In the last few weeks, radical Maori, having milked the Treaty of Waitangi for all it’s worth, but not finished with it, are turning to a new document to justify a fresh plunder of publicly owned cash and assets.

The new document is “The United Nations declaration on the rights of indigenous people” (the declaration) known by its unhappy acronym “UNDRIP

It was signed in 2010 by the government under John Key’s watch. He caved in to the Maori party demands at the time. 

The declaration contains 46 articles, most of which detail ‘the rights of indigenous people’ and the responsibility of Governments to uphold those rights. 

Radical Maori are certain that their rights have been denied right, left, and centre, and to put the denials right, the government will have to pay by giving Maori more cash and assets. 

Radical Maori are excited. 

They see the document as giving them a pass to go plundering…again. 

Willie Jackson, in particular, is wide eyed and salivating at the thought.

There is a video of him announcing the declaration and Iwi plans to implement what he thinks the declaration is saying. I will show you this video in another blog.

But I say ‘Not so fast Willie. You’ve missed some things.”

Let me explain. 

Article 46.3 states:

“The provisions set forth in this Declaration shall be interpreted in accordance with the principles of justice, democracy, respect for human rights, equality, non-discrimination, good governance and good faith”

Willie and the rest of the Maori radicals in Wellington have missed this crucially important article.

What the document actually says, in paraphrase, is that the  maintenance of the democratically elected sovereign state is paramount and trumps all the demands by Maori for ‘rights.’

In other words, if in the pursuit of rights, radical Maori have plans to do ANYTHING which is either undemocratic, or unjust, or discriminatory, or promotes inequality, they must abandon those plans. 

So out the door goes He Puapua, 3 waters, a separate health system, a separate justice system, special favours to Maori, apartheid and every other piece of legislation ever dreamt up by these greedy Maori elite to take over the country. 

What is most exciting for me is that if the declaration is adhered to closely, then co-governance must be taken off the table completely.


Willie Jackson, it seems, has not been blessed with intelligence.

He’s got excited about the 99% of the document which he thought would give him the ticket to go plundering. 

This 99% is all about the rights of indigenous people and the demands on governments to provide those rights.

But he’s completely missed the 1% of the document which trumps the 99% i.e. Article 46.3

Barrister, Solicitor, Judge, and former law lecturer Anthony Willy sums up the declaration and its view on co-governance nicely when he says: 

“But what is clear is that if [co-governance] is pursued, the whole exercise is utterly destructive of harmonious race relations in New Zealand and for the future of our democracy. 

It is a tragedy waiting to happen. And all for what? There can be no question of any sharing of government, local or national relying on the Declaration. Neither can reliance on the Treaty support such a claim given that on any view of the document it [i.e. the Treaty] vests sovereignty in the Crown in Parliament.”[1]

Tut tut Willie. It’s back to you school for you. If you want to take over the country, at the very least know what you are talking about. 


The reason I have written a blog on this topic? 

As with all my blogs, I am trying to equip my readers, as briefly and succinctly as I can, with vital facts and information. 


So that when they are in conversation with people, or writing to people, they can quote these facts and this information. They can be armed. They can be informed and ready to discuss issues intelligently. 

This in turn will help enormously to counter all the lies and spin which are cascading from the mouths of Maori radicals, intended to brainwash the general population into accepting, and even embracing, co-governance.

Awareness is the key to change. 

Most of us are brushing with people very day. The more we can help these people to become aware, the more likely we are to stop this crazy co-governance nonsense. 


[1] Willy, Anthony, The Rights Of Indigenous Peoples. NZCPR.COM web site. June 25, 2022.