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 Also, I just had to replace my laptop out of my own money.  It’s a MacBook Pro,  My old laptop was 12 years old.  So old that notices started to appear regularly saying something like “Your system does not support this software.  Please upgrade”. This is slowing me down, which is something I can’t afford to have happen. 

But Apple won’t let laptops over a certain age upgrade, so as to force people to buy a new Apple laptop. 

It worked. 

Here is a screen shot of my old Mac.

If you can please help me with this, that would be terrific.  I have already put a lot of my own $ into this cause so far (i.e. thousands) so am reaching out to you with this need. Thanks so much. I need $5k.

This is my bank account:


Or you can donate through the web site but please reference with ‘Julian’s laptop’ so we can seperate it out.