Our Dargaville Event Is Tonight, 9 March, 7pm!

It’s at the Kaipara Community Hall 

38 Hokianga Road, Dargaville  

See you then! Be sure to bring friends and family.  

Next Event After Dargaville Is Kerikeri, 12 March, 7pm!

It’s at Cornerstone Church

144 Kerikeri Road, Kerikeri

See you then! Be sure to bring friends and family.  

How The Maorification Of New Zealand And Cults Are Similar, And Why The 50+ Age Group In NZ Are Heroes!

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Yesterday  I went to Dargaville to hand out flyers.  I also carried with me half a dozen of my books. I parked my car in a prominent place for all to see.  It’s signed with STOP CO-GOVERNANCE all over it.  

The very first car I approached was just starting to pull out of the car park.

It was a police car.  The car stopped and the passenger window went down.  

I noticed he was a Sargeant because he had 3 stripes on his shoulder. 

He asked what I was doing. 

I said I was inviting people to an event in his town tomorrow night.  

He asked what the event was.  I said “We are trying to stop co-governance so we are having a  public meeting about it. Here, have a booklet about it”

He looked at the cover and said “Thank you. I’ll read that”

With that he gave me his business card.  I asked him to help us at this event and to be there. 

Later that night he phoned me to say he’d arranged for the police to be at the event.   

The reason? Activists in Dargaville have been working hard to stop this event.   

Leading the pack  is someone called Pera Paniora

.You’ll remember she was the council member who tried to force a Maori prayer in a council meeting and Mayor Jepson shut her down.  

She and others have been phoning the managers of the hall to shut down the event claiming we are racist and promoting racial division. 

Late last night I received a call from one of the Hall managers to say that he and his committee had discussed the matter. 

They believe in free speech and therefore were going to stand with us.  Wow!  So good to hear. 


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Don't Forget Your Business Cards

Below is Gareth who is handing our business card distribution.  He is a family man and an engineer in Whangarei. Thanks Gareth for putting your hand up to help.

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