Tauranga Donor Gives $43k

Tauranga Donor Gives $43k

One very generous donor in Tauranga last night gave $43k so that we can get Julian’s book to all the rural mail boxes in the entire Bay of Plenty and Central North Island. This is huge! 

We are hoping this will inspire other donors to pick up the tab for Taranaki, Hawkes Bay, Wellington, Nelson Bays, Westland, Canterbury, Southland, Otago.  It costs about $20k to ‘do’ a region, but there are variation depending on the size of the region. 

Margaret Is On Fire!

Margaret Is On Fire!

We love it when people have initiative!  
Margaret from Tauranga is one of those people.  She stood up in our meeting at the Mount last weekend in the Q and A time and announced that she wanted to put our Iceberg advert (above) in the Bay of Plenty paper “The Weekend Sun” which has a circulation of 70,000, according to this web site, by way of a half page full colour advert. 

This is a way of potentially reaching 70,000 people with Julian’s book.
In our meeting, she called for people to donate to help her.

 So far $800 out of the $2000 has been raised.  I think this is a worthwhile cause.  Very worthwhile.  

What Margaret is looking for is 12 people to give $100 each or 24 people to give $50, or a combination.   
We are particularly looking for people in the Tauranga area.

This is your patch, so let’s get behind Margaret!

Second Tauranga Event Rocked Too!

Second Tauranga Event Rocked Too!

Our second Tauranga event was held last night at Mt Maunganui with a start time of 5pm.

Once again, everything went like clockwork. Sheree and her team did a stunning job.  How did it go?

To use a common expression, “They hit the ball out of the park!” 

Joy was there with baking and drinks and all kinds of goodies for everyone.

Our door men, led by Wayne, were bullet proof.

138 people turned up, which meant the hall was 2/3 full. By start time they were waving New Zealand flags. The atmosphere was upbeat and happy. So so different from the other events where the protesters had got inside.

The police arrived at 4:30 to check everything out. They were great.

Protesters started to gather about 4:45 and by the time our event started there were about 22 outside on the Street. However, none were able to get inside. The building is perfect for these events because there are high brick walls all around, and the actually room where we held the meeting was a long way from the street where the protesters were. So we hardly knew they were there.

Julian was allowed to speak freely, which is his democratic right.  Those who came were allowed to listen uninterrupted, which is their democratic right too.

Here are some texts which Julian received after the event and this morning

“Wow! I came not knowing what to expect but left so inspired and informed. It was an incredible night. We have to stop co-governance at all costs”

“Hey Julian. That was so informative and inspirational tonight”

“Hi Julian and team. Thank you for all you are going for New Zealand. After last night, my wife and I are 110% committed to stopping co-governance.”

“Tonight was eye opening, to say the least. We knew something was very wrong in New Zealand but we did not know it was so bad. I left angry but determined to roll my sleeves up and get stuck in to stop this.”


Generous donors gave over $7000 to the cause.

One lady jumped up and offering to lead an initiative to put at advert in the Bay of Plenty Times – our Iceberg advert. It will cost $2000. Wow!

Others pledged to deliver books to everyone in their neighbourhood. Because of the demand we are going to put on another special meeting in Tauranga this weekend, SATURDAY 29 APRIL, 5PM, 339 Maunganui Road, Mount Maunganui Community Centre, Mt Maunganui, Tauranga, the same location we used last night.

The plan is to hold events here at this community centre regularly between now and the election.

The photo below was take as people were gathering before start time.  It only show one side of the room.

Such a great atmosphere. 

What’s next on the calendar for Tauranga? Street Marches.