Taupo Council Cancels On Us Last Minute, But We Recover

Taupo Council Cancels On Us Last Minute, But We Recover

A man called John was a life saver for us last night.

Yesterday, about 3pm, I was on the road midway between Tauranga and Taupo, en route to do our first Taupo meeting.

I heard a ‘ding’ on my phone, notifying me of an incoming email. It was from someone inside the Taupo Council telling me that they had had to cancel our meeting because of a double booking.

I knew straight away, this was not the real reason for the cancellation. We were against co-governance. That was the real reason.

So I had to made a decision there and there whether to turn around and go back to Tauranga, or continue to Taupo.

Could I find a new venue to two hours? Something in me said “Bugger them. I am going to get a building! I am not going to let them play games with us like this!”

When I arrived in Taupo, now about 4:30pm, I drove down the waterfront, looking for somewhere which might have a conference room we could hire.

I saw on, and drove in. I told the lady on the desk what I wanted, and what I was doing and speaking about. I did not know it then, but the owner was in a nearby room and listening.

He came out and told me he was one our biggest supporters. He explained that he could not have the meeting in his complex, because Iwi were big spenders and frequent visitors. Living it up on tax payers free money.

He took me into a side room, and set to work, phoning friends and contact in Taupo. Eventually, we found an empty warehouse. it just needed chairs. So we phone a hire place (by now it was 4:50 and close to closing time everywhere, so the race was on!) The hire place turned out to be only a few doors down from the warehouse!

Next thing, a forklift turned up with the chairs, and the hire company staff arranged them in the building for us.

By 6pm we were ready to go! Two hours, from start to finish! Boom! A miracle.

Wayne, one of our team, went up to the location where the meeting was first planned to be, to redirect everyone to the new venue.

The police were notified of the new venue.

John was a life saver last night. Really, it was incredible how that meeting came together.

How did the meeting go? Only about 50 turned up, but they were quality people. Except two.

The Maori lady with a feather in her hair and her woke Pakeha friend wrecked the Q and A time.

The two of them tried to get us off track, bringing up conspiracy theories, the WEF, the UNs involvement in NZ etc.

The woke Pakeha told Julian off for being angry. He did not apologise. He told the lady he had a lot to be angry about!

The Maori lady was aggressive and ‘off’ on her comments.

She had ‘listened’ to very little of what Julian had been saying commenting that ‘Maori Chiefs at Waitangi didn’t understand the Treaty because it was read to them in English’. This kind of nonsense.

Then she was banging on about how she was against co-governance and ‘we should all work together’.

No thanks.

Such are the tricks and deceit of the activists. We have worked them out. They try and sound conciliatory, but really underneath their ’suggestions’ and bravado is a desire to take over and derail you from what you are doing. Ultimately, they just want to control you.

Our man on the door made a mistake as he let them in. When we asked him ‘W/hy did you let them in?’ he said ’They told me they were against co-governance’. This is what they do. Activists lie and deceive, which is the pattern I have seen everywhere.

So, we will put Taupo down as a learning event. Apart from that, as we said, the event went well and we felt those who had come received what they came for was vital information about the truth of co-governance. They left with bundles of books and Iceberg flyers.

We’ll hold more meetings in Taupo. This was just the start.