Hi everyone who has signed up to this web site! 

We have a lot to do between now and the next election and if we are to succeed with stopping co-governance, then we are going to need to build a strong team. 

I started building a web site on a platform called Godaddy and the website was just a template. But the further I got into it, the more I realised that it’s not going to be sophisticated enough to do what we need to do. I only started the web site last weekend. 

But getting a much more sophisticated web platform is going to cost.  I have savings, but they are not infinite. 

My biggest need right now is to build financial support.  I have left my job to do what I am doing here. 

One or two people who signed up said they wanted a much easier way to donate other than through Paypal, hence the need to switch to another web development platform.  So today, I am working on that and doing due diligence / research on options.

My second biggest need is a web developer.  They would be a gold mine right now! If anyone knows anyone who is a thorough pro, this is what we need i.e. someone who runs an existing web development business would be ideal. 

I could do with a dozen helpers right now! Administrators, web developers, financial controllers, marketing gurus, proof readers, social media guns, strategists, call centre manager,…the list is endless.  Garrick Tremain, our brilliant Kiwi cartoonist, has already been helping.  He is a goldmine!   

A bit about me.

I am hugely excited to be doing this. Really, it’s a privilege to stand up for one’s country. 

I am a New Zealander, and have been here for 60 plus years. I have witnessed New Zealand slowly change over those years, and it’s all downhill, particularly the last 10 years, and then more particularly the last 6 years since Ardern came to power.  

I am a trained school teacher and have a Master’s in Educational Psychology.  I was a Massey Scholar when I did my Master’s degree.  I also have a Bachelor of Theology degree.

After teaching, I then went on to Direct a Christian Charity for 25 years, travelling the world training people in mainstream churches (e.g. Anglicans, Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodists etc) speaking in churches and writing books for church leaders. I learnt to speak before crowds, and enjoy this immensely.  

For the past decade I have been developing an accommodation business in the Bay of Islands. 

Iwi involvement in the consent process has cost us 10’s of thousands of dollars. 

Maori want the land we own, and in 2015 we had a home invasion, with 20 Maori men doing a Haka on our front lawn at 2am. 

They claimed the land we legally own was stolen from them. 

I had to take time off work to research the history of our land, and wrote a 200 page book on what I found. 

The result? Our land was not stolen at all. It was sold outright, through the Maori land court in 1937.  

All the ‘stories’ local Maori had about the land being stolen were simply made up on the fly.  My first hand experience of Maori in Northland over the last 14 years is that they are terrible liars and I see the same patterns of behaviour with Mahuta, Willy Jackson, Kelvin Davis and co.  

Ardern is no different. In fact, she often seems to be leading the way with lying.  

Take a look at this which supports what I am saying about lying and dishonesty.

Media and local council bias in favour of Iwi has made us feel like the Indians are circling the wagons. We have been on the wrong end of the media a few times, so I know all this from first hand experience.

Corruption and apartheid is now deeply entrenched in councils and media. 

Really, it’s been a shocking experience. And the more co-governance rolls on, the worse it’s going to get. 

Yet, it’s these experiences that have pushed me into politics.

So really you could say I am a psychologist, author, teacher, speaker, leader, tourist operator. And now add ‘political activist’ to the list! 

I have always loved leadership. In fact,  I won my first job as a school principal after only two years of teaching.

For many years various people who didn’t know each other suggested I should enter politics, but I never really seriously entertained the idea because I was busy with other endeavours. 

But the current political situation has got my attention, for all the wrong reasons, and it just can’t be ignored. I know you feel the same. I feel called.  New Zealand is too beautiful a country to be trashed, which is what is happening right now.

Essentially, it’s a coup. Not unlike Russia invading Ukraine. 

One of the things I want to organise is some face to face meeting with people who are like minded in wanting to stop co-governance.  There is nothing more powerful than being in the same room with like minded people learning from each other and about each other, brainstorming, and strategising. I hope to do his regionally.  If all else fails, we could do it through zoom.

Let’s just get the web site humming first and the finances in order.

To cover all my expenses between now and the election – travel, mortgage, power, insurance, rates, phone, internet, car maintenance, fuel, web site costs, marketing, office supplies and equipment, body guards and guns (ha ha) etc – are calculated to be $100k per annum, or $8000 per month. This means I will be looking for 100 partners to contribute $80 per month or 200 @ $40 per month.The term of the support will be limited by the date of the next election. I would love you to be one of those supporters. As we speak I am looking for a legal firm who are prepared to have donations deposited into their trust account so that financial accountability / transparency is in place. 

Finance is the last thing to worry about if we want to really make a big impact and stop co-governance.   

Ok, that’s all for now. I had better get cracking for all the reasons detailed in this blog! 

Have a great day, and thanks for your support. 

Julian Batchelor M.Ed (Hons), B.Th, Dip T’ching.