What we are seeing in the case of Sam Uffindell is a clear example of the Mt Everest size corruption of our mainstream media.

On the one hand we have an MP accused of bullying and harassing people in his past life. It’s front page news in papers, and lead story on TV and radio. 

Boom! ALL the media are all over it.

On the other we have a coup in progress with radical Maori taking over the country. As such the whole nation is marinating in bribery and corruption. 

For example: 

  • Local councils and boards are being hijacked by the appointment of non-elected Maori members.
  • They are being bribed with huge sums to sign up to 3 waters and then, once they accept the bribe, contracted to say nothing negative about the government.
  • The name of our country is being changed by stealth and deceit without a referendum.
  • Our education system is being weaponised through the introduction of the new politically motivated history curriculum.
  • Our children are being forced to speak Te Reo in the classroom, thus wasting their time, and taxpayer’s resources.
  • An intense propaganda campaign is underway to Maorify New Zealand including the renaming of all government departments giving them Maori names. Again, taxpayer funded.
  • Many courses at university require, as a pre-requisite of graduation, that graduates speak Te Reo. Intense brainwashing.
  • A separate Maori health system was set up, costing hundreds of millions of dollars, when the rationale for its establishment was based on fake data and deliberately misleading.
  • Apartheid is everywhere and flourishing.
  • Literally thousands of bureaucrats have been hired to drive the coup, all taxpayer funded. 
  • Nepotism – Mahuta giving lucrative contracts to her family members. 
  • New Zealand towns, cities, and landmarks are being given Maori names without any public consultation. 
  • The whole basis of all of the bullet points above is a fraudulent interpretation of the Treaty of Waitangi. 

The list is endless.

Last week an explosive Legal Opinion was released on 3 Waters. It was completed by legal firm Franks Ogilvie and reviewed by Gary Judd QC.

The lawyers and QC investigated the detail to ascertain whether or not Nanaia Mahuta was telling the truth when she said local councils and communities would ‘own’ the new water entities. 

The lawyers don’t mince words in their assessment of the situation stating: “Ministers appear to have cold-bloodedly decided to confuse Councils and ratepayers with false statements.” 

It’s a searing condemnation of how the Government, and its advisors, have intentionally misled New Zealanders. They say the claims have been “calculated to deceive Parliamentarians, and when it becomes law, to deceive New Zealanders generally”.

Gary Judd QC comments in his review of the legal opinion: “When all the lying statements are put together, as [the] opinion does, the government’s effrontery is breath-taking.”

What are we to make of this? 

Before Labour came to power 5 years ago, any one of the bullet points above which I have listed would have been the lead story on TV and Newspapers for days on end. 

There would have been high profile sackings and massive enquiries, and surely jail time for some. 

Most aspects of the coup would have attracted international media attention.  

What I am asking you to do is compare the attention Uffindell is getting from media, with the attention wide spread and serious co-governance corruption and bribery is getting. 

Compare the respective magnitude of their crimes, Uffindell and the coup. 

Yet today, August 11 2022, the co-governance coup is attracting virtually no media attention. 

Virtual silence. 


The media has also been bribed by the drivers of the co-governance coup via the $55m Public Interest Journalism Fund to be silent about any aspect of the co-governance corruption.

Really, when one joins all the dots here, we can see that New Zealand has become the North Korea of the South Pacific. 

And if the drive to achieve co-governance by Maori radicals is not stopped and legislated to never return, it’s only going to get worse. Much much worse.

Wait until tribal rule really kicks in – then “the team of 5 million” will squeal like stuck pigs. 

But by then it will be too late.

The time to stop co-governance is now.  Join the fight. Pass this blog onto everyone in your address book.  Donate.

Julian Batchelor M.Ed (Hons), B.Th, Dip T’ching.