Private Meetings A Huge Success!

We are having private meetings in unadvertised locations.

Wow! They are so great. We are also live streaming from these events. We make sure those who who attend the event and the event location are kept anonymous.

In yesterday’s event, 1000 people were viewing it on line, all over the country.

We want to publicly thank the activists for showing us how to reach more people. 

Credit where credit is due.

We would never have been able to reach 1000 in a meeting if the activists had respected our right to free speech.  

To them we are deeply grateful.

We have found these meetings are highly successful because they are relaxed and people can ask questions throughout. We often have very interesting discussions! 🙂

We allow 4 hours for the meeting, including at least two tea and coffee breaks. We make sure the start time is during the day e.g. 10am

This is the new New Zealand where we have to meet in secret, where the media are working in tandem with activists.

As I said, we do not involve the police now because we have strong evidence that they are are likely to be colluding with activists as well.

If you would like to host a meeting in your area contact Julian : or 0274764430

Bill Board Campaign Competition!

Please look at the mock up of one of our new billboards below.

We want your ideas for wording.

What ideas? As a team we have been brainstorming.

Possible designs we’ve come up with so far are:
“Waititi is not a racist”
“The mainstream media are not biased”
“Willie Jackson knows a lot about the Treaty”

“Willie Jackson is a historian”

“The Maori Party is contantly working for racial harmony”
“The Maori Party has the interests of all Kiwis at heart”
“The push for co-governance is not about the money”
“Co-governance promotes democracy”
“Co-governance promotes free speech”
“Co-governance promotes one law for all”
“Co-governance promotes equality”
“There is nothing racist about co-governance.”
“Co-governance is not promoting apartheid”
“The activists really know the Treaty”
“The activists are smart”

“The activists honour the rights of others to free speech”

“The activists are peaceful people”

“Racial harmony has gotten way better under Labour”

“The activists would never smash a laptop”

“The activists are respectful people”

The activists never kick or punch or spit on those attending Julian’s meetings”

The media is not working with activists”

“There is no apartheid in New Zealand”

“The people of New Zealand gave the government permission to change the name of our country to Aotearoa”

“The mainstream media is not corrupt”

“The Treaty is all about partnership”

“Maori and the Crown Are Partners via The Treaty”

“The people of NZ are not being brainwashed”

“The people of NZ are not being groomed for tribal rule”

“Te Reo is not being forced on the population”

“There is no brainwashing going on in government departments”

“The new history curriculum is historically accurate”

“The government is not grooming young people

“The Waitangi Tribunal Is Not Corrupt

There are no activists on the Waitangi Tribunal”

“Our politicians are history savvy’

“National Is Going To Stop Co-governance”

There is no corruption in 3 Waters legislation”

“Maori Chiefs did not cede sovereignty in the Treaty”

“Co-Governance promotes racial unity”

“The government would never stoop to brainwash children’

“The media are so balanced and professional in their reporting”

Those whose designs we choose will receive a free book from Tross Publishing.Please send your design ideas to Vicki: