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Packed House In Invercargill. Mayor Nobby Clark A Big Hit!

Packed House In Invercargill. Mayor Nobby Clark A Big Hit!

Last night in Invercargill was huge.

Mayor Nobby Clark and his partner Karen were guests.

The whole evening was live streamed.  

In spite of competing with the rugby final, over 200 people tuned in and listened to the live stream.

This was a first for us as a movement to do this. 

Nobby opened the evening talking about the wrongs of 3 Waters, Maori representation on his council and how undemocratic it was, how 4% of the population can get 50% of the vote and so on.

It was vintage Nobby.

If only all Mayors had Nobby’s guts to speak out and tell the truth.  Most don’t. They are woke, like the Mayor of Balclutha.

At the end Nobby Clark’s partner Karan rose to her feet, microphone in hand, and chastised a lady in her 20’s who had said:

“How many of you in the audience have been to university?”

She even asked for a show of hands. Hard to believe this happened, but it did.

The young white woke University student was implying that those who attended the meeting in Invercargill were thick, naive, and uneducated.

In other words, only the ignorant and uneducated come to Julian’s meetings.

The implication is also that only those who have been to university can truly understand the Treaty. 

Unbelievably patronising.

The irony is, in fact, that the opposite would be true.

Those who go to University in New Zealand today are groomed and brainwashed for Maori takeover.  

They are marinating in Treaty mis-information.  Deliberately so.

Our Universities have become centres of Maori indoctrination, and it’s impossible to pass through them without being tainted.

To pass many courses, students have to undergo compulsory Maori studies.

Some even require that students must exit University being able to speak Te Reo.

I am so glad I was there last night to hear for myself this question from a fresh faced woke female uni student.

You can read more about the collapse of our universities and how they have become centres of Maori Indoctrination HERE