We had a fantastic meeting!

The weather was absolutely atrocious with heavy rain and high winds, and I seriously thought no one would turn up, but about 60 did turn up! 

 The stop cogovernance  team in Whangarei were amazing in terms of their commitment  – Natalie, Geoff, Dan, Hamish and Allison.  A local, Robin Grieve as a great MC.

They crowd  braved the weather.  If the weather had been fine, we would have gotten 300 or more I sure. I had several phone calls from people in the morning saying they were going to bring a car load but now couldn’t because such and such a road was blocked or that driving was too dangerous.

People gave so so generously to the cause.  One lovely man jumped up near the end and said he would donate $2k towards the cost of printing my book which you can read HERE

A call was made to start a political party. 

We received invites to two other meetings as well. 

The Mayor of Kaipara Craig Jepson was there and he spoke briefly which was great. 

There were Maori in the room, and they received what was said very well. In fact one very senior Maori man came to me at the end and said he was willing to go public in support of what we are doing. 

We also had very significant business people there. 

One of these business people is arranging a meeting with other significant people in Whangarei to discuss and plan how they can support the cause. 

What I learned from yesterday? 1. We need to be determined. The weather did not put us off. 2.  It’s not the numbers in a meeting that count, it’s the quality of the people in the meeting that count. Yesterday, we have low numbers because of the weather, but the quality of people was incredible. 

I KNOW DEEP DEEP DEEP in my heart that we are on a roll here.

The cause we are fighting for is a just cause. It’s the right thing.  It’s not a conspiracy theory.  We are not a bunch of crazies banging on.  

We are are group of people who are fighting to save our country from a great great disaster.  

We are peddling truth in world of lies and deception. 

And when one is standing on the ground of the truth, one is on very very safe ground.  


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A big shout out to the teams around the country who are up and running.  They have hired a hall and set their date and their flyers are underway.

Maungakaramea 20th February, Maungakaramea Hall, 7:00pm

Dargaville 9th of March,

Kerikeri 12th of March,

Mangawhai 13th March,

Orewa 18th March,

Mt Eden, 28th March,

Freemans Bay Auckland, 30th March,

Welcome Bay Tauranga, 22 April,

Mt Maunganui Tauranga, 23 April 

Rotorua, 30 April 

If you are one of the event centres not up and running yet, take action! Book your hall and get going!

Do the same with THIS FLYER for the Mangakaramea event which is on the Monday 20th February, Mangakaramea hall, 7pm. 

As soon as flyers are designed and up and running for all the over events, we will post them on here too. 

If you live a long way away from Mangakaramea, you can still invite people who you know in Northland to come to one of these events.

It does not matter if you live a long way from Whangarei.  You might have people you know in Northland.  Please invite them.