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Road Sign Name Changes Into Maori Language Just Another Piece In The Coup Jigsaw

Road Sign Name Changes Into Maori Language Just Another Piece In The Coup Jigsaw

It’s obvious, isn’t it.

The recent move to change road signs into Maori language is just another piece in the jigsaw of the coup.

We have seen how New Zealand became Aotearoa-New Zealand, a double banger name.

There was no referendum on this, no asking the people if they wanted this change.

It was just forced ‘like it or lump it’ style politics.

“You are having this whether you like it or not”

This is how it is with a coup. 

This is how it is as we transition from democracy to tribal rule.

Dictators don’t ask for the opinions of the people.  

The dictator alone decides what is going to happen or not happen.

Just like I said two years ago, the name ‘New Zealand’ would gradually be phased out, and Aotearoa alone would. over time, become the new name of our country. 

What is going on here? Answer?

It’s all part of the psychological warfare necessary to take over a country.

Big changes (a transition from democracy to Maori dictatorship) require this.

The people, that’s everyone in the country, must be groomed for takeover, over time.

Grooming quells opposition.  

Grooming is like giving someone a sedative before an operation.  A pill. The person who is having the operation calms right down.  

Through the pill, they become less aware, more relaxed, less anxious.  They ‘go with the flow’.

This is exactly how the drivers of this coup want the public of New Zealand to react to the Maorification of our country.

For a coup to be successful, grooming is crucially important.

It happened in Germany in the 1920s and 30s

It’s impossible to take over a country without it.

We are seeing more and more Maori language appearing on signs in shops, documents, communications, and instructions.  

Hospitals, the Police, and all government departments are now plastered with Maori language.

Real Estate Agents and the the legal fraternity are next.

Schools and Universities have been groomed already for over a decade.

This is grooming for takeover, no less.


Only an absolute blind fool would not see this.  

Consider the sacrifices our parents and their parents made to preserve our democracy.  Many died in the Great Wars.

Consider our children and grandchildren and the type of country they are going to inherit. 


Now it’s road signs.

This is why it’s crucial to awaken the public of New Zealand with Julian’s booklet and through his road tour.

The takeover, the coup, the grooming will not stop unless it’s opposed vigorously.

The only way to do this is through mass awakening.  

Mass awakening is like taking another pill to reverse the effects of the first pill, the sedative.  

An antidote. 

What happens after people become fully awake to what is going on? 

Then comes mass protest. Mass peaceful resistance. Street marches.

We must put pressure on all political parties to expunge co-governance.

All of it.  

There is absolutely no mandate for it in the Treaty, so what what is happening here is illegal.  It’s a coup. 

If a person has cancer, they must get rid of the lot.

Doctors and specialists know this.

Now we have to do the same with co-governance.

It’s a cancer which, if not stopped, will destroy our beautiful country.

As cancer kills people, so co-governance will kill our country.  Literally. 

This is why the push to get Julian’s book (the antidote pill) to every household in the country must now go to a new level.

New levels of commitment, sacrifice, and focus are required from everyone.

We have just ordered another 100,000 of Julian’s booklets (100,000 antidote pills) to be printed in Invercargill so that all those lovely Kiwis at the bottom of the South Island can be detoxed.

By printing in the Deep South, Southland and Otago and Canterbury residents will make massive savings on courier fees and postage. 

We are building nicely, thanks to all of you!

Keep going. Dig deeper. Keep getting the pills out.

We can do this!

Newstalk ZB Mike Hosking Agrees With Julian.  "Maori Road Signs Are Part Of A Takeover"

Newstalk ZB Mike Hosking Agrees With Julian. "Maori Road Signs Are Part Of A Takeover"

Listen to what Mike has to say  HERE