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Police Were Amazing At Kapiti

Police Were Amazing At Kapiti

Last night we had our best meeting on tour.

More people than ever came to hear Julian. The room was pretty much packed.

It was a large Church building. The Minister attended the whole event. He is Samoan.

His comment at the end?

“What Julian said was just the truth. The truth all people must hear. Julian was not racist at all. In fact the opposite. It’s obvious he is fighting for all of us.”

Newshub turned up so be sure to watch the 6pm news tonight.

The protesters who got inside the building were from the fringe whacky group ‘Christian Action Aotearoa’.

They brought biscuits and cookies trying to win people over but it was all ‘fake love’.

Once inside they disrupted by singing songs, having their phones ring (they were ringing each other in the meeting), pretending to have accidently left their phone on, and so on.

Really, it was a terrible display of Christian hypocrisy.

On the one hand saying ‘we are Christians’ and on the other denying people their right to free speech.

For them, it was quite acceptable to be “Christian”, and at the same time be obnoxious, deceitful, and disruptive. Jesus would condemn them and their behaviour.

Their come back would be “Oh, Julian is saying we are at war with Maori.” Elite Maori, yes.  All Maori, no. Anyone who was at the meeting last night would agree that Julian is clearly not at war with all Maori. In fact, he makes a point of saying this.

He is also fighting for the 160 cultures living in New Zealand. His view is strongly that none of these 160 cultures should be elevated above the other 159. None should be given special favour and handouts which the other 159 cultures do not receive. To do so is racist. To do so spreads the seeds of apartheid, resentment, and racial division.

Julian is fighting for democracy, for free speech, for equality. He is fighting against racism, apartheid, and racial division.

And now to the police.

I have to say they were amazing. Truly amazing.

The meeting took place on private property with a long drive leading up to the auditorium.

This was ideal. A group of our security guys, led by Greg, the owner of the complex, were able to set up a road block on the road, 100m or so from the auditorium. They had cones and even had road spikes!

Really, Greg was incredible. He missed the meeting because he wanted to guard the gate. What a hero. Seriously.

The meeting started at 7pm.

The police arrived, on time, about 6:30 to ensure those who came legitimately to this private meeting were safe and secure. The police upheld the law, protecting the innocent and the legitimate. They protected the right of people to free speech. They removed those trespassing. For this we applaud them.

There were 6 or more police cars. As people arrived, our security guys checked the cars, and either stopped them and asked them to turn back, or stopped them and allowed them to proceed.

The police simply ensured that this process went smoothly. The police were not our security guards. They simply ensured that the law was upheld. Nothing more.

But they did more than simply help us monitor the gate.

Inside the meeting, quite rightly, they removed protesters. These protesters were trespassing. They were breaking the law.

The crowd clapped and cheered to encourage the police every time a protester was removed. It was a sight to behold.

So different from Levin where Dad’s Army turned up with three teenage apprentices.

There was no pink rhino on the loose in Kapiti.

The police in Kapiti were swift, competent, and effective. In Levin, the opposite.

I would encourage you to write to the Minister of Police, and the Police Commissioner praising the police performance last night.

In Levin, we complained about the police. In Kapiti, we are praising the police.

Credit where credit is due. Criticism where criticism is due.

Ginny Andersen (Minister of Police)
Andrew Coster (Police Commissioner):

Today, Julian crosses on the ferry to start his South Island leg of the tour.

He says he is excited to go and meet ‘The real New Zealanders’ in the South Island. Ha ha.

What Greg On Gate Security At Kapiti Had To Say


Siege At Lindale

Leading up to the event I was receiving threatening emails on a daily basis , so I knew we were going to have protesters on the night, but what I did not anticipate was the number that actually turned up.

After what happened at the Levin meeting, we decided to screen every car and person at the gate so we could hold the protesters at the boundary.

By 6pm, an hour before the meeting, the cars were queuing for about a mile down the road and I was personally inspecting all occupants and only allowing those through that I deemed harmless.

After a couple of incidents where we had to physically block protester cars from entering the property, by warning them that we had tyre spikes behind the barriers and that they were trespassing on private property.

The protesters realised they were not going to be able force their way through the gate without causing serious damage to their cars, so they abandoned the cars and formed a group of around 40 to 50 frustrated extremists chanting and yelling abuse at us from the other side of the barrier.

The protesters then started to surge towards the gate and I knew that with only two of us holding the line, we were going to be overrun, however to my relief the Police arrived in force, just at the right time and quickly took supporting positions at the gate.

So for the rest of the night we manned the gate, keeping the protesters off the property, with the Police playing a neutral but firm role in support.

I was impressed with the Police Officers who literally stood behind me in support whenever I was confronted with aggressive behaviour.

Unfortunately I missed Julian’s meeting, but it was a successful night for democracy and freedom of speech.

Greg The Owner Of Lindale