Glen Slams The PSA For Supporting Activists (Terrorists)

Glen Slams The PSA For Supporting Activists (Terrorists)

“Name: Glenn 
Message: I’ve recently put in a letter resigning from the PSA with the following:
I’d like to resign from your organisation as it does very little in my work life. I’ve learnt that your group is not for us as a people but is a group that supports disharmony and pro activism  in society that it also against freedom of speech un-less it suits you. My reasoning is in recent days your equipment labelled with PSA and your name has been used against two events in one week. First the protest against freedom of speech by Julian Batchelor “Stop Co-Governance” and last weekend your equipment was at Pro Trans protest against Posie Parker and her “Rights for woman” speech. I’m very disappointed that you don’t support woman’s rights and freedom of speech by the people of New Zealand.
Kind regards,
From New Zealand

(the phone is not Glenn. It’s a stock photo).  I encourage you to write to the President of the PSA to express your disgust too.

Benedict Ferguson


027 272 8145

Where is the evidence that the PSA is funding activists? Really, they are thugs and terrorists.  Let’s be clear. The PSA bought them a sound system so that they could shut down free speech in New Zealand. In a recent debate between the these activists and Julian Batchelor on the Sean Plunket Platform show, the activists clearly stated that their sound system was sponsored by the PSA.  Have a listen HERE

 HERE. is another video where the leader of the Aotearoa Liberation League is inciting his following to be devious and deceitful.  His openly parades what most people would consider to be shameful (deceit and trickery) as badges of honour.  Such is the heart of these people.  Apparently, the PSA thinks all this is wonderful.  I am not making this up.