Yesterday, the 8th of January, was another great day. 

5 people gave generously.

Thank you you five awesome people! 

They  gave $250, $25, $500, $100, $200

Total for 8th of January: $1075 

$1075 represents 4.3% of the $25,000 target. 

Total to date?

January 4th         $2660

January 5th         $5970

January 6th      $4476.34

January 7th      $500

January 8th      $1075

Grand total for 5 days = $14,681.34

This represents 58.7% of our $25,000 goal. So we are inching towards the goal!   

Once again, thank you so much to those who have already given.

If you can think of other people who can give, please call them and ask them to give too. Send this this blog.  Invite them to watch the video of me speaking at Warkworth about co-governance.  Then they will know what they are giving to.


The original appeal email sent out on the 4th of January 2023 is below


This blog is an appeal for funds to help us get the Stop Co-governance Road Tour underway!

We have 21 speaking locations locked in already and this number is gradually growing.

37 people from around the country have put their hand up to help organise a meeting in their area.

If you think the meeting might be boring, think again.  Here is a sample meeting:

What drives us?

It’s the thought of reaching 1000’s of Kiwis who are presently in the dark about radical corporate Iwi plans to take over New Zealand.  They are either blissfully ignorant about what is going on or they are ambivalent.  

That is to say, they have mixed feelings about Iwi takeover of the country.   

Now here is a key point – absolutely no one would remain ambivalent if they knew the full story of what is going on.

Hence, the need for the road tour. 

Another huge driver is thinking about what New Zealand will be like in 20 years time.  What kind of country will our children and grandchildren inherit?

It will be a country with tribal rule.  Inflation will be out of control, taxes will be high, and corruption will be rife.  Racial division and high crime will be our hallmarks.

Infrastructure will have significantly deteriorated, since the tax take will be way down.  Many good hard working Kiwis will have left the country.

Tribes will be fighting over cash and assets.

Only yesterday, I talked to a Maori forensic accountant. 

He reported that he is being inundated with requests from Maori to investigate fraud and corruption in various tribes around the country. 

These tribes have been gifted significant funds by government, but these funds have been hoarded / misappropriated by families at the top of the tribal tree. 

This is just a taste of what is to come. 

These thoughts, these projections into the future, drive us on to execute this tour.   Doing nothing except complaining on line – being a key board warrior – will do little or nothing to stop all this.

We have to take affirmative action before the election.  The general public will not mobilise for street marches and rallies unless they have good reason to.

The tour will give them those reasons. 

We are thus reaching out to Kiwis to dig deep to help fund the tour.

I have given up my job to lead this initiate.  This is my sacrifice.

Others are sacrificing their time to help organise meetings in their areas.

Still others are making a sacrifice by giving financially. 

One person making a great sacrifice can achieve a lot.

But when many people make a sacrifice, the impossible is made possible.

Someone has donated a truck which will carry sound equipment, signs, etc.

This truck needs to be signed with the big and bold wording STOP CO-GOVERNANCE!

Then there will be the cost of fuel, hiring sound equipment, meals, hall hire, and flyers.

We’ll ‘pass around the plate’ at the end of each speaking engagement which will help.   The first $25k will get us up and running and underway.

You can either donate through this bank account : 02-0261-0025679-000

Or you can give via the credit card payment on our web site.

From now on, we’ll keep you posted each day with how much of the $25k has been raised. 

In advance, I am thanking you for giving.  It’s now or never. This next election is going to be the most significant in our country’s history.  

We have a small window to lobby all the political parties to utterly stop co-governance, to repeal all raced based legislation, to repeal the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975, and abolish the Waitangi Tribunal.  

These are just starting points. 

Let’s not miss the opportunity by holding back at this crucial time.

Donate now!

In the meantime, HERE are five things you can do practically to help in the fight.