Second Nelson Meeting Full

Second Nelson Meeting Full

We had another great night in Nelson last night.

Full house again.

The security team were magnificent.

We tried some new things too. We placed an urn of hot water plus tea and coffee, biscuits at the entrance to the meeting.

Before people entered they grabbed a tea or coffee and biscuit, and stood around chatting. Same thing at half time.

Building relationships and friendships is huge. Networking.

We need to do this in all our meetings now.

Another great thing was most people filled out forms to say they wanted to be part of the team delivering books in and around the Nelson region.

So really, the Nelson team, already up and running under Jeff Jordan’s excellent leadership, got a massive boost.

At the end of the meeting one dear lady offered to enter all the data on the forms onto an excel spreadsheet.

This will enable us to work with the data, invite people to a meeting, and get cracking in this beautiful area of the country.

The goal is simple – raise awareness of the wrongness / illegality of co-governance by getting one of Julian’s booklets into every letter box in the region, both urban and rural. So simple.

All we need is the people to do the delivering.