and Co-Governance is racist, dividing New Zealanders into the chosen Maori and the others. We are part of a wide movement to stop the movement towards New Zealand apartheid, which is intended to result in two separate houses of parliament, as is explicitly set down in the He Puapua report. Thus while I know that Muriel Newman is right-wing, here we are one, New Zealanders opposed to racism, and ready to work together on that issue, leaving other differences to one side.

I refuse to be labelled as “Pakeha”, which Trotter uses frequently. I am a New Zealander. Julian is not aiming “to build a mass movement of Pakeha New Zealanders”, bringing together “angry Kiwi racists”, as Trotter claims, but inviting us all to become aware of the destruction of democracy. I agree with Julian that we must stop being divided and labelled, we must fight racism – which is the very opposite of being racist.

Trotter insists on calling Julian a “Christian evangelist”. Should I, an atheist, then walk away? No, he has never asked that we be of any one faith. We are all welcome, people of many backgrounds and beliefs, different backgrounds (of course, including Maori), simply fighting the racism that Trotter once spoke against, which he seems now to support. Trotter even voices his support for the suppression of free speech and the banning of meetings, calling the actual opposition to racism as “blatant racism”.”

Dr John Robinson

Janet Wilson: Insane Thinking Leads To Insane Journalism

Janet Wilson: Insane Thinking Leads To Insane Journalism

Journalist with Stuff

Janet thinks Julian Batchelor is a racist because he believe in democracy, and he’s fighting against tribal rule, racism, separatism, and apartheid. 

He’s fighting for one person, one vote, for one law for all and racial unity. Janet thinks that’s wrong.

Once upon a time, Julian would have been  a hero. 

In 2023, he’s a villain. 

Such is the intense grooming that’s gone on in New Zealand for the past 10 years to prepare the way for tribal takeover. 

Jane is clearly an activist.  

You can read what she wrote  HERE


Our Waipu Event Is Happening  Friday 24 March, 7pm!

Our Waipu Event Is Happening Friday 24 March, 7pm!

Waipu is heartland New Zealand. Township 2 km inland from Bream Bay, 41 km south of Whangārei. It was founded in the mid-19th century by Scottish settlers from Nova Scotia, led by the charismatic preacher Norman McLeod. Facing economic hardship in Canada, the group went first to Australia and then to New Zealand. In 1854 they secured land at Waipū, and were joined by more Scots from Nova Scotia and Scotland. Waipū commemorates its heritage through a museum, the Waipū House of Memories, and events such as the annual Waipū Highland Games which have been held since 1871. Waipū is now a farming centre.

Where? Ruakaka Rec Centre, 9 Takutai Place, Ruakaka.


Who Are The Real Fascists In New Zealand?

It was Mussolini who defined Fascism as “the merger of corporate and state power”. This describes New Zealand perfectly. Here is a quote from my book.

“Ultimately, co-governance is about a small minority of people getting enormous wealth without working for it – free money. Our money. Tax payer’s money. It’s about a determined group of private tribal companies / tribal representatives who are collaborating secretly and closely with MPs in the Beehive, the Waitangi Tribunal, key personnel in every government department, and woke European lawyers and consultants. What for?
To pull off a pre-1840 style tribal raid on the tribe called New Zealand. The booty they seek is the cash and assets belonging to all New Zealanders. And how have they made such progress? By deliberately twisting and corrupting the clear original meaning of the Treaty of Waitangi, over a period spanning four decades. It’s frightening fraud. This book has detailed how this twisting and corrupting has happened. And worst of all? Naive and history ignorant politicians have enabled this. All of it.”


HERE is what Chris wrote. You make up your own mind.  

What is the truth of the matter?

It’s not complicated, really.

I am someone who has stepped up to fight for our democracy, for racial unity, for one law for all, for the repeal of all race based legislation, for the exposure of the fraud and corruption swirling around the Treaty Of Waitangi and the Waitangi Tribunal.

I am fighting against eye-watering media corruption.  

 The inside cover of my book elaborates more, but you got the gist of what I am standing for.