Quick update on our drive to raise $1750 for a new web site

Yesterday, one more person kindly donated $1000. And today, another gave $100 and another $20 and another $400.  

Total donations so far come to $2155. Thank you to all those who have given! I am very grateful. We have not only reached the target, but exceeded it. 

The invoice from the web designer was an estimate only, so let’s see what the final result is.  If anyone wants a refund, let me know. 

The donors were:   

Chris $20, RDDB $30, J and Jo $20, TD $50, SC $125, Warrick $100, LR $50, OB family $100,  Kim $20, PM and J $20, Miss RA $50, T and K $50, JH $1000,  WF $100,  BH $400, and Miss PR $20.

To know more about the new web site, what it’s for, why we need it etc, please click here

The web developer tells me I can expect to see the new site up and running this week. Exciting.


OK, now to the topic of today’s blog.

What we must realise is that radical Maori are inherently dishonest. 

One of the great mistakes politicians have made since 1975, the date the gravy train really kicked off, was that they failed to understand the corrupt morality and ethics of radical Maori.

As such, politicians were naive in the extreme.

Behaving like fools, they thought that in negotiating with radical Maori they were dealing with honest people who act with integrity and transparency. 

What they didn’t understand is that radical Maori have no problem with lying and deceiving.

Where is the clear proof? 

The Three Waters Reform is just one clear example.  

All along, Mahuta and co have tried to assure the country that councils will retain ownership of water infrastructure and assets. 

This has turned out to be completely untrue. They were shamelessly lying.

Kaipara mayor Dr Jason Smith has stated that: “Having worked in the engine room for the Three Waters reforms, it’s clear to me they are a Trojan Horse for ending democratic rights.”

A Franks Ogilvie legal opinion noted that the government’s claims of retention of local water asset ownership were “false, misleading and deceptive” as “councils are expressly denied the rights of possession, control, derivation of benefits, and disposition that are the defining attributes of ownership”.   

Gary Judd QC reviewed the legal opinion and said that: “When all the lying statements are put together…the government’s effrontery is breath-taking.”  

The net result of the Bill? 

The result will be that New Zealand’s freshwater resources will be controlled by a few tribal leaders who voters cannot elect or hold accountable.  

What’s the message here? 

Take it for granted that all the bills, initiatives, legislation being pushed by radical Maori are riddled with deception, lies, and dishonesty. 

We are utter fools if we think otherwise.

Imagine, for a moment or two, what the country would be like with these people, if they can be called that,  at the helm?

As I have said before many times, over night we would become the Zimbabwe of the South Pacific.

Co-governance is not about 50/50 partnership with the Crown.  It’s step one of complete takeover of the country.

The whole basis of co-governance is based on fraud. 

Please just think this through.  

Imagine a job interview.  

Radical Maori represent one of the applicants.

They lie all through the interview, trying to trick and deceive you, the employer.  

Would you hire them? 

You know the answer.

Yet the majority of our New Zealand parliament, via a lot of naive, history-ignorant, easily bullied politicians, have not struck them off the list of job applicants after the interview but are still considering hiring them as “a partner” in running the country! 

Hard to believe, but true. 

Chief among them is Chris Luxon.

So far only ACT and NZ First have come out clearly and said “We are not hiring you for the job. When we become government, co-governance is off the table completely and all race-based legislation will be repealed.”